Happy Father's Day

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My Dad, My Hero

No one ever had,
A finer Dad,
And yet I didn't always see,
That amidst my childhood fears,
And my hectic teenage years,
You were always there for me!
On this your special day,
It's hard to find the words to say,
But, I'm sure going to give it a try.
I just wanted you to know,
You're still my hero,
And will be 'til the day I die!

© Robert F. Dotson

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Father's Ways

My Dad is such a special man,
He worked so hard you see.
He labored in his field of work
And then spent time with me.

He sacrificed so many times,
To get things for our needs.
And then he'd talk and teach us things
While planting in us seeds.

And As I look back, I can see,
How seeds have grown in me.
They've helped me be the best I can,
And all that I can be.

He taught me patience, in his way
while fishing side by side.
then he helped me find a way,
no matter what I tried.

The thing that always meant so much
And warmed me like the sun
Were countless times he said the words
I'm proud of you, Well done!

So now I try with all my heart
As I live out my days
To teach and love and live my life
Following my Fathers Ways.

© James O'Brien

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Happy Father's Day

Dad, many years have passed since I was a boy
But memories of those long ago years are special to me
Someway when I broke a toy you always knew what to do
If I cut my finger you'd give me a hug and rock me on your knee

I still have that red bicycle you taught me how to ride
And the soap box car we happily worked on together
When I had school problems I knew I could come to you
Memories of your love for me will live in my mind forever.

Dad I know your are in Heaven with grandma and grandpa
But I can feel your presence here each night when I pray
Until we meet again memories of you will always be with me
Dad I love you and wish you a Happy Father's Day.

© Ralph L. Clark

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My Dad

Father you were always there,
You always showed me how much you care.
You were the bread-winner of our family,
Now I know how my mate should be.

You always tucked me in my bed,
You kept a roof over my head.
I remember well our family trips,
And how you bought me double dips.

You were always firm but not too bold,
You made our house warm not cold.
I love you more than words can say,
In my heart you will forever stay.

© Eve Hall

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One Day A Year

There are 365 days,
that's a year to sit and ponder.
But one day stands out the most,
a day my mind does wander.

This day was always special,
celebrated by daughter and son.
A day of merriment and sunshine,
a day we had pure fun.

Dedicated to excellence,
we show what we don't say.
When we express the love we have,
on this one special day.

Gifts and deeds we give to you,
tokens from the heart.
They'll be stored away for memories,
with these you'll never part.

Although I can't express them,
In my heart the memories stay.
Of my dad and the times we shared,
on each Father's day.

There are 365 days,
That's a year to sit and ponder.
But this one stands out the most,
that I now look back on fonder.

© Tom Hughes

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I Never Knew My Father

I never knew my father,
He never knew me,
I have always wondered what
He looks like and does he
look like me?
If he met me would he greet
me with arms open wide?
I grew up not knowing my Father
I dreamed someday he would find me.
He would tell me that he was sorry
for not being here for me.
He would tell me I was beautiful
and a proud Father he'd be, that
everything would be alright now that
he had found me. He never found me.
I found him and so happy and surprised
to see I had brothers and a sister that
looked like me, they had no time for me.
I'm not sad or disappointed or sad you
see for I have a heavenly Father who
loves and never will reject me.

© Vickie Lynn Howard

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