Happy Father's Day

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A Proud Father

'Twould be joyous to view God
Holding a newborn in His heart,
Looking over fingers and toes,
As He checks out every part.

Work begins at the potter's wheel,
Fashioning him into a man;
Preparing against evil,
Giving him two legs to stand.

Redesigning the eyes to see,
Producing ears that hear His words,
Redeeming souls to His beloved,
Making wings to soar like a bird.

The wonder of each creation
A proud Father must feel with,
To be watching His children grow
As into the image of Him.

© Joyce C. Lock

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A Father's Day Blessing

Daddy's little man,
his princess on his knee.
He watches them for Mommy,
as dinner she over sees.
He reads them bedtime stories,
then drops down on his knees.
He turns into a golden pony,
his children he aims to please.
He tucks them in and settles down,
in exhaustion he slumbers deep.
He works so hard and very long,
to have a home for all to sleep.
All through the years he does his best,
his children his pride and joy.
He guides them to adulthood,
his princess and his baby boy.
He needs a day of recognition,
special for only him.
For his years of dedication,
he sits and proudly grins.
It's Father's Day Dad, don't you know?
You are special in every way.
We thank you for all you did for us,
we bless you this Father's Day!

© S. Matheson

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My Coal Mining Dad

I remember, when I was a little girl;
Climbing up on daddy's lap.
To me, he was my hero,
In his steel toed shoes and his white hard hat.

He worked day and night in that Blue Gem mine,
Breathing that black coal dust.
And, I was too young to realize, then,
The huge sacrifice he was making for us.

He raised us four kids digging deep mine gold
And, sometimes, it was hard to survive.
But, the Lord must have surely been with him,
Always keeping him safe and alive.

Now, I thank the Lord for my coal mining Dad,
Who took a chance on his life, every day,
To provide for his wife and four hungry kids;
All on a coal miner's pay.

© Vickie Lambdin

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My Daddy

You'd sit in church on Sunday,
Always tugging at your tie.
I know you were choking
Until you thought you'd die.

But, you'd look at me and smile.
And, I knew why you were there.
You did it for your children
Because of how much you care.

I remember crying over a boy
And you'd say, "Honey, don't worry.
He's not worth it. He can't play football.
You'll grow up. Just try not to hurry."

You taught me about life and about Jesus,
To be a big girl and not to shed tears.
You'd say, "Your daddy loves you."
You killed monsters and calmed fears.

You taught me so very much.
I know you thought I was hard headed.
Most of the time, you thought I didn't listen.
But, deep down, your words are imbedded.

I use to merely love you.
But now, it's so much more.
There's pride, respect, and honor.
Daddy, I couldn't love you more.

© Claytia Doran

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Dear Daddy, What If ...

What if I didn't have you, dear Daddy,
To walk just a little ahead;
To show me all the turns in the road,
So I am rightly led?

What if I never sang a song
That my Daddy had taught to me?
What if no one was there to teach
What I've learned about at your knee?

What if you never made me laugh
Or wrestled me in the floor?
What if I never watched the stars
With a Daddy I adore?

Take me along, dear Daddy.
For, I watch every step you take.
I try to follow your footsteps.
So, make them plain, for my sake.

When I see you on bended knee, dear Daddy,
When I hear you say my name in prayer ...
I know what makes you so big and so strong.
And, I pray you will always be there.

No wonder my Mommy loves you.
You're the apple of her eye!
And, I see you looking at Mommy -
Like you won the world's greatest prize!

I thank God every night for you, Daddy.
I'm the luckiest kid in the land.
For I know that you practice, in earnest,
The life of a Godly man.

When I say my prayers, dear Daddy,
I always ask Jesus to bless
My Daddy, my helper, my hero ..
. Who always knows what is best.

You remind me so much of Jesus!
How'd you get to be so much like Him?
I know, if I walk in your shadow,
The Way will never be dim.

I'd like to thank you, dear Daddy.
I'd like the whole world to know
You're the best Dad a kid can come home to.
Dear Daddy, I love you so.

One day I'll be grown, dear Daddy;
Might have a child like me.
And because of your ways, dear Daddy,
I'll be the best I can be.

So, teach me your ways, dear Daddy.
Teach me the Savior's love.
Let's walk hand in hand, dear Daddy,
Toward that wonderful land above.

© Joan Clifton Costner

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Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day, dear God!
I pray from each child you'll hear today,
To thank you for the many Blessings
And to help us on our Heavenly way.

We thank you for your love
And for giving you dear Son upon a Cross,
That your children, here on earth,
Could choose Him and never suffer loss.

We know Thou gave a portion of Thine own self,
As Ye are the Trinity three;
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
One day, let us be there, e'er with Thee ..

That we may give all glory and honor
To Thine own self forever and ever.
To claim any glorious thing for our own,
In this old world and far beyond, never.

Happy Fathers Day, my Father.
I'm so very glad you love me so true.
Had it not been for Thy loving Son, Jesus,
We'd have not a chance to be with you ...

To have you make us safe upon Thy bosom,
As with her chicks doth the mother hen.
And, though we run and scatter every now and then,
You take us back again.

I know, Thine own Son, Jesus, must tell Thee often
Of His own divine sweet love,
As ye sit on the golden Throne, there in Heaven;
Over Jordan's banks above.

Help us to serve You, Oh, my Father, above.
Help us to make, as eiderdown,
A humble plea of Thee ... to make for us,
Of our love to Thee, a little Crown.

As a symbol of our love for our dear Father,
Over there in Glory, this day ...
Unshed melodies inside our hearts, forever,
'Til we meet Thee to stay ...

Melodies of mercy you have given,
To each and every single one, this way.
So, we are wishing to Thee, our Father in Heaven,
A Very happy Fathers Day.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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My Sweet Little Daddy

I think of you my sweet little Daddy,
A gentle hardworking man,
So kind and loving, never complaining,
Even when hard times began.

As a young girl growing up, I did see,
You walk to work in the cold,
I never knew why your boss drove by you,
For what you gave him was ‘gold.’

It was always the way with you, Daddy,
You were good to others first,
Not ever giving one thought to yourself,
No one did hungry or thirst.

You opened your home to many raising,
And even our sweet Grandma,
You had the biggest heart e’er in this world,
I’ll forever feel such awe.

Oh I miss you my sweet little Daddy,
All your love and kisses too,
Even when you called me ‘baby’ and smiled,
Sweetest Daddy e’er was you.

I’m so thankful you loved the Lord, Daddy,
Yes, you’re with Him and Mother,
You studied The Bible all mornings long,
Now, you are altogether.

© Sondra McPherson

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I am just a little kid
Not too smart just yet
But you’re the greatest dad
That I have ever met

You hold my hand to stop my fall
And tuck me in at night
I can go to sleep peacefully
‘Cause you make everything alright

You chase monsters from under my bed
And stay with me till I fall asleep
And when the morning comes
You playfully tickle my feet

You’re just the greatest dad
You and me have lots of fun
It makes me feel so good inside
‘Cause it warms me like the sun

Yes, you’re a special daddy
You always have time for me
Even when you are so busy
You look at what I want you to see

I love you my goodest, bestest daddy
You are so big and strong too
And when I get to be a daddy
I want to be just like you!!

© Gayle Davis

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