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In His Name

This time of year is special to
Most folks across this land;
It is the Christmas Holiday,
For which I make a stand.

You see there are some people who
Don’t want to celebrate,
The life or birth of Jesus,
Separating church from state.

They also want to take the name
Of God out of our schools,
Eliminating values that
Have been important tools.

They want to take God out of courts,
Expelling Him from truth,
And change the standards of this land,
Then teach it to our youth.

Well, I for one am standing tall
And shout so all may hear.
I love my Lord and Savior and
I say this without fear.

I’m celebrating Christmas and
I’ll call it by It’s name,
And I’ll share the love of Jesus,
And I’ll do it without shame.

I speak with all the faith I have,
And hope that all will hear,
Celebrate with me this Christmas,
As we cherish Christ this year.

James O’Brien
Dec. 2004

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The Package

A very special package
arrived for me today.
It came wrapped in brown paper
from very far away.

I held it in my hands,
its weight seemed rather light.
Like a feather from the wing
of a whippoorwill in flight.

The address written clearly
with black letters that all matched.
Stamps and postal ink
perfectly placed and then dispatched.

As I unwrapped the twining
that held this parcel tight.
I could see the smile shining
in my memory's delight.

Beneath with brown wrapped paper
was a box enclosed for me.
It simply said "To Gramma"
and I smiled with heart of glee.

The top was lifted slightly
but I couldn't peer within.
So I lifted it quite carefully
when I felt my tears begin.

My hair was colored silver
and my dress was clad in gold.
Such wealth did hold his Gramma
to prevent her growing old.

Black and silver slippers
were to warm my precious toes.
And in my hair were ribbons
all tied in pretty bows.

Beneath the figure smiling
in this box of shiny red
Were the words penned with precision
"Merry Christmas from your Fred."

Down beneath his name
was a big red smiling heart.
Showing all the love he shared
by sending me his art.

©Pamela A. Lamppa
(All Rights Reserved)
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Rock-A-Bye, Baby Jesus

She was sitting by the window,
Underneath the Christmas tree
(Hair all shiny, voice so tiny);
Little rocker from age three.

She was singing to her dolly
She held, oh, so tenderly;
Little mother, like one other,
Rocking Jesus, I could see:

"Rock-a-bye, now, baby Jesus.
Rock-a-bye and have sweet dreams.
Rock-a-bye my sweet and precious,
Sleeping in the moonlight beams."

What a tender, profound moment!
(She was unaware of me.)
When I saw her kiss her dolly,
I bent down upon my knees.

"Rock-a-bye, now, baby Jesus.
Rock-a-bye. You’re safe and warm.
Rock-a-bye, now, don’t You worry.
I will keep You safe from harm."

So, my prayer was silent, humble,
"Lord, in my life, let it be.
In the deepest part of my heart
Let me keep that place for Thee!"

Rock-a-bye, my precious Jesus.
Even now, the world is blind.
No more Baby, but a Savior
Living in this heart of mine!

"Rock-a-bye, now, baby Jesus.
Rock-a-bye. You’re safe and warm.
Rock-a-bye, now. Don’t You worry.
I will keep You safe from harm!"

© 2003 by Joan Clifton Costner
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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions may vary, some may be old, while others are new.
But always they symbolize happiness, as we greet family and friends so true.
Some trees are decorated with garlands, they sparkle with tinsel and lights
while others boast popcorn and cranberries, strung by children on a cold wintry night.

There are cookies to bake, and candy to make, and the sweet smell of homemade pies
We've licked all the spoons, and scraped all the bowls, and
Captured the love in Mom's eyes
The Presents are wrapped and under the tree; on the mantle the stockings are hung
a knock at the door, and in drifts sweet sounds, as the carols are softly sung.

The children are bathed and tucked into bed; excitement still keeps them from sleep
Till they fold tiny hands and kneel down to pray, asking the Lord their souls to keep
The air is filled with excitement, and the smell of the freshly cut pine
Brings so many happy memories to me, as my mind wanders back in time.

I can see my Dear old Daddy, and my Sweet Gentle Mother, too.
I can hear the sound of their voices, as they taught us the things we should do.
You see, Christmas season at our house, was a special time of the year,
And we were always taught its true meaning, and the reason we celebrate with cheer.

For, Me each year, as the season draws near, I think of a Bethlehem town
Of a sweet little baby, who was laid in a manger,
And would some day wear a thorned crown.
He was born to a virgin, who was just in her teens, as the Angel from Heaven had said;
So sweet little Mary gave birth in the stable, and placed our Saviour in a hay laden bed

This story was told throughout the years, but not just on Christmas day,
I was taught of His love and His sacrifice, and the horrible price He did pay.
From the time I was small and down through the years,
the most important event on that day
Was the tradition of reading the story aloud; of the Stable, the Babe and the Hay.

