Christ Is Risen

Christ was nailed to the Cross,
And man put Him there,
The blood droplets fell,
How He showed that He cared.

He bore stripes upon His body,
Thrusting wound in His side,
Crown of thorns piercing His head,
Oh yes, for you and me He died.

Buried in a borrowed cave,
With a stone blocking the door,
The soldiers feared the risen,
Christ was dead no more!

Oh death has no power,
Over the Son of God,
Only our sins so held Him,
As His blood soaked the sod.

His love knows no boundries,
He proved it on Calvary's Hill,
When upon the rugged Cross,
He ceded to the Father's will.

Our Lord walked upon this earth,
He was no mere mortal.
Christ has risen from the grave,
And ascended to Heaven's Portal,

Jesus waits in the heavens,
He watches over you and me,
Yes, Christ the Lord is Risen,
Through Him you and I are free!

©Gayle Davis
February 24, 2005



Blessed Easter Morning

On this blessed Easter morning
We celebrate Your great love
And Your unending compassion
Most of all Your great sacrifice

Sacrificing Your life, Jesus
So our sins would be forgiven
Giving us the promise and guarantee
Of Your Father’s great Love

So on this Easter Morning, Lord
We recognize the horrible pain and suffering
You endured for all Your great love
Of all your brothers and sisters

For we realize if it was not for Your love
Your great sacrifice and suffering
Our sins would not be forgiven
We would never see our heavenly home

Now on this blessed Easter morning
We celebrate Your great love
The promise that we will live forever
In glory in a heavenly home
With You and our heavenly Father

©Donna Kramer
Feb 25, 2005


All He Did Create

The Lord has given us so much,
To cherish in these days.
He’s given us our life and His
Forgiving, loving ways.

He’s given us the seasons so
We’ll witness each in time,
And language that we each may write,
Our thoughts that often rhyme.

And then he gave to us, the Rose
And with each one we find,
A lovely color and a scent,
So special in each kind.

But there is yet another “rose”,
A single one for all,
And in this “rose” there is a gift;
We’re saved from Adam’s fall.

T’was on the third day after death,
This “rose”, the gift he gave.
For with it we will live again,
‘Cause He “rose” from the grave.

And now at Easter, in the spring,
This “rose” we celebrate,
And worship Jesus Christ, our Lord
For all he did create.

©James O’Brien
Feb. 2005



Easter, 365

It's apple blossom time, sure and plain.
As the mocking birds are singing in the rain
the bluebirds and the martins find a home.
The squirrels and the rabbits start to roam
and the bees start to build their honeycomb.
It's Easter, but more to explain!

Christmas comes but once a year;
as does Easter, which is here;
so between these two let's not forget;
why Jesus came and why He left;
that everyday His word is kept
just to keep our conscience clear!

God brought to us His only Son
to give us strength to overcome;
and believe in Him with all our might,
which brings to us eternal life,
void of all the woe and strife
with all our battles won.

Within my mind I view the scene,
within my heart I feel the sting
of Jesus Christ all limp and pale...
upon a wooden cross is nailed
without a whimper or a wail,
will ever in my bosom...cling!

"Good Friday" was that day of pain...
when our precious Lord was slain
and laid out in a cavern tomb.
They blocked it with a granite stone,
laughed and cheered the King of Rome,
and thought the end was plain!

But little did the Romans know,
what God was holding there in stow,
a miracle that a world would come to bear;
That Jesus, braved the blood and pain,
did not die there all in vain,
did not succumb to evil's aim,
but only to arise on Sunday there.

So on this faithful Easter Day,
I bow my head and kneel to pray;
thanking God for His love and aid,
the master plan that He laid,
for sacrifices Jesus made...
with all the pain He had to bear!

©William E. Hardison



Law Was Turned To Love

It was a misty morning
His friends were on their way
To dress and view the body
That was lying in the grave.

Their hearts were very heavy
As along the path they trod,
Because they had been told
He was the son of God.

They listened to His teachings,
And saw the deeds He did.
How can it be the Son of God
Can in a grave be hid?

Who will roll away the stone
This thought was on their mind,
But when they reached the tomb,
Nobody did they find.

Was this the action of a man,
Or a force from up above?
They didn't know this was the day
That law was turned to love.

©Ralph Bolick


Love Of The Holy Father

We have our mothers,
our brothers and sisters,
our fathers.
We know that love, and we trust it.
We have a higher Father,
a Holy Father, a much more loving Father.
We remember the sacrifice of The Son,
but what of that of The Father?
Could you have done what He done?
He gave His Son,
knowing He was giving a sacrifice for His world,
a world He created,
a world that turned full of sin,
a world His Son would live in,
then die for.
Do you think you deserved that sacrifice?
Do you think you would have given your son for one of us on this earth?
Oh Jesus, I love you, I thank you,
for what You have done for me,
but it was The Father's plan
that You come and die for me.
I couldn't give my son for anyone.
I am so selfish, not worthy of Your love.
I am a sinner,
I'll never be perfect,
I'll try to walk in the path You have given me,
Oh Father.
Thank You for Your Son.
The Son You gave us that Christmas Day,
knowing there would be another Holiday,
one just as important,
as that first day.
Forgive me Father, for all of my sins,
let me walk in your ways,
In the name of Your Son Jesus, The Son You gave that day.

©Inez Z. Monroe


"It Is Finished"

With a crown of thorns on His head
He was beaten and bruised.
Jesus knew this was the plans of His Father
and that plan could never be refused.
Pilate wanted to please the crowd , he had his soldiers whip Jesus
And then hand Him over to be nailed to the cross
For each of our sins Jesus paid the cost.
Jesus was taken by Simon
To Golgotha which is called, "The place of the skull."
There they offered Him wine to drink made of gall.
Pilate wrote a notice and had it put on the cross
"Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews"
The Jewish chief priest did not want this written
Pilate said what is written stays written and this he knew.
The soldiers nailed Him to the cross and divided His clothes
Into four parts one for each .
This made the scriptures come true and even today
This is being taught and preached.
Jesus knew that everything was over and completed
He knew He would die and rise
and be seated by the right hand of the Father
All sins of the world were defeated.
"I am Thirsty" He said, as they soaked wine into a sponge and
On a branch of hyssop they lifted it to His lips
Jesus took the wine and said, "It Is Finished"
He bowed His head and died and may we always know
His love for us will never diminish.
Because He lives all fear is gone
Victory over evil was won.
Now we can say to our self,
" He lives and we can face tomorrow"
Easter morn is a day without sin and sorrow.

©Nancy Hoback



The Crown Of Thorns

I am the Crown of Thorns that was placed on His Head
That awful day He was crucified, and was to be dead,
My thorns cut His skin and gave Him much pain,
His blood dripped from His wounds again and again,
I was made to be His painful Crown you see,
I pressed into His flesh and brought Him misery,
Three days later His tomb was found empty,
He had been Resurrected and lived again you see,
His wounds were healed, He was whole again,
He lives forever now and that is great, Amen.

©Anne R. C. Neale




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