First Children's Edition

My Little Girl

Pretty dress so bright and new
Colorful ribbons in your hair
Little shoes upon dainty feet
Dancing with such an artistic flair

A joyful smile upon your face
Eyes that sparkle like the dew
Skin so soft and milky white
You are a rare and radiant view

Skipping across the grassy knoll
Arms gently swinging by your side
Singing childish songs with a lilt
You make my heart swell with pride

You are such a precious child
The joy of a mother's heart
May the happiness that you hold
Ne'er have a cause to depart

©Gayle Davis
September 18, 2003©

Little Bertha

My name is little Bertha
I am your Mummy's car,
I know you all enjoy me,
as we travel near and far.

I see some marvellous things
When I am taken out
I also spy what some drivers do
That makes me want to shout. 

"Hey, how about the Road Rules -
Did you learn them all ?
And what about the speed you drive
You are headed for a fall"

And "both hands on the wheel please -
No elbows out the window - 
And when you see the school crossing,
Remember slow - go slow".

Your Daddy, he looks after me,
By making sure I'm well, 
Changing tyres, oil and grease,
I'm cared for, can't you tell ?

So when you grow a little older
and have a car like me, 
make sure to learn just everything,
about good Road SAFETY. 

Cos after all is said and done
we all want to enjoy
Many years of happy driving,
Whether girl or boy. 

I'm going to take a rest now, 
in my garage snug and warm,
here's to tomorrow's driving, 
and ALL good driving form. 

© 2003 Anne N. Byam

Baby Kittys

Cute baby kittys anxious to play,
Peek through the fence and green vines,
Mama Kitty’s so proud we can see,
All have spots and perfect lines.
White ones and grey with black Oh so cute,
One so fuzzy's hopping by,
Nosing ‘round to see what's new and grand,
Jumps like a bunny so high.

Playing and running’s their fun right now,
Then Papa Kitty tromps through,
Watching all play he protects his own,
Stands guard like a lion too.

Crunching kitty pebbles makes them full,
They all snuggle close for naps,
Kittys sleep hours it seems like all day,
Wake up hearing crackling snaps.

Stretching around and rolling over,
Mama Kitty loves and bathes,
Kittys hunt for their warm milk to drink,
It's sweet and a kitty craves.

Precious baby kittys well cared for,
And like you loved by parents, 
Nothing's sweeter than babies of kinds,
They are all God’s blessed presents.

©Sondra McPherson
September 24,

Tiny Baby Sister

I have a baby sister
So tiny, cute and sweet
Tiny nose, tiny mouth
Tiny hands a feet.
Her name is baby Skylar
And when she is two or three
Then she can walk and she can talk 
And she can play with me.

I love to hug and kiss her
And sometimes she will coo
Just like she's trying to tell me
Sissie, I love you.

So if you have a baby
That lives at home with you
You'll have a happy Mom and Dad
And you'll be happy too.

©Ginny Flip


Book Worm

I'm just a little book worm
but I had a lot to learn.
I lived in a library
which I thought dreary.

Everyday I read
but wanted something real instead!
I craved adventure
and wanted to be an outside creature.

So I waited for my chance
and without a backward glance,
I shot out the library door
seeking adventure, the world and more.

I must see a city
with people sophisticated and witty.
Seeing this miraculous site at last
but everything is moving so fast!

Shop windows with wondrous clothes and toys,
pierced tongues and wild haired girls and boys
Streets filled with cars and many a truck,
to get across takes more than luck!

All different foods
even for book worm dudes.
Ice cream, tacos, pizza and even steak.
Now I have a stomach ache!

I think it best
to leave and seek rest.
Somewhere with less spark
perhaps a quiet park

Now let me see
I will go sit under that tree.
Ouch! What was that?
A bee or a gnat?

Parks are busy,
making me dizzy.
Dogs are barking,
crowded with very little parking.

There must be more
I will go to the shore
I'll crawl til I reach
a nice sunny beach.

All of this land,
is nothing but sand!
It's no one's fault
but the water tastes like salt!

I am so beat
from dodging feet!
And the castles here only last for a day
but back at the library they stay.

