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Humming Birds

From my window's view ...I sight
a small humming bird in flight..
to a shrub with flowers bright.
but above, a new feeder hung, a special delight!

But she darts past this feeder unaware...
a delicious attraction was just put there.
Of this liquid so red her eye caught it's glare,
and she pounced back to a fox on a hare!

She flitters and flutters in her retreat,
sailing to inspect this newly found treat;
and faster than the sound of her tweet,
she lands on the perch and comes to meet..
that wonderful nectar, that is sweeter than sweet!

She flaps and saps with greatest delight,
then spins away faster than light,
to return again, this mighty mite,
to her discovery so bright.

'Twas only a minute, and lo and behold!
there came five more, they had been told...
by this fluttering feathered friend of their fold;
and they will keep coming 'til days grow cold.

I often wonder how they fare...
suspended there in the air,
like a copter hovering there,
and when they go... I know not where!

It's all in God's great scheme of things;
to all of us the joy it brings,
to see the humming birds come each spring,
and dazzle us with their amazing wings!

William E. Hardison (copyrights recorded)


Black Beard, a wild spirited pirate of old
held thoughts of nothing but gold
as many a sailing vessel he plundered
taking them into his fleet or ran asunder ... 

This crusty ole pirate stood many a shipboard
with pistol and heavy hilt sword ...
His won crew with coward's eyes stared
as Black Beard's orders across the deck blared. 

Many men, women and children's hearts feared
as he stood with smoke coming from his braided beard!
The ole pirate wore candles lit with a fiery flame
and his black heart felt neither shame nor blame ... 

He planned and charted every course 
out of fear most of the crew worked by force.
His scruffy ole self had a burning desire ...
The Queen Anne's Revenge he must acquire!

The Queen Anne's Revenge, the pride of the sea
was taken siege and stolen while trying to flee
Ole Black Beard robbed it's bounty and loot,
guarded and laying always near his boots.

But no one ever forgets and wonders yet ... 
was a plan by the ole pirate set ... 
with knowledge of sea, land and soil ...
was it Black Beard's purpose or foil .. ??

Was it by accident or plan made sound
that the Queen Anne's Revenge was run aground?
People still wonder if from the very start 
Did he plan the sinking before taking her apart?

This mystery to this day remains
with little more insight or gain
what can be hoped for or to expect
as answers they seek at the site of the wreck ... 

They hunt for her answers still 
adventurous men with a mighty will
plunge beneath the sea each day
from ships off Carolina's coastal quays.

Will history's question finally unwind 
with what these brave men find?
Of Queen Anne's Revenge and the pirate of old
their secret' broken, as finally facts unfold?

It was in an adventurous time realm long ago
but today with wonderment, will we ever know
the ocean's mysterious watery secrets kept
as over the year's, The Queen Anne's Revenge slept?

Barbara LaBarbera

*You can follow this adventure still 
with the archeological team
off the coast of North Carolina
Click here: The Queens Report March 2003

Child’s World 

Little puppy running ‘round,
Kitty stretched upon the ground,
Little children playing games,
First its tag, then veggie names.

Horses romping in excited play,
Wolves sneaking up on unwary prey,
Crickets hopping on blades of grass,
School of whales swimming in class.

Birds flying across the blue sky,
Giraffes eating from tress so high,
Elephant’s trunks and flapping ears,
Raging bulls fighting knowing no fears.

The day is closing as dusk follows the sun,
Now I see knights into battles run,
Squealing with excited shouts of delight,
Play stretches into the edge of night.

Time for bed, playtime is over,
There is a bunny rolling in clover,
Little lambs huddled like sheep,
Tired little children are now fast asleep.

Gayle Davis
September 23, 2003©

Night Time 

Forget about this day
Sleep the night away
For a new day comes at dawn
You'll wake up fresh as dew
To a morn that's right for you
With different things to see and
No matter if it's raining or sun
Even if it's cold, snowy or gray
It's a beautiful day
To run and play
Till this day ends, night begins
And it all starts over again.
This is God's way of saying,
I love you my little child!

©Willie Flanagan

Preschool Days

I'm watching all the children gather,
Another preschool day’s here,
They’re so cute, such sweet little faces,
Eyes big as saucers that peer.

I see mine pucker with big ole tears,
He’s so beautiful and sweet,
Just love him so much it’s hard to leave,
I’d love to give him a treat.

His cute chubby hand grabs mine and grips,
Oh my heart aches just to know,
He’s only three and still my baby,
I know I have to let go.

The teacher comes by and says hello,
She gently talks to him now,
And tells me goodbye he’ll be all right,
Then gestures me out and how.

I watch through a doorway he can’t see,
Oh good, he laughs big playing,
He’s met a new friend who’s helping too,
I’m glad, but my heart’s staying.

Sondra McPherson
September 25, 2003©

Tommy Lee

Says Tommy Lee to Granny Bea
what are all those brown spots on your arms,
Granny Bea could not resist the merriment
and said with slight giggle
Why,son -those are the dimples of my charms.

Then Tommy said: "Oh,Granny"
I know your joshing me,
Granny grinned-and said true my lad
Hmmm,  I wonder - might they be dimples of hilarity.

He,then said: Awwwww Grandma
with a brow frown of fact seeking concentration,
So I said to satisfy a thirsting mind
son their just spots of age body manipulations.

Aghast with this description-he exclaimed
oh granny, tell me-tell me true,
My friend Johnny said their marks
of how many loves you had in life and I've
been watching for days for mine to appear
cause granny "I love you too!

©Sherry Kersey 


Into this brave new world you came 
My brown-eyed baby boy;
They placed you in my arms and then,
I felt a Mother's Joy! 

Peace has come to us today,
Our hearts know how it was.
Our bond has grown a special way,
A stronger man because.

As you hold your sister near,
She looks up to where you stand,
With a voice that is so dear,
I see your gentle hand.

You've grown to be a fine young man,
A mover in this place.
A kind and gentle loving man;
Placed a smile upon my face.

© P.L. Serrilla
January 2002
(All Rights Reserved)



She fluttered in on Angel Wings
Eyes blue and shining bright
A daughter made of many things
A glowing ray of light

How is it that you grew so tall?
How did we pass the time?
I brought home baby, sweet and small;
Sang songs and nursery rhyme.

Today I wipe away your tears.
I am truly blessed, I think.
And with them go away your fears
My angel dressed in pink.

You snuggle with your Daddy there.
He smiles and winks at you.
And brushes out your silky hair,
His pride comes shining through.

My dolly with the bright blue eyes,
The time goes quickly now.
You're growing with each passing year.
I stand and wonder how?

© ~ Pamela L. Serrilla ~
January 2002
(All Rights Reserved)



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