The Poet's Desk Christmas Editon 2003


Baby Jesus

Little baby Jesus,
In a manger lay,
A sweet smile spread across,
Mary's face that day.

Joseph lovingly gazed,
In stunned awe,
At the heavenly babe,
His eyes saw.

Wise men traveled,
From yon places afar,
Led to the babe,
By a bright shining star.

Angels proclaimed from,
Heaven on high,
Heralding messages, 
Throughout the sky.

Shepherds stood watching,
O'er their flocks of sheep,
Looked to the heavens,
The angels to greet.

Hallelujah! On this day,
The most blessed on earth,
God gave us the precious gift,
Of the dear Savior's birth.

Gayle Davis
December 2, 2003'©


I'm Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas

Now please don't take me wrong,
but when snow flakes come along,
I love to see their sparklin' glow;
but only coming down,
to watch it cover ground...
but guess what? we've all become snowbound!

Way back in times of old
when winter days were cold,
at Christmas time when came the falling snow;
'twas great on Christmas day,
when existed horse and sleigh,
but now in modern just ain't so!

Also then, we're all snowed in..
to our living rooms and den,
and can't go out to get our shopping done,
but out upon the street are those who dare to meet;
in the battle of the fittest...barring none.

For all that falling stuff has made it mighty tough;
and Christmas time has turned into a mess;
so trudging in the white...becomes an endless fight,
with everybody's spirit put to test.

So I'll tell you what I'm dreaming,
it's a Christmas that has meaning,
with sunny skies, pretty blue, and bright;
when all can skate and run
in usual Christmas fun....
instead of plowing all that snow in sight!

Yes, I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas
with lots of sunshine in sight,
may your days be sunny and sprite,
and may all your Christmases be bright.

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas..
with every Christmas tree I light;
no sleet or slopping
to hinder us from shopping...
so all our Christmases are bright.

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,
just like the ones without the snow;
where the streets are missing
the slush and slipping,
of all the cars and people on the go.

I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas,
one where we're out and not snowbound;
with our friends we'll visit;
and everyone will wish it,
a merry Christmas cheer to all around.

I'd be dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS,
if we had a horse and sleigh,
like those of long ago..
when there came a Christmas snow,
but in our day and time...
there is no way!

So however you make take 'em,
come sunshine, rain, or snow,
you can always surely make 'em right:
just spend the time aglow,
for reasons that we know,
and may all your Christmases be bright!

©William E. Hardison 



This Man Jesus

I looked at this man called Jesus.
I saw God in His eyes way off somewhere.
Where no one  had ever dared,
is a piece of Heaven for me.
Why, oh why, can't we see this man called Jesus
holds they key key to our hearts, given
from our Father above?
This same Father's spirit that came down
like a dove.
The dove of peace and understanding, a love
beyond all our imaginations.
God offers His love to us through this man Jesus.
All we have to do is take Christ's hand 
and let Him lead us to this Heavenly land.
Thank you, Father, for your son Jesus, 
who will take us personally far beyond.
Beyond this place where we reside.
Later, we'll be at Jesus' side together
with the Father and our Heavenly family.
This is what I see when I see the face of
this man Jesus.

©Beverly (Ladycutup)

A Childhood Wish

Please grant to me a "special" wish
A wish I so desire
The Holidays are nearly here
The season I so admire

Memories of grow-up times
My Family and My Friends
Bewilderment of all around
Hoping it never ends

The wish I want to be granted
Young - for just one day
A chance to be with loved ones
In a bygone Christmas way

Christmas now is beautiful
and I hope it will always last
But wouldn't it be wonderful
"Just one more Christmas Past"

©Mr. Doug



Heart of Christmas

Christmas is coming, I see it everywhere
Rows of colored lights, blinking fast and bright
The rush of buying gifts, for family and friends
Parties and gathering, giving of great cheer
Trimming the tree, n tinsel and such
Wrapping the presents, behind closed doors
Hanging the stockings, each one with name
A sprig of mistletoe, a surprising kiss was gave
The white-bearded  man, in a red colored suit
Listening to wishes from little ones
As they sat upon his knee
The twinkle in his eyes, sparkle with glee
When asked, what may Santa bring you
Have you been good, for me?
Soft glow of candle lights
Warmth of a fireplace, cracking near
Sounds of Caroler's, singing songs of joy and cheer
Snowflakes drifting, under Heavens gentle care
The Star of Bethlehem, shinning so bright
Proclaiming the royal birth, of our Savior
That Christmas eve night
The true meaning of Christmas
Begins from the heart, and love of God.

©Marty Ford


This Christmas

My hope for this Christmas, will be

a Christmas like no other. A heart filled

with love, and precious memories.

It’s not the tree or lights not even the gifts.

It’s the joy I feel in giving to someone in need.

It’s the smile that lights up a face brighter than

any tree at Christmas.

It’s the sound of church bells ringing.

Children's choir singing Christ the Savior is born.

The Christmas scene with the baby Jesus in the 

manger.  Oh, what a holy night this will be.

©Vickie Howard


The Reason IS the Season:

All this hustle and bustle
As Christmas draws near;
It is NOT about Santa 
And eight tiny reindeer!
Political correctness
Won't stand you in good stead,
When you try to explain it
To the eternal Godhead!

Celebrating the Savior
Now THAT is the ticket!
Because you can't stand in heaven
Hold up your sign and picket!
God, our creator
And Jesus, His Son,
Will sit there in judgment
The God-man, the Holy One!

So, be sure your celebration
Is for the best reasons.
Take joy in the advent of salvation
And then revel in the season!
For this is the true meaning
Of the joy of Christmas Day:
When God became man
As only HE could take sins away

©Dawn Ellen Austin


Christmas in the Air

Listen to the sleigh bells ring
Their tinkling sounds delight.
Young and old gather 'round
The Christmas square tonight.

Sing of joy and peace on earth
Good will t' ward all mankind.
Voices echo through the hills
Of precious love divine.

As the stars in heav'n above
Cast their brilliant glow
Angels sing along with man
While gazing down below.

Christmas time is in the air
And with it comes the hope.
Our Savior born in Bethlehem
So many years ago.

Let peace now reign, in your heart
With Joyous praise proclaim
The wondrous gift the Father gave
Emmanuel, His name!

© 2002-2003 Marie Williams


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