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The Miracle

Can you imagine all the faces,
Gathered together for Him,
All the while they gaze upon this Babe,
Singing Jesus’ born for them.

I see the brightness in the stable,
The Miracle expected,
In awe they sing tidings of great joy,
Our Savior so perfected.

Praises be to this sweet Lamb of God,
Born to take sin for us all,
Sent by His Father with salvation,
He willingly takes our fall.

Let us sing “Happy Birthday, Jesus,”
And then thank Him more and more,
Everyday He gives us more of Him,
He’ll lead us through Heaven’s Door.

Oh The Miracle Babe so precious,
Laud Him on this special day,
New life and everlasting life’s ours,
Jesus is our only way.

©Sondra McPherson
December 10, 2003


Christmas Message

Have you ever thought how it might be
If we were not allowed to have a Christmas tree
To walk the beaches nor the park
To fear outside after dark?

Have you ever thought how it might be
If our windows were covered and we could not  see
For the fear out there that might peep inside
Where we cower in one room where many reside?

Hoping to survive just one more night
Without the killing and without a fight.
Never being able in public to pray
Or go shopping with friends on a nice sunny day?

To never praise God and his love
And be slaughtered if we mentioned Heaven above.
No food or heat, no water and light
Just huddle together hungry each night?

Nothing to look forward to but sadness and fear
In other parts of the world Christmas is here.
Why wouldn't we all get on our knees and pray
For a safer time and a happier day?

As we enjoy our holiday season
Do all of us really need a reason
To be loving and thankful and work together
To make our world safe for each other forever?

This is my Christmas message to you
Be good Americans in all you do
Please put aside hate, and discontent
Be thankful for what our Lord has sent.

Remember our comrades far, far away
And pray for them a better day
For those who live in Heaven above
Pray for their families let them feel our love.

Please pray for our Government and may they see
The needs that we have, yes you and me
Help other countries but don't forget
Your people have necessities that cannot be met.

I know with prayer, these problems will be solved
And much needed help will soon reach us all
You have an unthankful job to do
I hope every American will pray for you.

This is my Christmas message for everyone
Who heed all evil and honors His Son
Let us be thankful and may I just say
Be happy we can celebrate this Christmas Day.

~Merry Christmas~

©Ginny Bryant



One Star

One star twinkles brightly in Heaven
As angels their choruses sing
Drawing the worshippers closer
The joy-bells begin to ring

The story told over and over
Of the babe in the stable they laid
Wrapped in swaddling clothing
No room in the inn for the day.

One star to proclaim His arrival
Of this King called the Nazarene.
One star shining brightly before them
Proclaiming a kingdom supreme.

One star led the seekers to Jesus
Their hearts filled with love and peace
Within them but one desire
To worship the King of kings.

Search the heavens above you
Gaze t'wards the eastern sky
The star that guided the wisemen
Now shimmers before your eyes.

The Light of world is now shining
Let all heaven and earth proclaim
Unto you a Savior is born
Lord Jesus is His name.

© 2004 Marie Williams



Going Home Christmas

The car ride wasn't as long as remembered
But I was so much younger then
I knew I longed for a time return
The thing was only a matter of when

City limit sign passed many times before
Now not with the same expectation
Yes changing times had moved lives
Going home now with shaded anticipation

I wish that before days were here again
When youth surrounded us all with love
Whether storm or rain showed up for dawn
We saw only sunny skies above

I can but remember those days now
And the smile of hope still bring
Though family and friends part in ways
Those old Christmas carols still sing

In this thing my soul shall rest
Though some have gone their love will remain
Giving me the peace now in my memories
I'll enjoy my going home Christmas again

©Ronnie Leviner



Baby Jesus

Away in a manger on a cold December day,
Mary and Joseph were lead to seek warmth, as Mary sought the arrival of Baby Jesus who was to be born in a stable full of hay.
Mary gave birth to her son, who then was wrapped in swaddling clothes. While outside during the cold winter's night, Gabriel was blowing his horn.
Mary never realized that her child was destined to save the world, since this was planned by the Father before the first day He was born.
Three Wiseman came bearing gifts for the new baby boy.
Everyone rejoiced for their hearts were full of gratitude and joy.
As we celebrate this Christmas in two thousand and four, let us never lose sight.
That Jesus came to bring us love, peace, and joy,
And to let all of our days be merry and bright.

©Nancy Hoback 2004




Christmas Blessings

On a clear cold night in Bethlehem,
Our Prince of Peace was born.
His mother wrapped Him in swaddling clothes,
To keep Him oh so very warm.

The Holly Family was sheltered,
In a stable behind the inn.
There was no other room for Them,
To protect Them from the wind.

A brilliant star was shining,
Upon this manger of our Lord,
To guide the shepherds and their flock,
To God's wonderful and great Reward.

A Savior is given to us this night,
To save us from our sins,
And give us the gift of salvation,
From which our life in Heaven begins.

Oh Loving Son of our Creator God,
All the world will bend their knee to You.
Thank You Father for this Great Blessing,
Bestowed on us that You gave Your Son to do.

© L.M.Willson





Learning of Christmas

 My Christmas as a child wasSanta Claus and toys,
Trying to stay awake longer, to hear if Santa made noise.

In the country, where I lived, winter brought lots of snow,
It would be like a blanket of white and that’s when I’d know;

That soon Christmas time would be here,
And then we would have lots of fun and cheer.

We would go look for a tree, when I was very young,
That's when my grandpa told me how this first begun.

That's when I learned that the real reason
Was that our Creator was born during this season

The giving of gifts came from all those under that star
That was coming  to see the newborn, from afar
The reason for Christmas is to remember when our Creators was born,
And we also share gifts as they did ,with those we love on that morn‘.

©Annie   11/20/04


In The Stable

I am the Innkeeper who owned the Inn,
There was no room inside it, within,
I felt so sad, I had no more room
Except the stable which seemed to have gloom,
I offered the couple the only place that I had,
Mary and Joseph went there, they were so glad,
For Mary was going to have a baby soon,
That night a brilliant star shone in the sky with the moon,
We built a manger as best we could,
It was strong and sturdy and made of wood,
Clean hay was laid inside the manger,
Mary and Joseph to me were strangers,
But low and behold Baby Jesus arrived,
Then the Star shone even brighter in the sky,
It was humbling indeed to see the three of them,
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the stable, Amen

© Anne R. C. Neale


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