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The Poet's Desk Christmas Edition 2004E


I knew the moment our eyes met
God had sent you to me
I whispered a Prayer to the Lord above
Thanked Him for letting me see

I went down many dark narrow roads
Searching for the man I'd not met
I couldn't believe I found you
A feeling I'll never forget

So many things I could never explain
So many stolen tears
So many times I dreamed of you
So many wasted years

You could never imagine where I am
Compared to where I've been
It was not till I found you
My life could begin

The Good Lord knew I needed you
I thank him every day
I love you so very much
I'm glad you came my way

Thank you sweetheart for loving me
For giving us the chance
From now to eternity
Our hearts together shall dance

This Christmas gift from me to you
Comes deep within my heart
Know you are my soul mate
For I knew it from the start

To my amazing husband
As a child I stood and stared
Waiting for Santa to appear.
Now I know the truth my friend
Santa is just a dream.

Christmas now means so much more
Than holidays, candy and mistletoe toe.
Christmas is the birth of my Lord
My saviour, the prince of peace.

All the year we try to please thee
Waiting on your word and dreams.
Father you know so much more than we do
And I know we will be blessed.

So as this season fast approaches
Let me lean on you and wait,
For your message of peace and love
That we will spread to all those who wait.

Little figures in the pasture
Young teens who dance and fret
You my Lord are their master
Let them hear the cymbals clash.

We have no snow or holly dancing
Just our hearts as we start anew.
Father you know all our futures
Let us now just come to you.

©Carolyn Morgan

What is Christmas?

"What is Christmas"? My friend asked one day--
I'm afraid his faith had gone astray-
"Well it began one night in an old barn stall,
when a wee baby boy made a reckoning call,
His mission divine--by his Father God
was to bring love-where ever he trod.
The advent of the Messiah was long foretold,
and the shepherds in the field saw a star of gold,
and the ancient wise men saw the star as well,
and the song of the Angels roared to a swell-
"Strike the cymbal-trumpet the horn!!
Sing "Allelujah, Christ is born"!!
Today I sit and contemplate,
the rush of life as we seal our fate
on material "things" and financial drone--
and think-"No more of this"-I'm going home.
I can see my Mom heave a great sigh
as she watches the cars rushing on by.
I can see the TREE with it's old fashioned lights.
I can see Mom's kitchen so warm and bright.
I can smell the mince and the pumpkin pies.
I can see the love in my Mother's eyes,
as she opens the door, and then she cries-Son, you've come home.
So, what is Christmas? It's love, my friend,
has been from the beginning, will be to the end

©Betty C Daniels

The Wonder Of It All

It was awesome and amazing
When God's Son arrived on earth
Every angel's voice was praising
At the moment of His birth

His arrival was expected
For the scripture had foretold
That the Father had elected
That His Son should break the mould

That mould of sin in human hearts
That isolates the soul
Is broken when the Son imparts
A faith that makes us whole

He came to bring us life and joy
and peace beyond compare
A love that nothing can destroy
On earth or anywhere

What God arranged for us that day
It what it's all about
New Hope arrives for men of clay
Of that there is no doubt

Accept the Gift God offers you
Tell family, friend and guest
His love is true! What did He do?
He Gave His Very Best !!!

©Jim Lake

Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a Child is born;
unto to us a Son is given; and the government
shall be upon His shoulder. These will be
His royal titles: Wonderful, Counselor
The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.
Christmas Time

Christmas time is here again,
That wonderous time of the year.
Bringing visions of peace.
In places far and near.

Good tidings of great joy,
Coming to all that Christmas day.
A little child royally lay,
Majesty wrapped up in a boy.

Whoever would have guessed
that He, in all of His splendor,
Would be born in a lowly stable,
This One who was so tender.

But His Father's plan for Him
was in great love decreed.
He would bridge the great chasm
'tween God and the deceived.
His Father gave Him up
That He might hang on a tree
For the sins of mankind,
It was in death, He set them free..

May I never get so busy
That I won't stop and be grateful
For His sacrificial death for me
On that decreed day, so fateful.

©Doris J. Niswonger

A King Came Here

A King came to earth in poverty
in a stable he was born.
Wise men, and Shepherds came,
to see this one blessed morn.

The many animals in the stable,
Came and stood by this child.
Saw the glow of love within him,
he looked so meek and mild.

The Angels came down to Earth,
To view what others saw.
As they looked upon the Manger.
all just stood there in awe.

Came here to save us from a fate,
and to pay for all our sin.
How he suffered on the Cross,
would have to rise again.

Christmas we celebrate his birth,
It was all done out of love.
For he wanted us to be with him,
someday in Heaven above

Walt Chapman
12 / 9 /04

Once Upon A White Christmas

I always dreamed of Christmas White,
that adds a yuletide glow;
but only once within my life
did nature deem it so.

For us, the warming atmosphere
that bounds our southern town,
brings weather here with balmy air,
when Christmas comes around.

In fact, it rarely ever snowed at all,
although we wished it so;
never had I rolled a ball,
snow-ball battled in a squall,
or made a man of snow.

And Santa Claus, while on his round,
I wondered every day:
how on earth he came to town,
with no snow here on the ground,
to bring his deer and sleigh?

Until I heard a song of late,
a "red-neck" note it struck;
that Santa used a special freight
when no snow accumulates,
to drive a pick-up truck!

So, back into the realm of time
of Christmas days of old;
back when I was only nine,
come memories I behold.

And I recall one Christmas Eve.
when snowfall took it's toll;
the town was caught in disbelief,
from both the young and old.

But snow it did and all the kids
were overcome with glee;
tubs and tires and trash-can lids
were all we had to ski.

And snow-balls filled the frigid scene,
as folks would dodge and dart.
and such a sight would always mean;
a treasure in my heart!

But that event was long ago
and even to this day;
I haven't seen a Christmas snow,
since that one came my way!

But if I live on long enough,
and maybe once again,
snow will fill my 'verbial cup..
instead of sleet or rain!

©William E. Hardison
'Twas A Special Christmas Eve
'Twas a special Christmas eve,
And I was lying in my bed,
When I started to remembering,
The scriptures my Daddy read.
Ah, sitting there on his lap,
In the circle of his arm,
I felt so sheltered, cozy, and warm!

He had lovingly opened,
God's Holy book,
To St. Luke the second chapter,
Where we both took a look!
There unfolding before us,
Was the blessed Christmas story,
About angels singing to the shepherds,
"To God be the glory,"
"Peace on earth and to all men goodwill!"
Their voices graced the night,
Which was peaceful and still!

When Daddy read about Christ's birthplace,
I could almost smell the hay,
And see Mary and Joseph hover,
Over the place where Jesus lay!
In my mind's eye I could see the wisemen,
Their precious gifts bring.
They had traveled from afar,
To see the Heavenly King!

Then, in St. Luke chapter twenty three,
Daddy read how Jesus died,
That whosoever will,
Could be cleansed 'neath the crimson tide!
This story was so touching.
It caused the teardrops to start.
So I cried, "Oh, Daddy,"
"I want to give Jesus my heart!"
So, right then and there,
I fell to my knees,
Crying, "Oh, Blessed Saviour,"
"Come into my heart please!"

Later, I was lying in my bed,
Feeling so good!
And though I expected Christmas gifts,
Like any child would,
I knew that greater than any present,
I would find under the tree,
Was the gift of salvation,
Which Jesus gave to me!
©Robert F. Dotson


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