The Poet's Desk Christmas Edition 2003

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Christmas is Wonderful

Christmas is wonderful and Easter is too,
But Easter has more meaning for me and for you.
God gave his son at Christmas which was wonderful indeed,
But it was Christís atoning sacrifice at Calvary which each of us need.

Christ came as a baby and it was part of Godís plan
For bringing salvation to every woman and man.
Christ grew to manhood and was obedient and true,
And went to the cross for me and for you.

God sent his Son because of his love.
Christ descended to Earth from Heaven above.
He gave up the glory and accepted the pain,
It was for your sins and mine that Jesus was slain.

We need to admit that we are sinners, lost and undone,
And gratefully acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Godís son.
Ask him to cleanse and forgive us and make us brand new
By his grace and his mercy, so Godís will we can do.

Jesus arose from the dead--He was stronger than death.
We should thank him and praise him with our every breath.
He ascended to Heaven and promised to return some day,
And take us to Heaven because heís the Life, Truth and Way.

Bob Hefner 12-03-02


Life's Christmas Tree

I heard this bell ring before
I so loved to hear its sound
Was rang only this time of year
Its voice in my heart bound
Speaking softly of a day before
When for man hope was found
Come to a manger in Bethlehem
Where men of wise gather around

Angels sing to God in the highest
Peace on earth, good will to men
And bring good news the Christ Child is born
To hear the bell ring again
And even now in older days
Is just as precious as then
With family and friends to enjoy
As a child I heard it when

Jingle bells and an open fire
Gifts beneath a lighted tree
Chestnuts roasting, sleigh bells ring
Filling our hearts with glee
But none is ever there to compare
What this child grew to be
His life to give for all of man
God's Gift beneath life's Christmas Tree

©Ronnie Leviner



 Merry Christmas

Silver bells and mistletoe
Laughter of a child
Pumpkin scents 
Waft through the air
Bringing all a wistful smile.

Snow capped fields
And Cardinals, red
Holly berries bright.
Joyous carols sung by all
As stars shine forth God's light.

Street lights glow
As if to say,
"Christmas time is here!"
Lets celebrate the blessed birth
Spread some Christmas cheer.

© 2002-2003 Marie Williams


Luster Of Christmas

Christmas time is upon us
Love is in the air
Christmas gifts and happy thoughts
Surround us everywhere.
Children's laughter tingling
As they dance with glee
Santa Clause is coming
Bringing toys for all to see.

What a joyous time of year
Families celebrate
Yet there are those who have no one
Their fun they must create.

So this time of year my friend
Please let us try to share
Embrace those people to our hearts
And let them know we care.

Ginny Bryant



Home For Christmas

Winter hugs in a winter home
all glittered and sparkled with snow.
Its coming home on Christmas
and seeing old friends we know. 

Its hugs and laughter and smiling faces
from the times when we were young,
and the cheer in resounding Christmas carols
as we remember how we sung. 

The snowman with the corn cob pipe
guards the back yard piled with snow.
His carrot nose and coal black eyes
wait patiently for the show. 

There's a turkey roasting in the oven
and butter cookies on a plate.
A glass of milk for Santa Claus
and children who can't wait. 

Silver ribbons on golden packages
under a tree that shines with love.
Each decoration carefully placed
beneath the shiniest star above. 

Coming home for Christmas
with all its memories dear;
remind me to be thankful for
each day of every year. 

©Pamela L. Serrilla
November 2003


Christmas Lights

I love the lights at Christmas time,
They glow in colored strings.
They light the tree and eves of homes,
And brighten all our things.
They add a little twinkle to,
The children's eyes each year,
And also decorate the nose,
Of Santa's lead reindeer.

Some lights can look like icicles,
Some flicker off and on;
While some will light the walkways and,
Will shed their light till dawn

And then the lights up on the tree,
Bring joy to old and young,
And light the room where families join,
Then Christmas Carols sung.

Yes, Christmas time brings joy to all,
And I'm so thankful for,
The lights and love and time we share,
Are gifts we have in store.

©James O'Brien
November 2003



We Celebrate Christ's Birth!

Christmas is not just buying toys,
For good little girls and boys,
Although some folks would like to make it so!
Christmas is Holy angels singing,
Their news of Christís birth bringing,
To shepherds on a hillside long ago!
Christmas is more than just a spirit once a year,
Or oneís being filled with kindness and cheer,
Even though this too should have its place!
Christmas speaks of a Babe in Bethlehem,
The only Begotten Son of the Great I Am
And His coming to provide amazing grace!

Christmas is not just a time to be jolly,
Or to decorate with mistletoe and holly,
And to string lights on a Christmas tree!
Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill,
And yes, remembering still,
That Jesus came just to redeem you and me!

So friend, let us remember,
As we celebrate each December,
The blessed Christchildís birth,
That although contrary to the belief of some,
Real peace will only come,
When He returns to this earth!

©Robert F. Dotson  2003








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