The Poet's Desk Christmas Edition 2004

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The Reason For the Season

When winter winds start to blow
and flakes of white, frosty snow
from the Heavens begin to fall,
think on these things to recall;

About our dear Savior's birth,
the One who came down to earth,
to bring us great joy and peace
to set immoral hearts released;

He wanted to fill souls to the brim,
and yet, we held no room for Him.
In a cold humble stable, he was born,
laid in a manger, wretched and worn.

The great star that shone bright,
long ago, on that glorious night,
revealed the light of the world,
our king, Jesus Christ the Lord.

May we not ever forget the reason,
for this joyous Christmas season.
God loved the world so, a gift He gave;
born on that night, our souls to save.

May He ever find room in our hearts,
His loving grace and mercy to impart.
Let the light of God shine through,
so peace on earth will come to you.

©TinasHeart 12/14/01



Merry Christmas

I had a frightful and empty dream last night that you weren't here for Christmas this year And then I awakened in a state of trepidation with the realization that the dream was true
Oh, how I miss your smile and laughter which could light up the world for me
Your gentle ways of encouraging me gave me strength to pursue my goals
I still remember so vividly the last time we were together just as I had to leave
I knew we both understood it would be the last time we would see each other
You were sitting in your special place and you seemed so fragile and tired
You were suffering with so much pain and we both tried so hard to ignore it
I cried as I drove away that spring day knowing there was nothing I could do
I prayed that your time would come soon, as I know you had prayed that it would too
And sometimes our prayers are answered, for you crossed over peacefully in your sleep
I miss you, mother, more than I could know until you were no longer in this world of ours
But unlike we temporal beings who seem to invite and welcome Christmas into our hearts but once a year, you are now in a realm where Christmas is perpetual and love is truly unconditional and the absolute reality
I can imagine you running along the shores of forever playing with others with childlike wonder and delight
And as you gaze into the heavens, you are blessed with all the bright, shining stars as your ornaments forevermore
Then I'm filled with awe and joy that you live there now, and I want to wish you a very Loving and Merry Christmas
And I'll always believe that you're looking down upon me with the same love and that beautiful smile I knew as a child

© dennis j hopkins



Christmas Love

Dear Virgin, loving mother
in a lonely animal stall . . .
brings forth her precious firstborn Son
King of Kings & Lord of all ~ ~ ~

Sweet baby Jesus, sleeping
upon His manger bed . . .
in wide~eyed wonder, shepherds
glimpse the halo 'round His head ~ ~ ~

Kings from the East bring treasures
to lay before the new~born King . . .
Gold, frankincense and myhhr
while angelic voices sing ~ ~ ~

Hosannas in the Highest
good will and peace on earth . . .
Heavenly hosts rejoicing
for our dear Saviour's birth ~ ~ ~

As Christmas dawns at your home
shar'd with those held, oh, so dear . . .
May your hearts be filled with that same
sweet LOVE ~ came upon a midnight clear !

©Mary Carter Mizrany
December 5, 2002


December 5, 2002
Copyrighted. All rights reserved

Happy Birthday Jesus

Today is Jesus Birthday and what a glorious
day it is. Lets all sing His praises and
keep this day especially His.

He was the worldly son of a carpenter and the
son of our God above. He was born in a
manger that was filled with lots of love.

The wise men came to see this baby, they
followed the big bright star. It took them
a very long time because they traveled from afar.

He doesn't ask for presents of gold or earthly
things. He only wants our love and faith;
He is the King of Kings.

Let's all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ
our Lord. Let's never let His day ever be
forgotten or ignored.

©Peggy Ann Hardy


Holiday Frenzy

Flailing away, running hither and yon,
Very little sleep
To start my weary brain upon.
Trying to focus
And not sink into decay.
It's the "holiday season"
Eroding my energy
Like a plague of swarming locusts,
Turning my sleepless night
Into a drowsy day.
Yet all I need do
Is keep my mind stayed on Jesus.
Because as we obey Him,
He grants blessings to please us.
So we can truly celebrate
And rejoice in His plan:
To bring eternity to earth
And rule as our God-
Our Lord who was man.

© Dawn Ellen Austin


Christmas Day

Christmas comes but once a year
and Christians celebrate,
The birth of Christ the Son of God
who`s return we too await.

We deck our halls with pretty lights
and trim the christmas tree,
We gently wrap each gift up tight
so peeking eyes won`t see.

We sing the songs of Christmas past
and newer songs of joy,
We sing of Christ our New Born King
of Mary's baby boy.

The joy of Christmas should not end
with the passing of a day,
We should celebrate Jesus endlessly
for our sins He came to pay.

©Shirley Jean Harwood
Dec.6th 2004




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