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The Crucifixion

They placed the cross upon His back
Yet no one seemed to care
The weight across His shoulders
Seemed more than He could bear.

The spikes were driven in His hands
And pounded through His feet
The ones who had convicted Him
Were cheering in the street.

The crown of thorns placed on His head
Brought blood upon His brow
The day of prophecy had come
He had to face it now.

The sins of man were laid to rest
He bore a heavy loss
The agony He must of felt
As He hung there on the cross.

The innocent blood of Jesus Christ
Was shed for all to see
The Son of God was crucified
And died for you and me.

© Marilyn Ferguson

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Easter Blessings

As we celebrate
this Easter morn,
praise and thank
the day He was born.

Understand why
He hung on a tree
He paid for our
sins at Calvary.

They mocked Him and scorned
Him, accepted all lies
They crucified Him and
a thief on each side.

He looked up above, cried
I can't take anymore
take this cup from me, let
it pass, please, my Lord.

Joseph from Arimathae, wrapped His
body in a linen cloth
laid Him in a sepulchre
while His followers watched.

They buried Him in a tomb
let the Sabbath pass
returned with prepared ointments
they had stored in a glass.

When they discovered
the stone had rolled away,
they remembered His words,
He would rise the third day.

He was born to be our Savior,
He died for you and me.
He paid the price for us,
He died so we could be free

© Carol Dee Meeks

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The Cross

None awoke at Gesthemane.


None who'd carry the cross.

Only Loved

None to be a help meet.


None who'd stand at all cost.

For What

None to be an intercessor.

He could

None who cared for his soul.

Do For

None by his side at all.


© Joyce C. Lock

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He Bore Our Cross

Jesus staggered at the load, going up that old hill ~
Paying for all sins, who turns, and does Gods will.
Heíll pardon you and me with all His abundant love,
As we pick up our crosses and follow Him above.
Joy abounded when He split the veil from top to bottom,
And the rains came down, but nothing could stop Him
Seeing, then, that we have a hope, such, being so great
There can be no room in the heart, for things of hate.
His precious Blood running down the hill with rue.
He said Father forgive them, they know not what they do.
The veil taken away for we, who believe on His name.
We bow to His Glorious honor, without any shame.
The third day He opened the door to His borrowed grave.
Taught all His disciples how, the people could be saved.
Our Lord didnít commission someone to take His place.
He took on all our own shame, and died full of Grace.
He carried the Cross, thereís no need to do it again.
He went into Satanís hell, and took the keys to amend

All the sin that ever was or, will ever be on earth.

Heís the Son who was born of the Spirit, and a virgin birth.
Heís coming again one day soon, we surely all believe.
Let us be ready, and willing, in our hearts, Him to receive,
Today is the appointed time; why would any want to wait?
Jesus is coming soon, donít abide in sin, Ďtil itís too late.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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That First Easter

I know a man called Jesus,
Who from His grave arose,
On that first Easter morning
To vindicate our souls.

He bore the cross of Calvary
And shed His blood for you and me.
He paid a debt He didn't owe,
As through His blood forgiveness flowed.

Then, from His crucifixion,
Our eternal life was formed
And, through His resurrection,
That first precious Easter born.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Happy Easter

It is time to feast and sing
now that it is almost spring
the lovely news in our ears ring.
Happy, Happy Easter!

A miracle happened on this day
so mankind would have life, come what may
And for this we must remember thanks to say.
Glorious, Gracious Easter!

And Nature also does rejoice
its sounds are joyful and not noise
Let's rejoice, men, women, girls and boys!
Happy, Happy Easter!

© Marianne

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Easter Morning

Mary and the others were in awe,
At what they saw,
That first Easter day!
In the cool morning air,
They could only stare,
For someone had rolled the stone away!

Jesus' body had been stolen they feared.
But then holy angels appeared,
"Jesus is no longer dead,"
The angels said,
"Behold, He has rejoined the living!" Sister Mary run and tell,
Now Jesus is alive and well!
He conquered death, hell, and the grave!
'Twas a critical hour,
But through His mighty power,
He arose our souls to save!

