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The Poet's Desk Christmas Edition

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A Miraculous Birth

Little child listen as I tell,
Of a story you must hear,
It is about a little baby,
Born to give us care.

He was born in a stable,
A place where cattle stay,
Where they sleep and eat,
His bed was the cattle's hay.

Listen my child as I relate,
Of this wonderous birth,
Wise men came from lands afar,
As news spread across the earth.

Angels sang songs in the skies,
Shepherds harkened the news that day,
Gleeful a Savior at last was born,
To show them a better way.

It is the reason we celebrate,
Christmas is His Birthday,
It is not for Santa Clause,
Nor for all the gifts we pay.

It is for the baby born,
In a stable in Bethlehem,
He came to give us eternal life,
And was hanged by foolish men.

Yet the Savior lives today,
We celebrate His miraculous birth,
Silent Night and Joy to the World,
Fill our hearts with mirth.

As you open your presents,
And celebrate Christmas Day,
Don't forget to bow your head,
And remember Jesus when you pray.

He gave the greatest gift of all,
To heaven He paved the way,
He lived and died for you and me,
The baby born that day.

Happy Birthday Dear Jesus!!!

©Gayle Davis
December 2, 2004



Little Baby Jesus

Little Baby Jesus, He is not far away.
He was a gift, from God, that keeps giving every day.

You see Him in others that show their love toward you.
You see Him in trials that you, alone, could not do.

Little Baby Jesus was not a one-time gift.
He is there, every day, giving you a helping lift.

You see Him in blessings, on you, He does bestow.
You see Him in weakness, when He does faithfully show.

You see Him in sad times and in the glad times, too.
Little Baby Jesus, yes, He is still there for you.

© by Joyce C. Lock


The Gift of Christmas

Christmas is a lovely time
When kindly deeds are done
And families get together,
Laughing; having fun.

Christmas is for spreading
Good news around the earth,
To tell the wondrous story
Of our dear Saviour's birth.

Yet Christmas can bring sadness
To those who face an empty chair,
Remembering a loved one
No longer sitting there.

But the special gift of Christmas
Brings joy to all mankind,
As we feel the love of Jesus
Reaching out to hearts and mind.

©Copyright Marian Jones



He Shines!

A special star, for Jesus, He's shining,
As final days leave, a new world sublime!
God's halo rests 'pon Jesus' heart
Angels harken to shepherd's flock
Now, resounding for joyous love
There's good news for all man-kind!
Oh, Hallelujah, Oh, Glory!
There's hope, from the Word of Light
Love to heal our sinning ways

Angels bring their messages found,
Their tender Word, diligently sound!
'Pon Israel's wake, Holy Spirit stations
To save us from devil's temptations!
He'll bury our sins Way down deep,
In God's, O! Wake! Heaven will keep,
And He'll show us the Way
In the sands of time, stay!

Grace of God's Freedom Lands
Our Kingdom's heavenly share, borne again!
Hallelujah, we praise thee to the Lord!

©Vicki L. Walker
December 5, 2004


Home For Christmas

Oh, Mom Iíd love to be
Home for Christmas
Spend some special time
With the whole family and you.

Remembering our Christmasís past
When I was just a little boy
Baking sugar cookies for Santa Clause
In case he was hungry on his journey

Leaving some carrots for Rudolph
Knowing itís only right and fair
He would have to share his carrots
Knowing it's only right and fair

The big dish of the variety of cookies
You always baked every year
A multitude of different kinds
On Christmas morning weíd share

Opening all the marvelous gifts
That Santa Clause would bring
Being tickled and thrilled
By all the wonderful fun things

Oh, Mom I really wish I were home
For I really envision in my dreams
Seeing you standing at the back door
With a radiant smile on your loving face

But I canít be there this year
For I have a special job to do
To make the world safer
For other counties and ours too

So have a Merry Christmas
A very Happy New Year
Mom, with Godís love and protection
I will be able to be home, safe and sound
With you, and my loved ones next year

All My Love, Your Son or Daughter
Who had to go off, to fight a war

©Donna J. Kramer
December 7, 2002


A Christmas Remembrance

My favorite season is here once again,
The time to remember the Saviour of men,
Who left Heaven's glory to come down to earth,
And lie in a manger the night of His birth.

He came here to die, all my sins to forgive,
That some day in Heaven with Him I might live.
I look all around at the beautiful sights,
The shops and the malls with their glitter and lights;

The songs about Christmas, and sleigh bells that ring,
And children, and pageants, and choirs that sing.
And I am so busy from morning till night,
Preparing and planning to do things just right,

While shopping, and cleaning, and cooking each day,
With packages, ribbons, and cards on display,
But please help me stop, Lord, and take time for You,
And pray for Your guidance in each thing I do.

Whenever I'm baking each goodie and treat,
May I not forget those with nothing to eat.
And may I be willing to share of my wealth,
So they may be nourished, and brought back to health.

And as I send greetings to friends I love so,
Please help me to pray for Your saints I don't know,
Who suffer in prisons for bearing Your Name,
Forgotten, alone, undeserving of blame.

Each time I am cleaning to keep my home neat,
Please help me remember the ones on the street
Who shiver because they've no place to stay warm,
No shelter at all to protect from the storm.

And as I go shopping, and see the display
Of countless new garments in splendid array,
Please keep my heart tender towards people in need,
With loving compassion, devoid of greed.

When reading the Bible that tells of Your care,
Lord, give me a passion for souls in despair
Who know not the Saviour Who saves them from sin.
Please help me to share, and by faith draw them in.

© 2000 Betty Jo Mings




Oh Silent, Silent Night

One night, Joseph had a life-like dream
The message was: "Joseph, your future wife, Mary, is soon to present to you a baby!"
As he sat up in his bed, he thought . . . . Impossible it seems!

As time grew closer, Joseph asked, "Where, dear God, where shall we stay?"
"We've traveled for so long and we are oh, so tired!"
"There's no rooms, no beds, there's just no place to lay!"

Oh silent, silent night, how awesome is the sound
For up in the darkest of skies, the brightest-shiniest star
Gave them light for a bed to be found.

It shined upon Bethlehem where Joseph and Mary were led
For this very special evening, as they so tiredly wandered,
They kept looking and looking, just looking for a bed

As they entered into Bethlehem so tired and weak,
They came to an Inn and said,
"Dearest sir, do you have a place for us to sleep?"

He said so sorrowful, "Not here in the Inn, but my stable there might!"
There was one empty stable, so Joseph said,
"I thank you kind sir. May we use it just for tonight?"

As the Inn-Keeper left, Joseph started to gather up straw
and hay
For this special evening, Precious Jesus was born
And it was in that cold, cold manger was where He must lay.

As Joseph and Mary looked upon the tiny face of Jesus and smiled
The Star of Bethlehem shines brighter and brighter to guide the way for
The animals, the 3 wise men and even the little drummer boy, from miles and miles.

©Vicki Wood

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