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Mamma's Hands

When I was small, with fevered brow ...
Well, days were different then.
Mamma came, throughout the night,
With medicine to give.

She brought a cloth and washed my face.
Her bedside style was grand.
And, oh, the comfort brought to me,
When Mamma washed my hands!

Throughout my life, I've valued her,
Those ways of peace and love;
Her constant help, unfailing faith
In that One up above.

When I would fear, or fail, or fall
Her words were straight and real.
And when in darkest night I groped,
'Twas Mamma's hand I'd feel.

She taught me, well, to stand beside
The children born to me
And keep my hand within their reach,
What e'er their need might be.

Her steps, these years, are faltering.
Lord, help me, as I stand,
To have a warm, sweet, patient touch,
As I hold Mamma's hand.

© Joan Clifton Costner



My Mama

I still remember always, of long ago,
When I lived in a little girls world , so slow
My mama and I were together so much
And we always planted her garden with a tender touch.

In my mind I will always see her beautiful face,
And her special smile, from my heart I can never erase.
To hear her sweet voice sing was like an medowlarks song,
That memory in my mind will always be very strong.

Mothers Day was always a special time,
Her smiles and laughter , like bells that chime.
No matter how hard the times would be
I somehow managed a present from me

She filled my life then with her love,
She was my gift from heaven above.
She was there always for me, as I grew
Although the future we never knew

It seems to me like only yesterday,
When The Creator took her away.
Though she has comes to me in my dreams,
With a love that never ends it seems.

So as another Mothers Day soon will be here
My memories of Mama I still hold so dear
As I now continue on this journey of mine
I shall love and remember always this Mama of mine.

I always will love you , Mama...from your little Annie

©Annie 4/15/05


Two Mothers Alike

I had a mother,
So sweet and fair.
I still can remember,
Her soft brown hair.

It was long ago,
But not forgotten,
For it was of her flesh,
That I was begotten.

I loved her so,
But our Lord did to,
So we gave her to Him,
With our eyes filled with dew.

She now is in Heaven,
In a place that was made,
For only our mothers,
Whose love never fades.

I now have another,
That loves me the same.
I also call her mother,
For God gave her that name.

I love her as much,
If not any more.
She's a warmth to my heart,
And holds the key to it's door.

Words can not express,
The charm that she holds.
She's just like all mothers,
That come from God's mold.




Mother's Day Blessings

I try to show you every day
How much you mean to me
Be there for you in time of need
As you are there for me.

I honor you dear Mother
On this your special day
And pray the Lord watch over you
In his kind and loving way.

I want to tell you now Mom
How dear you'll always be
Not only a precious Mother
But a special friend to me.

Good health, much love and happiness
Is what I wish for you
I love you dearest Mother
May God always bless you too.

©Ginny Bryant



Happy Mother's Day Mama

Mama, I am writing you in care of our Savior
I know you have peace now, nothing to waver.
I miss you my Mother that knew me well
O, the stories of you, to our children I tell.I know you are in Heaven now, loving still

All of us forever, it being the Father’s will
We will treasure your sweet memory forever
Your principles in life we will not sever...
You taught us Mama; you loved us all
Never a harsh word, do I e'er recall...
We go on without you now, sweet mother,
We shall never forget you said, love one another.

Someday there on Heavens’ shore
We'll meet, and be with you forevermore.
Hug my Dad too Mama. Tell him we miss,
The times you both were here, in tender bliss.
When it’s our time; we will come to you And be there with our sweet Savior too.
Nevermore to roam in the world of life,
But have the Heavenly love and never strife.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


Mother’s Day

Once there was a Mother,
Spent days doing other’s chores.
Washing walls and windows,
Scrubbing many floors.

She also had five children,
Of her very own.
But their Father he had left her,
Now so all alone.

So very little money,
And work so very tough.
She tried hard to be frugal,
But never had enough.

The children were all growing,
They seemed so much to need.
But although her mind was willing,
Her body had no speed.

