The First Christmas Edition 2003

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The Blessings Of Christmas

Jesus is the blessings of Christmas,
He one night come as a Babe,
And He's the Joy, Spirit of Noblesse,
From God the Father He was made.

The blessings of Christmas come to us,
We celebrate our Savior's birth,
Everyday we say ‘Thank You Jesus."
And sing praise hymns to Him on earth.

He's the gentle beauty of Christmas,
Each day we keep Him in our hearts,
Sweetest miracle to behold us,
Jesus' love forever imparts.

He is all the old familiar songs,
And the shiny wrapped packages,
The Greatest Gift of Love thus belongs,
To us throughout all the ages.

©Sondra McPherson
December 3, 2003


Christmas Ordination

Oh, the day that ordained
how salvation would be!
A day of celebration
for you and for me,
The day of Christ's birth.
To signal salvation
for a dying world
as God's plan unfurled
releasing to us joy and mirth
And life for all eternity!

©Dawn E. Austin 


The Beauty Of Christmas

As I gaze out my window
At the fresh fallen snow
Flakes dance in front of me
Fluttering too and fro.

A blanket of white as soft as a cloud
With chips of diamonds it glows
House tops and trees are covered
This beautiful sight just grows.

Tis the yule tide season
The bells ring loud and clear
Lovely trees all aglow
Carolers I can hear.

Children skating on the pond
Excitement in the air
Couples walking arm and arm
Not a worry or a care.

What a wonderful season
May you be happy to
Have a wonderful holiday
And Merry Christmastime to you.

©Ginny Bryant



Christmas Without You

The lights are blinking merrily
The tinsel’s on the tree
It sits there in the window
For all the world to see.

The house is filled with holly
And pinecone scents the air
The Christmas cards keep coming
Each one is hung with care.

The gifts are tied with ribbons red
And topped with pretty bows
I’m done with all the details
As far as Christmas goes.

The fire is softly glowing
I think about your touch
But Christmas isn’t Christmas
I miss you oh, so much.

If I could have just anything
My Christmas wish would be
To wake up in the morning
And find you here with me. 

I reminisce our Christmas’ past
The joy and love we shared
Moonlit walks and midnight talks
And ways you showed you cared.

Staring at your picture
I long to be set free
Tonight the tears are streaming
As I hold it next to me. 

Flakes of snow swirl through the air
I’m braced for stormy weather
I wait for brighter days ahead
When we can be together. 

So hold a place in heaven dear
Someday when life is through 
I’ll be the Christmas angel
Who shares this day with you.

©2002 Marilyn Ferguson



The Christmas Story

A Child was born to us this day
His eyes are quick and bright
He comes to show us all the way
and lead us to the Light
He comes to bring us Peace and Joy
and Love without an end
The treasures from this little Boy
We share with every friend

So decorate the halls with holly
Bring out food and wine
Let's drink a toast and all be jolly
Here's to yours and mine

We wish you every fortune
Good friends along your way
We wish you love and comfort
On this His special day.

©T.Vaughan Jones


God's Gift

God's gift to you, this Christmas,

Is a present from the heart.

A present that is...

So special, it can't be bought.

So priceless, it can't be sold.

Of such quality, it will never let you down.

So rare, it's one of a kind.

So precious, you'll want to share it.

There's only one gift that's all these.


He'll make your life complete.

All you have to do is receive. 

© by Joyce C. Lock

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Christmas Time

I love Christmas time
Sparkling snow on the ground
With beautiful lights all around
On the trees and bushes
And some even on the ground

Christmas Shoppers
Looking for the right gift
For all of the people they love
Something that will make them happy
And will show them how much
That they are really loved

Now you see why I love Christmas
It's a time when people show
Great love for one another
For their families and their friends

I always remember Jesus' birthday
And just how much he cares
For if it was not for his birthday
We would not have Christmas anywhere

So have a Merry Christmas
And a Happy Wonderful New Year

Donna J. Kramer


My Wishes For You

Happy holidays to you dearest
may your Christmas be the merriest.
May you have joy the New Year through
and find reward in all you do.

May this wondrous time of the year
vanish your worries and bring you cheer.
May you know blissful peace in your heart
from the first day of the New Year's start.

May all the problems throughout your days
dim to nothingness as you pass their way.
May all your wishes and dreams come true
and the darkest of skies, for you turn blue.

May the heartfelt giving of your loving family
bring your Christmas "wish list" to reality.
May you always know the love I have for you,
Merry Christmas dearest and Happy New Year too.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-13-03



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