Now any member of Adam's race,
Through God's amazing grace,
Can rise up and joyously sing,
"Sin's mighty flood,"
"Is under the blood!"
"Thank God I'm a child of the King!"

© Robert F. Dotson

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I Was There

As they walked Jesus from the Dungeon,
lead him out into the city street.
Just a loin cloth, and thorn's on his head,
took the sandels from his feet.
I Was There

A cross was put upon his back to carry,
made from a great Dogwood tree.
Spit on,cursed while walking the street
to a morbid place called Calvery.
I was There

Blood spilled from his tormented body,
as they nailed him to a cross.
If only he would have ask me to help him,
but all on earth would be lost.
I was There

When that day far all mankind to save,
gave up his life for all like you.
Then ask his father in his last breath,
forgive they know not what they do.
I was There

The third day the stone were removed,
found Jesus body had left the grave.
His words were on the third day I will rise,
the souls of my people will be saved.
I was There

Soon he will be rising up to the heavens,
his work here on earth is done.
This time we will go back home together,
I am his Father, and he's my Son.
I was there God

© Walt Chapman

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Easter, A Day of Reckoning

Spring is in the air
with blossoms everywhere,
as balmy days of April warms my heart;
it all comes up to mind...
the beauty that I find,
represents our Savior from the start.

Because He sacrificed for us
upon that cross-bound truss..
. to free us all from hate, sin, and fear.
And on that fateful day
when our lord was lain away, little did they know He'd re-appear!
For when they moved the stone
they found an empty tomb,
for Jesus Christ our Lord had arose.
Thus, born an Easter Day
when we celebrate and pray,
for miracles in life God bestows!

© William E. Hardison

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It Is Finished

Christ hung on the cross and completed Godís plan.
He brought salvation to woman and man.
He suffered alone as he hung there that day.
It is finished,Ē those near him, heard Jesus say.

It is finished meant Godís measureless plan was done,
He provided righteousness for us through his son.
It is finished meant that our sins could be forgiven,
If we confess them to Christ heíll take us to Heaven.

Because it is finished this world cannot harm us.
Catastrophes, calamities and tragedies donít alarm us.
We have peace in our hearts and a hope never ending.
We know that with God weíll eternity be spending.

Because it is finished we can all love each other.
We can treat our worst enemy as if he were our brother.
Because it is finished we each must do our part
To try to show unto others that we have Jesus in our heart.

Because it is finished we need to let the world know
That God still loves them even if theyíve sunk low.
His salvation plan includes them and he wants them to be
With him in Glory to live eternally.

© Bob Hefner



Easterís Gifts

In spring we see the warming sun,
And watch our children having fun,
While colored eggs they search to find,
And place in baskets, softly lined.

Itís at this time my thoughts turn to,
My Savior, and all he went through.
And even though he had such strife,
His resurrection brought new life.

And so it is for you and me,
Weíll rise again and him weíll see.
His glory will enfold us Ďround,
While his great love for all abounds.

Yes, Easter is the time of year
For colored eggs and famíly cheer,
And yes, the loveliness of spring,
Will ever make my spirit sing.

© James O'Brien

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Resurrection Love

The Lord is risen, He is not here,
His Resurrection's thus,
The many looked, they saw, was quite clear,
Too declared by Jesus.

Unconditional love on the Cross,
Heart and soul devotion,
Bearing all sins of such worthless dross,
He so set in motion.

What greater love could there be for all,
Jesus' blood shed through nails,
Piercing His hands and feet it did fall,
His vested love prevails.

Hope for afterlife through saving grace,
Flows from Jesus only,
Look toward our Lord and Behold His Face,
You need ne'er be lonely.

Life's heart is in His blood that was bled,
Sureness to be alive,
Jesus' Resurrection Love has said,
To heaven we'll arrive.

© Sondra McPherson


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