Till one year when it came around,
The time all mothers say.
Today I’m going to rest myself,
For it is Mother’s Day.

So on that day she just lay in,
And rest her weary head.
She knew she should get up and work,
But remained at rest instead.

Her children had been very nice,
They’d gone to so much trouble.
Even brought her breakfast,
Though was just a few rice bubbles.

As she lay there thinking,
Her home came to her mind.
So much to do around it,
But never enough time.

Then her children oh so silent,
In the bedroom did appear.
Stood around the bed together,
And just said, “Mother dear”.

She left her thoughts behind her,
As she saw the children smile.
She suddenly began to feel,
The battle was worthwhile.

They looked at her so nicely,
Said with voices oh so true.
We’ve scrimped and saved all year together,
To get something just for you.

She scarcely could believe it,
A gift for her today.
It would make it somehow better,
This special Mother’s Day.

She took a large box from them,
It was simply with string tied.
The children said they hoped she’d like,
The gift they’d placed inside.

She untied the box so carefully,
But on looking, let it drop.
For the special gift she saw inside,
Was a bucket and a mop.

Although she should be grateful,
She also felt some anger burst.
Her home sure needed cleaning,
But this reminder was the worst.

Would they be so cruel to just remind her,
In such a direct way.
That she had her home neglected.
But then, what could she say.

She felt the tears begin welling,
Deep within her eyes.
Then couldn’t just restrain them,
So she began to cry.

The children simply stood there,
Saw her crying such.
Said, “Dear Mother, we are sorry,
We know it isn’t much.”

But Mother please just listen,
That gift is only part.
For in a few short moments,
The house cleaning we will start.

We want to show you somehow,
That we do indeed love you.
We not only got the bucket,
We are going to use it too.

We want you to have a restful day,
Take a book down from the shelf.
Relax and perhaps just read a while,
While we clean the house ourselves.

We hope that it will show you,
How much we really care.
And from this day ever onward,
The chores we will all share.

The Mother just kept crying,
But no longer tears of pain.
But now the tears were joyful ones,
She just let them flow like rain.

How could she so have doubted,
Or become even a little stressed.
At her children’s best intentions,
Were to simply have her rest.

So as she lay there thinking,
To God above she’d pray.
The children kept their promise,
Made this a special…..Mother’s Day.

©Dark Blue Knight
July 1999
All Rights Reserved



My Mother

A woman so small, but full of love
Doing for others, whatever the cause
Never to complain, no tasks to great
Just doing your best, whatever it would take
As children, we never realized the sacrifices you made.
Doing without, so we could have some things
The long hours you spend, each and every day
Caring for us, in your own special way
You tried to tell us, what was right from wrong
Making decision in life, was important to know
Then when something happened, some trouble began
We thought and said, ''you just don't understand''
Children think parents are mean and old- fashion
But your love, Mother was a natural affection
Now that we're older, with children of our own
We know the feelings, to love, to belong
We can't redo, the wrongs we'd done
But to say I;m sorry, is first in my mind
And to let you know Mother, I love you more
each and every day
From a daughter, to her Mother
Her everlasting love.

©Marty Ford


A Mother's Love

A mother's love is a precious gift
To be treasured along life's highway
For the wonderful love they give
Will be taken from you someday.

Many times all the things a mother does
Are not realized until we are grown.
Her love is the purest form of all -
To be treasured like a precious stone.

She cooled your fevered brows.
Tucked your covers around you tight
After she sang you softly to sleep
Before she turned out the light.

She has given you comfort
Erased away your hurt and pain
As she gently wiped away your tears
That fell on your face like rain.

A mother's love gives encouragement
When you are feeling down
As she encircles you in her arms
You can feel her love abound.

A mother's love is always there
To help you down life's road -
Reassuring you - always protecting
Helping to lighten your load.

So let her know how much you love her.
Please do not hesitate.
She won't always be there for you
So tell her before it's too late.

Or you might wake up someday
To find that she is gone
Thinking of what you should have said
And the things you should have done.

©2003Carol Barton











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