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The Cross Of Calvary

It was just another day,
One like all the rest,
But was about to happen,
I think no one had yet guessed.

Our Lord began to tread that path,
Towards His Father's home,
But one thing that we do now know,
He did not tread that path alone.

He knew always what lay ahead,
And said, please do not mourn,
The soldiers then did come and place,
Upon His head a crown of thorns.

No matter what the soldiers said,
He knew His life was never lost,
So stood up boldly in front of all,
And shouldered that heavy cross.

He dragged that cross along the road,
So all around could see,
Then carried it much further still,
All the way to Calvary.

All throughout that long journey,
He never did show fear,
Not even at that moment,
They pierced His side with spear.

They lay that cross upon the ground,
And nailed His feet and hands,
Stood that cross in upright place,
With two others it would then stand.

Our Lord looked at one beside Him,
Who said, "Will You forgive me",
Jesus wept as He replied,
In Heaven, you'll soon be.

When our Lord had reached His death,
And there was no more life to show,
They took His body wrapped in cloth,
And to a tomb they then did go.

As the Romans carried out their task,
Many standing round did mock,
They blocked that entrance to the tomb,
With an enormous rock.

This all happened on a Friday,
As it had been foretold,
But there were still those that doubted,
That the promise made would hold.

Three days passed by so slowly,
It was now a Sunday morn,
When some went to that tomb,
They found that Christ had gone.

The rock was moved,
The shroud was there,
That tomb that once was filled with God,
Was standing oh so bare.

Christ appeared to his disciples,
Showed He had conquered sin,
By dying first upon that cross,
Then rose to life again.

He told them all so simply,
My work on Earth is done,
So go out and teach others,
How to join Me in My home.

He made a solemn promise,
That one day He would return,
And all that chose to believe in Him,
Would n'er again face harm.

I'm sure that as He looks down,
He does at times just weep,
So many have forsaken Him,
Although His promise he will keep.

He held that cross up boldly,
That cross he had to bear,
So all then all would have a chance,
For eternal life to share.

With God the Father,
And God the Son,
And the Holy Spirit,
Three God's in one.

©Dark Blue Knight
21st February 2005



Beneath My Wings

Beneath my wings God’s angel heralds,
Dying to the flesh brings my song,
To receive Jesus Christ as Savior,
The Glory to Him does belong.

Bearing sins and death for all who live,
He was slain on the Cross as Love,
Glory is the precious Lamb of God,
Sweet resurrection life’s Above.

Beneath my wings God’s angel heralds,
I watch this Glory of the Lord,
The sweet Redeemer lives and is awed,
Jesus Christ is King and adored.

On the beautiful shore all will meet,
One day in the sweet by and by,
Glory will raise anew another,
Resurrected by God on High.

Beneath my wings God’s angel heralds,
I was there for Him just to save,
Yes angels of God yearned to battle,
But all would languish in death’s grave.

Praises be to God's sweet Promised Gift,
Jesus wept tears of many for all,
For His heart knew from the beginning,
His life given saved all this fall.

©Sondra McPherson
February 17, 2005


My Country Easter

This special day, that's generally in the spring
All of the bright and pretty colors it did seem to bring

My Momma and I wore our Easter bonnets.
And at church we sang the musical sonnets.

Spring will bring many rain showers.
But that will bring us beautiful flowers.

My special flowers then is the daffodils
And they grew wild all over the hills.

With the birds singing their songs of praise.
And we begin to feel the warmth of the sun's rays

All of this beauty, He created, for us all to share.
As the spring breezes blew fragrance in the country air.

Soon the farmers and gardeners will start to hoeing
And then they'll begin to do the sowing.

Again this Sundays, we'll hear the church bells ring.
And we will be grateful for our Creator , and rejoice and sing

My childhood memories comes back on this special day
And many more times when I kneel to pray.

©Annie 2/21/05



The Cross

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Holy Blood all down did flow -
Where people stood on Holy Ground
And did not know....
Where angels gasp, and closed their eyes;
And foolish men, believing,
Became wise.

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Love divine and bitter gall would meet;
And tears would flow, not for Himself, but me!
Where even nature wept and trembled through -
Where darkness fell with force
Ere night was due.

The Cross! The Cross!
Where Satan laughed and thought that he had won,
But Christ knew when the deed was done
It would not be the devil’s victory -
It would be souls that He, Himself
set free!

The Cross! The Cross!
The ugly plan of men to bring most pain
Has brought instead for us, a Heaven’s gain!
The symbol of a horrid death depose and
Fill my heart with treasure Christ well knows.

