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It sounds like music to the ears,
The word "Mother!"
She can heal the hurt and wipe away the tears,
Like no other!
When we go to her as we often must,
She is the one we can always trust!
A mother sees no harm in a daughter or son.
And she will stand by them,
"Til "all is said and done!"
She went to the "valley of the shadow,"
To give us birth!
She remains the dearest friend,
We have on earth!
Her hand has cooled many a fevered brow,
And she makes everything all right somehow!
She loves her family with all her heart!
She will stand by "her man,"
"Til death does them part!"
She knows what sacrificing is all about.
Friend, she will feed her family,
Even if she has to do without!
No love on earth is quite like a mother's love!
It's the closest to the love of God above!
A mother is often the adhesive,
That holds the family together!
She's a haven in times of stormy weather!
She will pray with her children,
At bedtime each night,
And say, "I love you,"
As she turns out the light!
Love of God and family values,
Are learned at Mother's knee,
And important questions are answered,
So patiently.
Even in our adulthood,
A mother remains a close friend!
When others "turn you down,"
On Mother you can depend!
Friend, there is no greater honor,
Than motherhood!
So, let us honor our mothers as we should.

© Robert F. Dotson

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My Beautiful Mother

I think of you my beautiful Mother,
Always my heart will miss,
I still long for us to be together,
Touch you, just give a kiss.

I still see your beautiful face Mother,
No one will look like you,
I wish I had said you were lovelier,
Than any rose with dew.

Oh I miss your very presence so much,
You held Jesus' fragrance,
So many times His aroma did touch,
Each of us with essence.

I thank the Lord you're in Glory Amen,
Yet He took you too soon.
We were not ready for you to go then,
That one sad day in June.

I'm so grateful I told you I love you,
So many times each day,
I didn't say Goodbye, I never knew,
Home meant Jesus that day.

© Sondra McPherson

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My Sweet and Lovely Mother

Oh, my sweet and loving mother
I miss you so my dear
If I could have a wish
I would have you with me here

Yet that is not to be
For God has called you home
So on this Motherís day
I will be alone

I can see your soft pretty face
And feel the touch of your hand
In my mind, I see you here
Your presence is so grand

My dear sweet mother
Your presence I do miss
I long to touch your gentle face
And give to you a hello kiss

One day I too will hear
When the Lord calls my name
I shall fly unto the Heavens
Leaving behind my earthly domain

© Gayle Davis

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What can we give you Mother,
on this your special day?
We give you love, honor, and respect,
in each and every way.

To Mothers of every kind,
and Mother's everywhere,
there is only one precise and tender love
that shines beyond compare.

Some of us were good to you,
while others went astray.
You loved us each and everyday,
when you silently sat and prayed.

Some of us were lost to you,
before we were ever born.
Some of us were given away,
while in your turbulant storm.

No matter how you look at Mother's,
they are human beings too.
Mother's are special people,
honor them in all you do.

Life is a thing of give and take,
be responsible for your part too.
Honor your dear sweet Mother,
in all the things you do.

What can we give you Mother
on this your special day?
We give you love, honor, and respect,
in each and every way!

© S. Matheson

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Memories of Mom

I lay and watch the sun fading behind
the hills, Bright red, Orange, yellow, and pink.
I think back to a place and time that was mine.
Mom is calling me it's getting dark time
to come inside, and get ready for bed.
I can hear her voice, see her sweet face.
I awake from sleep, she's not here,
a deep sadness fills my heart, I think
Mom how I miss you, I wish I could hear
your voice and see your sweet face again.

© Vickie Lynn Howard

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Cherished Love

There is Someone who's always there,
Someone who's smiles are true.
That Special Someone in your life,
Who loves and nurtures you.

She is the one that gave me life,
Through birth She had such pain.
And love's me with such Cherished Love,
She'd do it all again.

She's the one who held me close,
And kissed away my tears.
She helped me through my hardest days,
And quieted my fears.

Of course, that someone is
You, Mom.
I honor you each day.
And thank you for your sacrifice
As I kneel down to pray.

You, Mom,
Are the greatest gift,
A blessing from above.
And I will always give thanks for . . .
My Awesome Mother's Love.

© James O'Brien

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If I Could Tell Mother

The words to say I now have found
To say to one I love
For in her tender care I lay
As God looked from above.