With feelings I can't shake
thinking I made a mistake.
I was quiet possessed
with this quest!

Libraries are cool
and I've been such a fool!
I found more adventure there
and everyone can share!

Stories of Ladies and knights
and old western gun fights!
History at it's best
when put to the test!

In every single book,
if you take a look .
adventure you'll find,
all of a different kind.

Even at the book fair,
it's much safer there.
So if fun and adventure you seek,
go to the library and take a peek!

I'll be there on the highest shelf
but not by myself.
All my friends are here
bringing everyone cheer!

Books old and new,
some fiction and some true
Bravery and adventure on every page
Tales and stories for every age.

I'm just a little book worm
and now every day I learn!
Come share with me new tales and adventure,
as into these books we venture!

©Barbara LaBarbera


And Then There Were Three 

My Children are quite different you see,
Four legs, a tail, and hairy as can be!

Macy is the oldest, approaching thirteen,
The most emotional kitty you have ever seen!
Missing her litter-box; on purpose no doubt,
Thinking her steaming presents give her some clout.

Isabelle is the next female in line,
So tender and meek as her coat does shine.
Pink little nose; getting ready to turn eleven,
Belle has the sweetest spirit of heaven.

Spot is the mammoth, beautiful, white male,
Black spots on his coat with a huge fluffy tail.
He is the youngest, at the spry age of five,
Weighing 18 pounds and boy does he thrive!

These are my babies; count them three,
God's little companions sent to love only me.

Now Gizmo was the most special kitty of all,
But God called him home one day in the Fall.
He was way smarter than any cat or dog,
Fetched his toys while the attention he did hog!

Now he is happy, sitting on the lap of the Lord,
With Gizmo around, God will never be bored.

©Elizabeth McPherson
September 27, 2003 

Fun With Me

If I could choose a day of fun
I know just what I'd do.
First I'd take you by the hand
So you could have fun too. 

We'd float up to the clouds so high
Play tag and hide and seek.
Look for where a rainbow starts
Find how the colors meet. 

We could look around for angels
They must come there and play!
We could ask them all to join us
As we play all through the day. 

We could make funny faces
In the clouds for all to see.
Try to keep them guessing
Which one is you or me. 

If you ever want a day of fun
And you'd like to go with me,
Just know there's no one else
With whom I'd rather be. 

© ~ Southbreeze ~ 



Little Miss Who 

Little Miss Who,
Searched all day,
Looking for friends,
With whom she could play.

Little Miss Who,
Looked far and wide,
Finding no friends,
She began to cry.

When suddenly appeared,
From behind a tree,
Deep in the forest,
“Oh my,” said she.

“Who are you?”
She asked, surprised.
“My name is Bella,”
Came her reply.

Miss Who and Bella,
Passed the time,
With tea parties, games,
Mother Goose rhymes.

“Little Miss Who,”
Said Bella one day,
“What is your name?
You never did say.”

“My name is Kim,”
She replied with a smile.
“Best friends forever,”
“The wait was worthwhile.”

Legend now tells us, 
Both girls, have been seen,
Romping and playing,
And sharing their dreams.

They beckon to you,
Come join us friend.
Everyone is welcome.
Let the party begin!

Copyright © 2003 Marie Williams

A Cloudy Example

Have you stood in the great outdoor
and peered at a cloudy sky,
and saw a face that you've known before...
in a cloud that formed on high?
Well, I did as a kid, when we played this game,
where we had to name who's who,
and the winner came when he came to name
the names of the most he knew!
'Twas a lot of fun, seems I always won...
on a fact of the strangest thing;
that no matter where in a cloud upon,
was a face my mind would bring.
Now don't deny, just go and try
on a fleecy cloudy day,
and start by thinking of old ''Abe'' Lincoln,
then scan the clouds array,
I promise you you'll see a clue,
and know his face appeared;
by his big bow tie and tall hat too,
and length of his hairy beard.
Now I've given an ample, foregone sample,
the next step's up to you...
to test my sample so your example
will find my finding true;
that from here on out you'll have no doubt
of this fact I've given you!

William E. Hardison / copyrights recorded


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