The Cross! The Cross!
The insidious sign now made so beautiful!
The ultimate loss - ultimate gain!
The Son of God - dead but alive -
Forever more the same!

I cannot look upon the cross but know
There is no measure of the love that flows
There is no measure of the strength of Blood;
Oh, Holy Blood, sweep o’er me like a flood.

©Joan Clifton Costner



Easter Message

Shop windows decked out with chocolates
Every sidewalk and street just the same
There was not a sign of our holy day
Not even a whisper of his name

Where will I hear of my father
Will I find him in the Mall
Is he somewhere on the Internet
Will he hear me if I call

Where is the real message of Easter
Why so much ignorance from us
How did a rabbit become so important
Is our own father not worth such fuss?

Why not tell your children the story
Of the man we know as our Lord
Reunite yourself while you're at it
Let him know he has not been ignored

Let us be grateful for all that he gave us
Remind all that have lost their way
There once was a man who lived for us all
Then was crucified for having his say

He gave all who would listen words of hope
His heart had so much love to share
He spoke of a place where our father was waiting
And asked that we never despair

On the day of his capture his tears were for us
He carried the world as he carried his cross
For those who knelt praying he prayed their forgiveness
For all our sins he took such a loss

His time here on earth may have been short
But he always knew this to be the plan
He offered his life so that we might live
How could we ever forget this man???

©Debbie Stevens



A Dark Weekend

They found the innocent
Pilate knew!

But people-added to the band wagon
Truth, flew

To add to His affliction.
Spite was their addiction.

That weekend-started out so dark
Where He hung on a tree,
A T shaped form of bark.
He died between two sinners.
One accepted Him, there, as He hung
In agony and pain.
The other denied Him there
Mocking His aim.

The sun, the stars, closed their eyes.
Some saw the consequences of their lies.

His ordeal was over, there.
He still lives, do you know where?

@ 2000 Carol Dee Meeks



The Easter Story

From the garden of Gethsemane
Where Jesus knelt to pray
To the betrayal done by Judas
On that grim and fatal day.

From the mighty hands of Pilate
Who wished to let Him be
To the noble priests and leaders
Who refused to set Him free.

From the crown of thorns upon His head
And lash marks from a strap
To the weight of such a heavy cross
Placed there upon His back.

From the thief who hung beside Him
Crying, “Lord, remember me”
To the gentle words of Jesus
“Today, you’ll be with me.”

From the darkness of the noon time
As He died upon the cross
To the earth that shook and trembled
In response to such a loss.

From the cheering cries of soldiers
As they took His body down
To the caring hands of Joseph
A follower new in town.

From the tomb where He was laid to rest
In linen cloth of white
To the guards who had to stand close by
Throughout both day and night.

From the stone that blocked the entrance
As it gently rolled away
To the miracle that happened
On that third and final day.

From the baffled look of soldiers
As they peered into the room
To the startled face of Mary
When she found an empty tomb.

From the strange events that happened
As the guards all turned and fled
To the words that came from angels
“He has risen from the dead.”

From the frightened eyes of Mary
As she swiftly left that place
To the light that flowed from Jesus
When she saw Him face to face.

From the doubt of His disciples
When she spoke of resurrection
To the fear upon their faces
As He walked in their direction.

From the written word of scripture
He fulfilled in prophecy
To the eleven who had gathered
On a hill in Galilee.

From the words that had been spoken
Before He went away
To His ascension into heaven
Where He lives this very day.

From the Bible on the mantel
Tis the words you need to heed
To find wisdom in its pages
And a light to sow a seed.

From the death and resurrection
Of the one we hold so dear
To the coming of His spirit
Now that Easter time is here.

From the colored eggs and candy
And an orchid trimmed in blue
To the truth found there in scripture
Christ Jesus died for you.

©Marilyn Ferguson



 In Time For Easter

In time for Easter, is there a place I can see Jesus
In time for Easter, may I smell the flowers of spring
Can I look up to Heaven and show my love for The King of Kings
In time for Easter, are the roses, ready for His throne
In time for Easter, is the sky and field, are as shown
Our Lord reaches for my hand and helps my spirit to be new
Jesus is risen, His life He gave for me too

In time for Easter, communion I will take
I will dress for Jesus, my heart I hope He takes
In time for Easter, a smile on my face
It shines because I can see The Holy Ghost
In Jesus arms, my sins will be erase
In time for Easter, I forgive thoughts who gave me pain
I want to fly to Your Kingdom
I do not want to live my life in vain

©Linda Ann Henry








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