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Poet's Desk Christmas Edition 2007a

My Gift To You

The presents have been unwrapped
and tucked neatly away with care.
The children, snug in their beds,
One more gift with you I'll share.

It can't be found under the tree.
No pretty paper or bow to uncover.
The gift I give to you, my essence.
Inside, my love you will discover.

A tender gift that never grows old.
A token of gratitude I give to you.
My heart full of fervent affection
for you, perpetually alive and new.

To you I make this solemn promise,
it's not around the Christmas tree,
that you and I will joyfully rock,
but your earth will sway with glee.

This special time is ours alone.
Nothing from you will I withhold.
Our souls ever in tune together
to this love song that now unfolds.




On This Day

We gather ‘round the table now
With family, friends and more

Sometimes it's just a few of us
And others, folks galore

But on this special day this year
We miss the special ones

Who couldn't be here on our day
Because they carry guns

They're out on watch in every spot
As ‘round the world they go

To keep us safe so on this day
We here can see the light

So when you hold each other's hands
And around the table pray

Give a thought for all of those
Who guard us, night and day

Thank you, Lord, for each of us
Both friend and foe alike

For each deserves a love like yours
The grown-up and the tyke

You're invited to our table, Lord
As we do so on this day

From all of us to all of you
In Jesus' name, we pray.

©Dave Allen Kelly


Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

If I were
an enchanted tree
I’d grant three wishes
for people I see.

Of Nature’s gifts
I would bestow,
the dove of peace
would surely show.

Sheer impressions
of health for all,
would likely be
my second call.

The third wish
festive as a sleigh,
brings happiness now,
then every day,
rejoice in spirit of transition,
on the road
to your ambition.

©R.E. Smith


 Cathy Davis on behalf of my Father R.E. Smith

Soldier's Having Christmas In Iraq

In the desert far away from home
There is sand like you have never known
Soldiers sleeping in the dust, it has become a must
They lay down their lives for you and I
They never ask the question why.

Soldiers having Christmas in Iraq
Where most of the people do not understand our ways
Most believe we do them wrong,
On Christmas Eve we Americans stay strong
Life in Iraq must still go on,
Their wives and little children
Wish Daddy comes home soon.

A feast for a king,
Is what we serve on Christmas Day
While our soldiers, fight in a hot desert,
In the name of freedom, far away.

Peace on earth, good will to men,
Please Lord let this war soon end,
They do not shed a tear
They never break down
They thank God for keeping their family
safe and sound.

Soldiers having Christmas in Iraq,
With the taste of sand upon their lips
They fight for our freedom,
Let us hope they can make it stick.
I am proud of our soldiers, for they do
Only what they believe in
I believe in them too.

The United States soldiers
are having Christmas far away
I pray they will be with us,
Next year on Christmas Day.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


The Christmas Pageant

It was a snowy Christmas Eve,
Inside the Church, wreaths had been hung,
Holly and Candle s were placed all about
And the Christmas bells were being rung.

Inside people had gathered
Waiting to hear the story,
About the birth of a God-child,
Who came from the realms of Glory.

The Church was warm, festive and cozy
But silence filled the place,
As they watched the parade of angels
Each had a smile upon their face.

They marched to, the manger.
Where they knelt down to pray.
Giving thanks for the newborn baby
Lying sleeping in a bed of hay.

The great star shown brightly
Through the night, lighting up the way
Leading the wise men to Bethlehem
Where Jesus the King, the Messiah lay.

The story was told the play was over,
Somberness was felt all about,
As the Choir sang softly Silent Night
And the congregation tearfully marched out.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

©Shirley J. Oremland



Born a Savior

This precious Babe; born in a stall one day
Came to the cross, to take the evil, from us away
Through Mary, God sent a Savior that day
When we are weary, in our heart, He will stay.

He walked with Disciples, to spread His word.
The sweetest story that has ever, been heard.
He did miracles on land and on the sea.
He spread His sweet word, for you and me.

Jesus walked and talked to all, to spread His word,
For the many reasons He needed to be, heard.
He called on, and healed the sick and woe.
His disciples walked after Him; they loved Him so.

He is with us, who live now, asks us to love.
He is God's only Son, that lives in Heaven above.
Though if we let Him live in our heart,
This Jesus, whom we love, will never; from us part.

He will come for us if we will just believe.
Believe in His Holy name; our heart He will receive
Read His sweet and Holy word every day.
Get accustomed to Him; kneel to Him and pray

He is coming soon; God will declare the decree.
His Son, will soon be coming for you and me.
Let us rejoice and love each other; in Holy love,
Remain with Jesus when He takes us there above.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker








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