The Poet's Desk Easter Edition 2005

Page C

   The Cross

None awoke at Gethsemane.


None who'd carry the cross.

Only Loved

None to be a help meet.


None who'd stand at all cost.

For What

None to be an intercessor.

He Could

None who cared for his soul.

Do For

None by his side at all.


© by Joyce C. Lock


But God commendeth his love toward us, in that,
while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Without Easter

If there had been no Easter morn'
Then what would we have done;
If there had been no sacrifice
Of God's only begotten Son?

It makes me shutter just to think
There would be no remission of sin.
If Jesus hadn't died, or risen,
What might have happened to our souls then?

I can't imagine the extent of His pain,
As He suffered upon Calvary's tree.
But, I'm so glad He loved me enough
That He let His cup pass from me.

I'm so happy He arose from His tomb,
On that faithful first Easter morn',
And, because Jesus passed from death into life,
Our only chance for redemption was born.

© 2005 by Vickie Lambdin



The Little Child

A little child was born, deep in the night so still
His mother held and loved Him; she knew this child’s will

He did not play along the streets; He showed much higher skills
He came to teach the teacher, and later prophesy to fulfill.

He taught the scholars in the synagogues,
........and told of God's words to man
And yet with all his teaching, some were afraid and ran.

They called Him names, they said He had lied
This man called Jesus; this man has got to die!

So taken to court, yet no fault found
This man they called Jesus, to the cross he was bound

Nailed to the cross were His hands and feet
While many watched on, from the crowds in the street

They placed on His head a crown of thorns
And mocked Him gladly, yet some did mourn.

This man called Jesus, this man with no fault
Yet with His death, all man's sins were bought

They pierced His side with a sword,
........made sure he was dead that way.
The blood that was shed is the same that
......covers our sins today

But death cannot keep the Son of God,
.... “The tomb is empty”, they cried
Now they knew the truth of all,
......He went to be by His Father’s side.

© Kentucky Lady



Still He Came

Each year,
as Christmas comes around,
excitement fills the air.
We think about a stable,
and an Infant Boy born there.
We think about a Mother,
and an earthly Father, too;
But do we think of why He came,
and what He came to do?

We let ourselves get caught up
in the ribbons and the frills;
And forget about the Baby Boy
who came to do God's will.
Just think about the moment when
He left His Father's side;
Then think about your own child
and imagine how God cried.

Could you or I have kissed our child
and sent them on their way;
Knowing what their future held,
and the pain that they would face?
So, if we tell the story of Jesus
and His birth;
Then we need to tell the whole
truth about why He came to Earth.

He did not come to be a tale that
is told on Christmas day;
And then forgotten all year through
as we go our worldly way.
He, Himself, was God, the Son,
and knew how great the price;
The pain and suffering He must
endure to save all of our lives.

Do you think about His loneliness,
or the sadness that He felt;
When everyone rejected Him,
and scoffed Him as He knelt?
If you can for just a moment,
put yourself in Jesus place;
And understand that He knew
ALL the suffering He would face.

From the moment it was decided that
He would leave His Royal throne,
And come to Earth and face the
world rejected and alone;
He fully understood the task,
the heartaches He must bear;
Yet, He came so Willingly,
all our lives to spare.

Could you or I hav