The Poets Desk Christmas Edition 2003

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Treasures of the Heart

So many thoughts at Christmas time
Are there within my mind,
Some thoughts complete with images,
Of peace for all mankind.

And other thoughts remind me of,
The Savior and his love,
And how He’s made a place for me,
To live with Him above.

And still, there are some other things
That bring a smile to me,
Like children with their presents there
Beneath the Christmas tree. 

And then there are the images, 
Of Christmas in the past,
That form the precious memories,
That will forever last.

And visions of a fireplace, 
With stockings draped around,
And you beneath the mistletoe,
Are visions quite profound.

Oh yes, these thoughts at Christmas time,
Have played a special part,
For they are cherished memories,
And treasures of the heart.

©James O’Brien
Dec. 2003



Santa's List

Dusty frosted jingle bells
lie over on the shelf
as concentration lingers
on the face of this old elf.

A pipe straight in the corner
of his slightly curled smile
as this elf of Christmas Wonder
studies the list awhile.

He checks each name and chuckles
as he remembers when
he was a boy and played himself
those same tricks now and then.

There's Johnny from the south of France
and Melanie from Spain
Brenda is from Belgium
and Tommy wants a train.

But Suzie has a special wish
that cannot be wrapped with gold
her name is small on this long list
but stands out big and bold.

The list now seems much smaller
with the tasks he must perform.
Its Suzie's wish that captures him
as he snuggles safe and warm.

She wishes for the freedom
of those who are oppressed
and understands why Daddy
is on a special quest.

She sends a small "I'm sorry"
for such a selfish wish
but she wants her Daddy safe at home
by the lake where they can fish.

A tear slides down the cheek
of this elf who knows the score;
that her Daddy touched on heaven today,
a fallen hero in this war. 

Copyright © November 2003
Pamela L. Serrilla
(All Rights Reserved)


"What Can I Give" 

What can I give Him for all that He has given unto me.? 
Do I give diamonds , pearls, or gold, for all the world to see.? 
What shall I give to that little baby boy? 
Shall I give Him a train, plane, bicycle, or some kind of toy?
Do I give him a basket full of apples, oranges, or fruit.?
Or a brass horn for Him to toot.? 
I'll give back to Him for the unconditional love that He can only give. 
And for all my wicked sins He did forgive. 
Salvation and Grace is what He gave. 
When I welcomed Him into my heart the day I got saved.
He gave to me a devoted, Mother and Father, 
To them I pray I wasn't a bother. 
He gave me a wonderful Husband,
And a beautiful Daughter, 
I will treasure them the rest of my life 
He taught me respect, kindness, and made me a better wife. 
What can I give to the lost, hungry, and poor?
I can spread Jesus' love and ask them 
To come and knock at His door. 
What can I give Him, Oh, let me see? 
I'll give my heart for He came and set me free.
What can I give that baby Jesus, 
laying in a stable full of hay.? 
I'll give all that I am and ever will be Because, 
He first gave Himself to little old me. 

© Nancy Hoback 2003 


The Wings of a Christmas Song

Holiday memories set me yearning for Christmases long ago;
Spicey aromas and siblings-and sledding downhill in the snow.
Spanning time-my heart flies home on the wings of a Christmas song---
to yesteryear and loved ones-and youth-all gone so long.
Now here I sit with misty eyes-about to shed a tear-
and lo--I hear my Mother's voice-"You can't go back my dear".
Well then! I will give my children precious memories to hold,
and so to give their children a legacy of gold.
Hold tight to your memories-
your "Scrapbook" of another year,
and look toward tomorrow, your children and Christmas cheer.
Mourn not for me, my loved ones-
I'm "NOW" where I belong-
if you listen you can hear the wings of a Christmas song.

©Betty C. Daniels


Another Kind Christmas

'tis another Christmas on it's way,
I feel it in the air,
It all began Thanksgiving day... 
with bargains everywhere.

Is there a Christmas spirit here
when folks go on their sprees,
to shop around with yuletide cheer
for high-priced Christmas trees?

Or show the thrills that Christmas yields
to everyone around,
then show this will with dollar bills..
in discounts that are found?

Just blow away some hard-earned pay..
to find the Christmas "groove";
to fill the streets with honks and beeps..
to get someone to move?

To "beat the crowd", and shout out loud
in hustle, bustle pace,
to bump and run, to "beat the gun"...
in Christmas shopping race?

Well, It's not the silver bells that ring
that's makes the spirit grand,
but constant ring of "dough" folks bring..
that changes hand to hand!

Now if this shows that I oppose;
"you're mighty right I do,
'cause I resent the money spent..
to make a Christmas true!".

For, I'll take my Christmas nice and slow,
which is a better way;
small gifts to go to ones we know...
on Jesus Christ's birthday...

to decorate a small tree bright
that came fresh from the glade,
with little strings of flashing light
and things the children made.

And take this special time to share,
to sing, to love and see...
that Christmas time is meant for prayer,
That's what Christmas means to me!

By William Hardison (copyright 1999)



'Twas A Special Christmas Eve

"Twas a special Christmas eve,
And I was lying in my bed,
When I started to remembering,
The scriptures my Daddy read.
Ah, sitting there on his lap,
In the circle of his arm,
I felt so sheltered, cozy, and warm!

He had lovingly opened,
God's Holy book,
To St. Luke the second chapter,
Where we both took a look!
There unfolding before us,
Was the blessed Christmas story,
About angels singing to the shepherds,
"To God be the glory,"
"Peace on earth and to all men goodwill!"
Their voices graced the night,
Which was peaceful and still!

When Daddy read about Christ's birthplace,
I could almost smell the hay,
And see Mary and Joseph hover,
Over the place where Jesus lay!
In my mind's eye I could see the wise men,
Their precious gifts bring.
They had traveled from afar,
To see the Heavenly King!

Then, in St. Luke chapter twenty three,
Daddy read how Jesus died,
That whosoever will,
Could be cleansed 'neath the crimson tide!
This story was so touching.
It caused the teardrops to start.
So I cried, "Oh, Daddy,"
"I want to give Jesus my heart!"
So, right then and there,
I fell to my knees,
Crying, "Oh, Blessed Saviour,"
"Come into my heart please!"

Later, I was lying in my bed,
Feeling so good!
And though I expected Christmas gifts,
Like any child would,
I knew that greater than any present,
I would find under the tree,
Was the gift of salvation,
Which Jesus gave to me!

©Robert F. Dotson



Precious Gift

The world stood silently waiting,
While the angels announced his birth,
Good tidings great joy to all people,
Good will t'wards man on earth.

He came forth to a lowly manger,
With cattle and sheep all around.
How the innkeeper must have regretted,
No room, was there to be found.

Glory to God in the highest,
Let the earth rejoice and sing!
Shepherds proclaiming His glory,
Bring gifts to the new- born King.

They knelt at His feet to worship,
The babe, no sound did He make.
As the glory shown round about Him,
He lay quietly, asleep in the hay.

Earthly kings often tried to destroy Him,
To prevent what God had ordained.
But hell, nor all of its demons,
Could not stop God's plans He proclaimed.

He lived His life most humbly,
In love, and forgiveness for all.
Then He went to the cross of Calvary,
Now what will you do with His call?

As this Christmas soon approaches,
Let us humbly bow to the King,
And give thanks for the gift of salvation,
A precious gift for eternity.

© 2001-2003 Marie Williams






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