CFirst Children's Edition


There's a Tiger in the cupboard
at the bottom of our stairs,
and you'll get a chance to see him
if you catch him unawares.
If you tiptoe really quiet
and attempt a careful peep,
through the keyhole of our cupboard,
you may find him fast asleep.
When he isn't feeling hungry
he's as friendly as can be.
He'll sit still for simply ages
while I read him poetry.
And I never have to feed him
for I find he's quite content
Just to snack on bill collectors
or the men who come for rent.
Or on trolls, non-rhyming poets,
and those vacuum cleaner men.
They all disappear completely
and are never seen again.
I asked my friend the Tiger
if perhaps they'd ventured in.
He responded with a knowing wink…
And self contented grin.

©Tom Vaughn Jones


Jesus Loves Us, One And All 

Jesus loves me,
And though I'm small,
I can give to Him my all!
If I serve Him 'til I die,
A home awaits me in the sky!
Jesus loves me!
His love is true!
He doesn't love like others do!
I may be deaf, or blind or lame,
Yet His love for me,
Is just the same!
Jesus loves me!
His love is pure!
Love like His shall forever endure!
If I love Him I will tell,
Others of His love as well!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003



A sailboat needs a sail
And wind also
When the boats has both
Around the world it goes.

The boats fly flags of many countries
For people to watch and see
They even have races
And go far out to sea.

But, sailboats needs sails
And wind also
When the boats has both
Around the world they go.

Willie Flanagan

My Wish

I wanted to be a fish,
so I made a wish.
I turned into a fly,
now all I do is cry.

evelyn hall 2002

(Excerpt From Book)

The Little Cloud That Cried

A little cloud called "Fluffy"
came floating by one day
Smiling Oh-so happily
as he went along his way

Looking down on things below
he noticed something wrong
A garden filled with Pansies
weak - no longer strong

They had no happy faces
they stood in soil dry
they needed water badly
water from the sky

"Fluffy" saw their problem
and sadness filled his heart
He felt so very, very bad
it made the teardrops start

The tears fell very gently
on those Pansies in a row
Their eyes began to sparkle
and smiles began to show

"Fluffy" watched with happiness
knowing all was right
Knowing that his sadness tears
Had made those Pansies bright

They nodded up to "Fluffy"
waving heads from side to side
Knowing they would not forget

©Mr. Doug


My Cute Little Puppy
I once had a puppy named Spuds;
He was the cutest little thing you ever saw.
He'd jump and run, and chase me,
Then he'd sit, and hand me his paw.
He was tan and white, with big brown eyes;
That sparkled, "Oh, so bright"
He'd chase his curly tail, and never catch it,
But he tried with all of his might.
He loved for me to bathe him;
Then, I'd give him a doggie snack,
And when he grew tired of chasing his tail,
He'd finally lay down for his nap.
I loved Spuds, "Oh so much."
And I know that