The things she prayed for me in life
I surely now have found
For the paths I had chosen before
On a different road I'm bound

The peace she always wanted for me
Now lies within my heart
The joy she gave had led me on
To each place I would start.

She pointed me into a light
Where God's love could be found
To hear her voice so I can say
Thank you for your love so sound.

And yet a time I shall find
Still from my heart I do
Before she rests in her Father's arms
I will tell mother, thank you.

© Ronnie Leviner

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Oh, How I Love You

My childhood memories are
Not the usual fare
My mother was usually absent
Didn't seem much to care

She worked all the time
For the things we had
I didn't always understand her absence
And often felt sad

As the years went by
We grew more and more apart
Mom had some problems
That tore at my heart

And so for many years
We went our separate ways
Mother's Day was a reminder
of sad bygone days.

Picking out a card
Was nearly impossible to do
It had to say very little ...
A simple "Happy Mother's Day to you."

Last year when Mom got sick
I asked God for help each day
To somehow let me love her
As He prepared her way.

And so it was as she lay dying
That I was able at long last
To ask her to forgive me
And ... God wiped away the past!

This first Mother's Day without her
With all my heart I'd like to
Be able to finally buy her that card
That says, "Mother -- oh, how I love you."

© Susan Bromen

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Our Mother's Love

Mother's are special, with their own gentle ways;
Full of love and devotion, guidance and praise -

Understanding and patient, loving and kind,
Always forgiving, time after time.

No matter how often we stumble and fall,
Mother's are there at our beckoned call.

She lifts up our spirits, and smiles with a nod.
She taught us to follow, in the footsteps of God
She cooks all of our meals and washes our clothes,
Dries the tears from our eyes and swipes at our nose.

She's a waitress, a nurse, your teacher and friend.
Even, as we grow older, her love never ends.

Mother's are gifts, sent from God up above.
Next to Him, there's none greater, than

Our sweet mother's love.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Mother's Hands

Hands that rocked the cradle
From the moment of my birth,
Their tender touch remembered
By those still on this earth.

Soft as silk those hands
That taught me how to pray,
Banishing childhood fears;
They soothed each one away.

When I grew much older
And troubles came my way
, Those hands caressing mine
Did more than words could say.

Mother's hands were gentle,
They're missed so very much,
I'd give the world to feel once more
Their warm and tender touch.

Those hands were full of comfort
Now they lie at rest,
But memory holds them close
To the ones they served the best.

© Marian Jones

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A Virtuous Woman

Who can find a virtuous woman?
Above rubies is her price.
Her husband doth truly trust in her.
No need he'll have spoil, she is wise.

She will rise up while it is yet night,
Fill her lamps with oil, enough to do.
She seeks wool and flax,
Works with her hands to help him, too.
She is likened to the merchants' ship,
Bringing food from afar.
She rises while it's night, still,
Giving food to her household, none to bar.

She buys a field and a vineyard.
She plants, with her own hand,
A bountiful blessing to her husband.
Her candle goes not out in the land.

She girds her loins
And sees her merchandise is good.
Her hand doth lay upon the spindle.
The distaff in her hand she doth display.

Reaching out her hand to the poor,
Which are in dire need,
Strength and honor are her clothing;
She hath planted good seed.

In time to come, she shall rejoice.
I know she hath pleased her Lord well.
She looks well to the needs of her household.
I know, with God she will dwell.

Her husband praises her.
Her children rise up and call her blest.
She looks to the needs of her household.
I know, her Lord will give her rest.

Many daughters have done virtuously.
But, she exceeds them all.
Favor is deceitful. She is not vain.
Upon her Lord doth she call.

There, in the pearled realms of Heaven,
I know, for her He awaits
To give her fruits of her hands and
Her own works doth praise her, at the gates.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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This Mother of Mine

In all the world of mothers,
There's none that's quite like mine.
For, no one is more understanding,
Or could be so good and kind.

I've seen the day I thought her mean.
I use to think she'd never know
How I was always the only one
Who had to tell her where we'd go.

She made me eat and made me wash.
I had to be in bed by nine.
I had to be polite to others.
How mean she was, this mother of mine.

It didn't matter. I still loved her.
But, to this day, I love her more.
For now, I'm the meanest mother
And I can appreciate her more.

© Claytia Doran

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