So as you pass down, Family Traditions, make sure this great story is told
About the Saviour, who came to live in this world,
and suffered to save our poor souls.
So let's make this year, a time to reflect;
On His birth, His death, and Resurrection
If we teach our Children now, of the Love of their Saviour
It will begin a new....
Christmas tradition.

© Loretta Coley Lipsey
November 13, 2004
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God's Christmas List

Have you ever wondered
About God's Christmas list
And what He'd really wish for,
If He were to make a wish?

He'd wish for spiritual blessings
And for the blessings we can't see,
Instead of earthly treasures
Piled high beneath our tree.

He'd wish that everyone, on earth,
Be saved by His Son's grace.
Then, He'd wish for peace and happiness,
To replace all fear and hate.

He'd wish there were no Santa Claus
To take the place of His Son's name.
Then, He'd wish the whole wide world could see
The main reason Jesus came.

He'd wish that everyone believed
In a Comforter their eyes can't see
And that the material blessings of this earth
Are worthless compared to His Son's birth.

He'd wish for hope, with faith and love,
And spiritual blessings sent from above.
But, first of all, on His list He'd pray
For us to honor His Son on Christmas Day.
~ * ~
And she shall bring forth a son
And thou shalt call His name Jesus:
For He shall save His people from their sins.
Matthew 1:21
Merry Christmas to all:

© 2004 by Vickie Lambdin
This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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Why We Celebrate His Birth

His birth we celebrate today.
His birth that took our sins away.

His birth that does set all men free.
His birth leads to eternity.

His birth desires us to know
the reason He came long ago:
to save mankind,
to set man free,
He came for you.
He came for me.

His birth we celebrate today,
and we all call it Christmas Day.

@ 2004 Carol Dee Meeks
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Christmas Through The Years

As a young child I remember:

Rubber boots that pulled on over my shoes and did nothing to keep my toes warm, that rubbed against my bare legs, leaving dirty, chapped circles around my calves.
Snowpants that were nothing more than a barrier between my bare legs and the snow.
A beautiful red velvet coat with a magical hand muff and a matching purse and hat!
My face covered with a scarf wrapped tightly around my head.
Deep, deep snow.
Snow angels.
A wooden sled with steel runners that always seemed to sink in the snow, and when it got on ice and packed snow it never steered right, but oh, how I tried!
Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve -- he always came at suppertime when my father would excuse himself to "... check on the noise I think I hear outside."

As a teen I remember:

Tabogganning down a bumpy hill. Still unable to steer!
Long johns beneath wool slacks - snowpants were only for children.
A hoodless wool peacoat.
Hand-knit wool mittens.
A scarf tied under my chin.
Borrowed iceskates and weak ankles.
Snow angels.
Opening gifts on Christmas Eve.

As a young mother I remember:

Bundling my children in hooded, down-filled jackets and snowpants and insulated boots!
Pulling them in sleds and saucers made of plastic and watching them sail down the snowy slopes ... unable to steer!
Fixing hot chocolate (from scratch) and popping popcorn on cold, snowy days.
Staying up half the night on Christmas Eve assembling the "easy to assemble" toys for the Christmas morning surprise.
Snow angels.
Appreciating and celebrating Christ's birth and the reason for CHRISTmas and trying to instill this in my children.

In my mid-life years I remember:

Driving to work on slippery roads, STILL HAVING DIFFICULTY STEERING.
Brushing snow and chipping ice off a car that sat out in subzero temperatures while I worked.
Driving home in gridlock-style traffic.
Black ice.
Long, down-filled and hooded coat, insulated boots.
Christmas Eve church service.
Weeping while singing Silent Night.
In my golden years I am:

Appreciating the beauty winter brings.
The first snow.
The crisp crackle/crunch of snow beneath my feet.
No longer making snow angels because it's hard to get back up again.
Keeping the bird feeders filled for my feathery friends.
Enjoying sitting in front of the fire, sipping hot chocolate made from scratch topped with whipped cream from a can.
Weeping when listening to Silent Night.
More thankful than ever for the Christ whose birth we celebrate.

©Susan Bromen
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Wise men Still Seek Him

magi went to the east when they saw the star ...
They knew this was the new born Babe… and came from afar.
They brought gifts to Jesus… all the long way ...
Many need Him ... Wise men still seek Him today.

King Herod was to have all little boys killed, two and under,
But God gave Joseph another route. It was a wonder.
The wise still read His word, and bring others too ...
Their hearts feeling His love in all they do.

He was the Christ child ...Wise men know he is, still.
They who seek Him… will always do His sweet will ...
They will tell others ... They will glorify His name,
By telling others, of the night our sweet Savior came.

Maybe the stable lit up brightly as Jesus was born ...
Whether in the night, or the early morn.
I know that He’s in my heart… forever to stay
they say wise men… still seek Him every day.

I believe the little animals must have bowed down ...
To this newborn Babe in Bethlehem.
Even the little bird knows… He cares for their keep ...
All over the world; He’s the one whom wise men seek.

©Pearlie Walker
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