My Darling Mother 

Mother’s day will soon be here, 
Children will celebrate motherly love, 
Yet I stand in the shadows of loneliness, 
You have departed to the Heavens above.

I still love you my lovely mother,
It does not wan over the years, 
I wish I could hear your voice, 
It could calm the greatest fears. 

The softness of your fair skin, 
Was like unto an angel’s wings, 
Now you stand in Heaven’s choir, 
As praises to God you joyfully sing. 

I miss you my precious mother, 
Yet one day we will together be, 
I will see you in the Heavens, 
I’ll follow the path you set for me. 

©Gayle Davis


Mother's Jewels

Some women take great pride in the jewels they wear,
They want to show the world that they have wealth.
My mother never wore diamonds or pearls anywhere,
She polished us up and tried to keep us in good health.

I look at photos of her when she was young and I know,
That she would have been so beautiful in colorful gems.
I just didn't understand until now that jewels are just for show,
She looked so plain standing by the sink singing hymns.

As the years have passed and age has taken hold,
I see that her precious jewels were beyond compare.
We were the gems that couldn't be bought or sold,
We meant more than rings or fancy combs for her hair.

She never saw the flaws and imperfections in her stones,
She held us out proudly for all the world to see.
She stood beside of us to let us know we weren't alone,
I hope that I'm the diamond she always envisioned me to be.

My mother never wore strings of pearls to match her dress,
A solid gold band was the only ring I saw her touch.
Now that she is lost in her own world I must confess,
I finally understand how she could love us so much.

For my own children are just diamonds in the rough,
I stand by them and catch my breath when they try to fly.
There have been times when loving them was tough,
My mother did the same thing and now I know why.

Her diamonds and pearls where four girls and a boy,
She handled each one of us so very tenderly.
We brought her pain but we also brought her joy,
And I'm so glad that she saw a precious jewel in me.

©Dianna Doles Petry
Proud founder of:
Women With A Unique Soul


Two Mothers Alike

I had a mother,
So sweet and fair.
I still can remember,
Her soft brown hair.

It was long ago,
But not forgotten,
For it was of her flesh,
That I was begotten.

I loved her so,
But our Lord did to,
So we gave her to Him,
With our eyes filled with dew.

She now is in Heaven,
In a place that was made,
For only our mothers,
Whose love never fades.

I now have another,
That loves me the same.
I also call her mother,
For God gave her that name.

I love her as much,
If not any more.
She's a warmth to my heart,
And holds the key to it's door.

Words cannot express,
The charm that she holds.
She's just like all mothers,
That come from God's mold.


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Victorian Lace on Mother’s Day

Let’s take a journey back in time
To centuries long ago
When everything was beautiful
And gentle streams did flow.

Where happy children graced the halls
In mansions on a hill
Where charm and grace did set the pace
In memories, lingering still.

A time when ladies met for tea
At tables set for two
Southern Belles with things to tell
In misty morning hue. 

Corsets here and bustles there
Such lovely flowing dresses
A touch of eloquence was found
Beneath those lovely tresses.

All dressed up in fringe and lace
With gowns of flowing white
They held their children close to them
And tucked them in at night.

With locks of hair pulled up in buns
And topped with pretty bonnet
The legend that was left behind
Sounds nearly like a sonnet.

The century now has turned the tide
They since have gone away
And other mothers fill the earth
To brighten Mother’s Day.

Through the passing years in time
One thing will stay the same
The precious name of mother
Her love will always remain.

For all the ladies gone before
I pray for heaven’s grace 
To all the mothers here today
I wish you frills and lace.

The End

©Marilyn Ferguson 



For Mama, My Who

Who's always been there when I'd call
Who's picked me up each time I'd fall
Who's held my hand when I was scared
When I did right who's always cheered
Who hurts with me and shares my tears
Who takes part in my happiness
as well as my fears
Who has the shoulder that I can lean on
Who's got the smile that outshines the sun
Who loves me just with a love so true
Mama you know that you're my Who.

©Kathy Lynne Gatlin


For My Mother

I had this day made just for you
To enjoy as only you should
I'd give you one every day of the year
If only dear mother I could.

You have always thought of others
Neglecting yourself all the time
You are always close by when I need you
So precious, so loving and kind.

You gave me the life that I cherish today
Raised me to be who I am
Is it any wonder dearest Mother
I'd do anything for you that I can.

I'd like to give you the World Mom
Since I can't I ask God above
To guide you and watch over you
And bestow on you his love

©Ginny Bryant



Another World to Sing In

In an old Country kitchen, my mother, would quite often sing.
As she carried from stove to table, the food, she had to bring.
She’d sing as she sat a-sewing, the clothes we had to wear.
She’d sing songs of blessings, oh Savior, sure n keep our care.
She’d hum, down the cotton row, ‘Til she reached the very end,
Then turn and a-coming back, she’d start a-singing again.
She sang the songs of glory, unto our Lord above . . .
Reaching far down into her heart ~ giving, to Him, her love.
Mama would hug and kiss us, telling of another world to be,
Of a Savior called Jesus, whom she prayed, we’d one day see.
Oh Glory, she sang in tenor, my Lord will soon come for me,
But theres another world to sing in ~ with Angels, you'll see.
She’d ride in a wagon, to Church on a Sunday, in a choir to sing.
And, she’d Pray oh Savior, sweet blessings, please bring.
I’d hear her at the old rub board, a-singing once again . . .
I’d ask her why and she said, glorify Jesus, and avoid all sin.
She was my little Mother, and a hard life she did see,
But she told us to keep the hope of yonder, way beyond the sea.
Said Theres more than one world, to sing in, sure n ‘Tis true.
And I'll be a waitin’ there with Jesus, to gladly welcome, all of you.
She’s there now, a singing, in her tenor voice, so sweet and clear.
We all miss her so much; sometimes we think we hear . . .
Her voice as she sits a-sewing, sweet melodies of her soft love,
So, there really must be, another world to sing in, up there above.

Dedicated to Julie Mullins Duncan and Claudia Williams Walker, 

The two best mothers I ever knew.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


A Mother's Love

A mother's love is there for you,
She prays for you both night and day.
Unselfishly she sacrifices,
To help her child along the way.

Because of this she pays a price,
She put her wants and needs aside.
She always wants what's best for you,
It always fills her heart with pride.

A mother's love is never ending, ...
A mother's love won't let you down.
And even if God calls her home, ...
In your heart, ... She will always be around!

©Verna R. Clay




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