The Poet's Desk Mother's Day Edition 2005

Page B

I Remember Mama

Folks could see in Mama's face as she sang "Amazing Grace"...
when she led the congregation in this song;
a look of sweet content and the joy that she sent,
for her love for God and church was very strong.

It became her favorite hymn for it brought her peace within,
but there were others that she loved;
like.. "What A Day That Will Be", "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"...
and "I'll Fly Away" & "On The Wings Of A Dove".

The singing "made her day", but her best love was to pray
and listen to the preachers at the stand;
then came the fond embracing of the entire congregation,
and if that didn't move you... nothing can!

As a stalwart of the Lord for whom she so adored,
she practiced what was preached also at home;
with a solid firm belief as was "set in pure concrete"...
but sweet as a block of honeycomb.

She lived when times were rough, to "make ends meet" were tough,
but had the strength to do what e're it took;
to feed ten folks at home by the source of "veggies" grown,
and my, oh my, how my Mom could cook!

We then lived off the land, and yet it all seemed so grand,,,
as my thoughts go back to early days of old.
She was always by our side and always there to guide
when illness in the family would unfold.

And Mom could really sew just like a tailor pro,
and made up many family clothes;
and mid all the toil that came, she never once complained,
and how she did it.... God only knows!

At the age of ninety-three, Mama's time had come to leave,
and the Lord claimed an angel for His own.
And I often heard her say: " I'm longing for the day,
when God will work His will and take me home."

So in 1987 my Mother went to heaven,
And there's never any doubt she earned her way.
For she's in God's warm embrace, with her soft contented face,
which I long to see again some sweet day!

©William E. Hardison



If I Could Tell Mother

The words to say I now have found
To say to one I love
For in her tender care I lay
As God looked from above.

The things she prayed for me in life
I surely now have found
For the paths I had chosen before
On a different road I'm bound

The peace she always wanted for me
Now lies within my heart
The joy she gave had led me on
To each place I would start.

She pointed me into a light
Where God's love could be found
To hear her voice so I can say
Thank you for your love so sound.

And yet a time I shall find
Still from my heart I do
Before she rests in her Father's arms
I will tell mother, thank you.

©Ronnie Leviner2000


Mothers Are A Special Breed

Mothers are a special breed,
there is no two alike.
She calms her little children's fears
in the middle of the night.

As they grow through the years,
she sends them off to school.
Then she finds out all at once
she doesn't know what to do.

Before she knows it, off they go
to high school to graduate.
She wants her baby back again,
but she knows it's way to late.

College bound and off they go,
she finds an empty nest.
Now things won't ever be the same.
She knows how she was always blessed.

Then one day the grandchildren come.
In their Grandmas arms they rest.
Another chance at nurturing,
for it's what Mother's do the best.

But now us kids are older mom.
So much we've learned from you.
Bless you mom for all you are,
and for this life you brought us through.

Mothers Day was invented
oh sweet Mother's, just for you.
It's your special day of honor,
made just to say thanks for all you do!

©Sally Matheson