I'll Sing In Heaven's Light

How I love Jesus with all my heart,
There's no other for me,
He gave His life so I'd be a part,
Eternity shall be.

On the Cross He cried ĎIt is finished,'
Endured such agony,
Just for me that I'd be unblemished,
He became sin, I'm free.

I'm so thankful for Jesus my Lord,
All my sins He forgave,
I've everlasting life I look toward,
I'm saved from that bleak grave.

My Resurrection Life is Jesus,
Now death has no power,
One day my body will be raised thus,
I'll love Him more that hour.

There will never be shadows thereof,
My Lord's Glory's so bright,
He's my Savior and King and all Love,
I'll sing in Heaven's Light.

©Sondra McPherson
March 8, 2004


I Am Not The One

I have never hung upon a cross,
Upon my head a crown of thorns,
Given vinegar to quench my thirst,
While people in attendance scorned.

I have not given up my life,
To save a sinnerís soul,
Iíve not been buried in a cave,
Guarded by soldiers bold.

I have not risen from the dead,
A miracle talked about today,
I have not emerged from a tomb,
Nor ascended unto heavenís way.

But, I love the one that did these things,
Jesus gave His precious life for me,
He suffered greatly upon the cross,
When He paid, my cost at Calvary.

I will travel to heavenís bright portals,
Guided by the light He shines for me to see,
I will forever walk in His footprints,
For my divine Savior is waiting for me.

©Gayle Davis
January 18, 2004 


Because He Rose

He died for me.
He died for you.
But I didn't know it
Till I was born anew.

I'd heard the words
I'd read in the Book
But it took my rebirth
To get a fresh look.

There's much that I 
Don't understand
But I live on faith
Trusting not man.

Thank You, Father
For what You've done
For a sinner like me
You gave Your Son.

His suffering on the cross
Was for all my sins 
And I've eternal life
Because He rose again.

©Susan Bromen
March 15, 2004



Little White Easter Bunny

There's a little white Easter bunny
Who loves to eat and give out jelly beans
He sure is keen on those little jelly beans
I think it keeps him from getting mean

He eats them in the morning
He eats them at night
He eats them in the evening
Underneath a starry night

He really likes red ones, yellow and green
When he runs out of jelly beans
He does not know what to do
So if you see some jelly beans

You better buy a bag or two
Because you never know 
When this little white Easter bunny
Might come and visit you

©Donna J. Kramer


Easter Prayer

I pray that Easter Day will bring
Happiness, Joy and love
And may our hearts be full of peace
With blessings from above.

As you gather together with family and friends
In fellowship, glory and grace
Look up to heaven for there you'll see
His ever loving face.

He will be with us in spirit
For he is always near
Be happy that he is close by us
There is no need for you to have fear.

Hallelujah what a wonderful day
To praise our Lord the king
And thank him for the cross he bore
For our sins let our praises ring.

So have a blessed Easter Day
May God guide you from above
Give you the grace and love he has
And everlasting love.

©Ginny Bryant



Your Precious Grace

As I reflect upon Resurrection Day
It's hard to find the words to say
To thank You that You died for me
And shed Your blood to set me free

All my sins and all my shame
But you hung there and took the blame
You died so gallantly in my place
To offer up Your precious grace

You rose from the dead
Just as You had said
And gave hope to me
That heaven I'd see

A new life I've found
Upon Holy ground
With love and caring
And a passion for sharing

I'm now Your child.....Your very own
A greater love I've never known
And all because You paid the cost
When you died upon that cross

Thank You, Precious Lord
Mere words are not enough

©Kathi Wright


Everyday Is Easter

On this sunny Easter day
as I bow my head to pray,
a vision comes to mind, and what it means;
I see Jesus hoist on high
upon that cross to die;
stretched and nailed into those wooden beams.

I view Him as he died,
flogged and crucified
as His body hung there, limp and pale;
I can see Him there and now
with the thorns stuck in His brow,
and the blood that trickled down from every nail!

In my sight.. is Calvary Hill,
where the blood of Christ was spilled,
and He died there in a cause for you and me;
If He suffered in this deed,
from the sins that all be freed,
can't we endure the pain that comes to be?

When my thoughts go back to see
the scene at Calvary,
the misery that confronts me... disappears.
And my Savior clinging there
with the pain He had to bear,
takes away my troubles and my fears.

For misery seems to fade
by the promises He made,
as joy begins to swell within my breast;
and the love that fills my heart,
from my bosom never part,
just trust in Christ and He will do the rest!

So on this Easter Sunday, or any other day,
remember why He died and why He rose;
To save us from our sin;
that souls be born again;
brought about by love that God bestows!

©William E. Hardison




Jimmy Carden Technical Assistant
Sondra McPherson, Gayle Davis Editorial Assistant


This beautiful midi entitled Shadow, is an original composition and performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful site HERE.

March 3, 2003