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Happy Thanksgiving

There are certain times of the year
when I take the opportunity for reflection
about all those special yesterdays
Oh, how I would love to revisit them
and see all of my relatives celebrating
those precious events together again
Young people never seem to appreciate
the true value of these family gatherings
while they're experiencing them
But as time goes by, most of us see them
in an almost magical and very special light
The remembered chatter and laughter
fill my heart and soul with joy
The aromas of the feasts we shared
still cause my mouth to water
That certain twinkle in the eyes of someone
who loved you unconditionally
just because of whom you were
And, it isn't that those times are more special
than the ones we now share with others,
but that so many of our relatives and friends
are no longer with us in this world any more
I miss them so very much
and wish that I had told them
more often how I felt about them
while I had the chance to do so
Therefore, in loving remembrance
of each of those very special people,
I wish you and all of them
with my heartfelt love,
"Happy Thanksgiving!"

dennis j hopkins



I Give Thee Thanks 

For all the blazing sunsets of this year.
For all those precious children, Oh, so dear.
For small and insignificant things
And for the songs that my heart sings,

I give Thee thanks.

I give Thee thanks ...

For loved ones who forgive my failing ways.
For kindness done to me on dreary days.
For lessons learned without the awful pain.
For truth that comes with value, wisdom gained,

I give Thee thanks.

I give Thee thanks ...

For all the soldiers who are serving us.
For those who bear the blessed gospel trust.
For old acquaintances renewed.
For wonders clearly signed by You,

My Lord, I give Thee thanks.

Sweet Lord, I give Thee thanks.

by Joan Clifton Costner



It's not just the turkey and cranberry sauce
or a big pumpkin pie as the second last course
It's not just the Autumn, the leaves floating down
to a feathery grave on the now chilly ground.

Nor is it the Harvest though that is much needed,
the planning for Spring when the ground is re-seeded.
But rather it's most or all of these things
and the meanings the word "Thanksgiving" brings.

Giving thanks for good health and family too,
A warm hug and hand shakes for me and for you,
Friends, Neighbours, all smiling a welcome to stay
Last Thursday, November - this is the day. 

Let's not forget God in this little rhyme
for He is with all in the fullness of time,
A prayer to our Lord to protect us from strife,
and thanks to our Lord for the beauty of life. 

(c) Original poem by Anne N. Byam


Tis Thanksgiving

My eyes viewed
The sea of Autumn
That lay before us,
And I pondered the hearts
Of the first Pilgrims.

Surely, they must have stopped
All their busys and chatter,
Their new adventures and clatter,
To give thanks for safety
And the magnificence
Of Autumn's attire.

The crimson, golden glistening
Of the Cottonwoods and Aspens
Glow and shimmer
Their skirts of leaves
Before their last hurrah
And Winter's barren slumber.

The golds, the reds, the yellows
As diamonds;
Wave this time of year,
As beautiful then, as now.

And the harvest,
So delicious;
As the season's beauty.

Beauty all around
For all eyes to see, this majesty.
Beauty all around
As much as the sand upon the sea.
What perfect peace,
This Autumnal harmony.

And we give thanks
Upon America's banks.

2002 by Carol D. Meeks



Joy Of A Family

The joy of a family
To love you each day
Bring happiness and sunshine
With a bright sparkling ray.

Stay close together
In good times and bad
Always be happy
Never be sad.

The blessings of children
To love and enjoy
Grandchildren are special
Each girl and boy.

A house is a house
No matter where you roam
But a family makes any house
A very special home.

Ginny Bryant



Thanksgiving Praise

Lift hands and hearts in joyful praise,
Songs spring forth, to heavenward, raise.
In Thanksgiving, to God above,
The worthy One, God of love.

Lift high the banner of our King.
God redeemed us, praise His name.
Let all the earth resound in praise,
For health and added length of days.

You strengthen us when we are weak.
You give us peace, as Your face we seek.
When end of day draws ever near,
Sweet sleep You give, we need not fear.

Your angels draw close to our side.
The Holy Spirit is our guide.
Thus it is, in all we do,
We give Thanksgiving Praise to You.

2003 Marie Williams 


A Day of Thanks

In sixteen hundred nine
they sailed the ocean's brine,
in search of a new world for their own;
three-hundred, eighty-four
are the total years we score,
since the Pilgrims branded Plymouth their new home.

In sixteen-twenty, then
their new lives would begin;
but many hardships laced their life with pain.
With illness, death about,
their hearts stayed true and stout,
and braved the worst of elements that came.
They struggled hard and long
to keep their purpose strong,
and through it all, good fortune was a friend;
for they met a native tribe,
whom they could well confide,
so goals and dreams in life could then begin.
The Indians taught them how
to farm the land and plow,
with other things to guide their way;
they taught them how to tap
the maple trees for sap,
and then the colony was here to stay!

Now because of their success
through all the strain and stress,
they met to celebrate and pray;
giving thanks to God and friends,
that determination wins,
thus, born for us, a good Thanksgiving Day!

Now, just a holiday, it's not...
to lie upon some cot...
and watch a TV game, or just nod;
It's a holiday of date,
to pray and celebrate
with family, and friends in name of God;
and thank Him for His aim..
that devoted pilgrims came;
for a better life and world in which they paved;
So do not let them down,
for the freedoms that we found..
in the Thanksgiving Days... to us they gave!

William E. Hardison / copyrights recorded






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