Sweet Heart Of Giving

A heart filled with greatest adoration,
Giving is the essence of her being,
Sharing with others of artistic flair,
Confirmation is there for the seeing.

Diligently working throughout the day,
Hours spent into the darkness of night
Searching for the perfect graphics to match,
Music sought to compliment each poem right.

Proud of the pages which numbers have grown,
Sowing of words from friends both old and new,
Trusting her judgment for proper display,
Posting prized poems in elegance true.

Words written of precious children in play,
True loyalty to brave soldiers in wars,
Romantic words from gentle hearts thus penned,
Recalling thoughts of Grandma’s canning jars.

Cherished by South for her beloved Poets desk
Each filled with love from within the writer’s heart
Exhibited with deep tenderness and love
Treasured feelings of honor she does impart

Gayle Davis
January 27, 2004©

Southbreeze, the magnificent webmaster!
She so generously shares with others.
Gayle, Sondra and Jimmy
Capt. And the “girlies”


Poetess And Creatress

I'm sure you'll acknowledge dear authors,
The sweetness of a poetess,
A grand webmaster blessed with success,
How God's clothed a creatress.

How she creates beauty through her poems,
Filled with a loving spirit,
Giving to each author in a prayer,
Lovingly she gives in quiet.

How she creates joy in many hearts,
Publishing all authors poems,
Blessedness reigns as poetry's shared,
Ever gracing them as gems.

Pages so beautiful's created,
'Tis elegance' expressions,
Giving kindness and favor to all,
Bestowing sweet impressions.

We're so proud and honored to love her,
And to be sweet friends in heart,
Poetess and Creatress is Southbreeze,
Blessings I pray you'll impart.

Sondra McPherson
January 27, 2004©
*Dedicated to South*
By friends, Sondra, Gayle, Jimmy






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