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Easter Edition 2004C



Easter Message

Shop windows decked out with chocolates
Every sidewalk and street just the same
There was not a sign of our holy day
Not even a whisper of his name

Where will I hear of my father
Will I find him in the Mall
Is he somewhere on the Internet
Will he hear me if I call

Where is the real message of Easter
Why so much ignorance from us
How did a rabbit become so important
Is our own father not worth such fuss?

Why not tell your children the story
Of the man we know as our Lord
Reunite yourself while you're at it
Let him know he has not been ignored

Let us be greatful for all that he gave us
Remind all that have lost their way
There once was a man who lived for us all
Then was crucified for having his say

He gave all who would listen words of hope
His heart had so much love to share
He spoke of a place where our father was waiting
And asked that we never despair

On the day of his capture his tears were for us
He carried the world as he carried his cross
For those who knelt praying he prayed their forgiveness
For all our sins he took such a loss

His time here on earth may have been short
But he always knew this to be the plan
He offered his life so that we might live
How could we ever forget this man???

©Debbie Stevens




What does Easter mean to you?
Is it more than eggs of every hue?
Doest the Easter bunny rule your day?
If so there is a better way.

On Good Friday our Savior died.
They hung him on a cross--they pierced his side.
Thorns provided him a cruel crown.
"It is finished" was his final sound.

He died our sinful souls to save,
A borrowed tomb was his grave.
But Good Friday doesn't end the story,
On Easter morning he arose with glory.

Christ conquered death for you and me,
And made it possible for us to be sin free.
The fact that he arose from the grave
Shows us he has the power to save.

Let us rejoice every day
That Jesus is the life, the truth, and the way.
And that he died, was buried, and rose again
To complete God's great salvation plan.

©Bob Hefner


They Didn't Know Love

When captives crawled
And revolters were stoned,
He mended their wounds
As they were never alone.

When children were sick,
Crippled, and lame;
He fought for them and
Loved them just the same.

When looking over Jerusalem,
His bleeding heart wept.
Pouring our His soul,
He committed unto death.

Singing praises to Jesus,
While they pierced His side;
They mocked and scourged Him
'Til His broken heart died.

When the judgments came,
Thus did the angry mob.
They couldn't know love
Because they didn't know God.

© by Joyce C. Lock 


Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us,
that we should be called the sons of God:
therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.
1 John 3:1

Beside the Still Waters

Beside the still waters, He walks and talks with me each day.
He gave His life that I might live again, in a glorious way.
He’s the fairest of ten thousand, for Him the water doth still.
And, all who truly love our Master will live and do His will.

He leads me beside the still water, He restoreth my soul today.
He maketh, me to lie down, in green pastures, beside me, He will stay.
From now until forever, when I go up beyond the stars and sky . . .
Because I gave my life to him and this is the reason why . . .

He gave His own life for me; He went to the Cross-in my stead.
He watches over me at night, when I'm afraid in my own bed.
He preparest a table before me; mine enemies He doesn't mind.
He doth lift me, when I am low; His heart, to me is good and kind.

He maketh me to lie in green pastures; beside the still waters, He leads.
I shall fear no evil; He is with me. He would have me to plant good seed.
With me, is His rod and staff; I shall never have naught to fear,
For my Savior of the still waters, is always standing near.

He is my Shepherd, I shall never want; He is my comfort in all things.
He is my Master of the universe, goodness and mercy He brings . . .
Into this life of mine, as through the valley I goeth each day.
And, He will go with me, beside the still waters, all the long way.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


The Passion Of Christ

Lord, I went to see a movie about you 
tonight and I prayed
The realization of Your crucifixion finally took place in my heart
And that's where it must stay.
I know You thought of me as You were nailed and beaten and put 
upon that cross
Unbelievers crucified You and the world today still suffers the loss
Blood was on Your brow and it flowed from every part of Your being
I thank you, God, for your Son , and let goodness come
Into this world and let it be all that I will be seeing.
I finally saw with a human eyes the suffering and the pain
As Your blood fell on the ground and it left a crimson red stain.
How your Mother must have felt to watch her only
begotten Son die to set others free
It made me think of how much love she had for You
As she watched You give it all up for a sinner like me. 
I bowed my head and cried," Oh God , You are so Holy 
In every way."
Let there be a change in this wicked world 
Teach us all to forgive, repent, and to pray. 
Please come into the hearts of the ones that are lost 
Forgive them their sins and inequities 
For it was You and You alone that paid that final cost.
Lord, I know I have sinned against You like the 
Evil one's did so many years ago
In that movie theater tonight I asked , "Draw me close sweet Jesus" 
Take my adversities and help a unworthy sinner to 
Walk hand in hand with You
As I repent and continue to grow.

©Nancy Hoback 
March 27, 2004


Sunday Morning In Jerusalem

They came for Him
under the cover of the night.
in the olive garden, Gethsemene
Like thieves, not workers of the light.

Soldiers with shield and sword
to capture my Humble loving Lord
To bring Him in humility
and bound Him leather cord.
Betrayed by a kiss
of a follower and friend
the Man who came in love
Would come to this awful end,

He gave no resistance
but went most willingly
taking on the sins of the world
for the guilty, such as me.
His silence only angered the court
and for those that had gathered there.
As Pilot washed his hands of it
He wanted a reason, His life to spare.

"Do you claim to be the son of God
What sayest thou to this accusation"
"It is as you have said", He replied
I am He, just as the prophets made proclamation.

Pilot declared "I find no fault in Him"
What say ye?"
Will you have Jesus or Barrabus
Which man shall I now free".
"Give us Barrabus, set him free
Take Jesus, crucify Him" they cried
"let it be on our hands before God
Let Jesus be crucified."

"AS ye have said, answered Pilot
Take Jeus away
"After fashioning a crown of thorns
"WE crown you King of the Jews" , this day
The crowd pressed in to see
The gentle carpenters son
While some cut a cross-for His death
where he would die, before this day was done.

They lined the streets
the rich the poor the greedy
Even some he had touched in life
and those He gave to that were needy.
Laughing and cursing an occasion to gather
with what was joyous jubilation of victory
They had crushed the enemy so they thought
This is what they had come to see.

As the hammer hit the nails
into the hands of Gods beloved son.
for this day, was He born
Now His earthly task was done.
Nails ripping loving flesh
As the cross dropped roughly into place
Tearing bone from flesh
the death of such disgrace.

This for me, all for me
suffering in silence and shame
dying as a common thief, My Jesus
The Christ, -Diety_,Jehova- all the same
"Father in to Thy hands
I commend my spirit,
the horrible deed was done and over
As the spear in His side was the end of it.

A borrowed tomb was His, 
but the sin He bore was mine
crushed and placed between the rocks
My Lord, My saviour, So divine.
Satan with glee, had victory
Jesus was dead at last.
But short lived was His jubilation
Friday was now past.

Into the bowels of darkest hell
With the keys to set the captive free
It was Sunday in Jerusalem
Satan was defeated, and now I could be free.
He is Lord, He lives
Sunday morning in Jerusalem that day
Risen, Victorious, love beyond degree
For my salvation, Jesus had made a way.

©sandy griffin



Easter Joy

A pretty dress to match her eyes,
Much like an azure blue.
Lacy socks and new white shoes and,
 An Easter bonnet too!

All dressed up and feeling pretty;-
Easter basket held so tight.
She looked like a little angel,
That comes in Easter's light.

Her Daddy led the way with his,
Sweet and loving touch.
Helped her look for Easter eggs that,
She'd looked forward to so much!

She smiled and laughed with glee as,
Treasures were uncovered.
Peeping from underneath a leaf,
Waiting to be discovered.

No doubt that this is Daddy's girl!
I see it in his eyes.
She is his love, his joy, his life,
One he does idolize.

I watched as they made memories,
Those that would be so dear.
A basket filled with candy eggs,
That soon would disappear!

I am so filled with Easter Joy;
And all the love it brings.
Because my Lord does live today
My heart forever sings!.




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