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The Stars We See

Each star is just a point of light
That dots the evening sky,
And often they are overlooked
Although I donít know why.

Each star is special and unique
In color and in size,
And when we take a closer look
We might just realize.

Our Moms are like the stars we see,
Each special in their ways.
They nurture and protect us all
Throughout their golden days.

And so Iíve come to love them all
Like stars that fill the night,
For they are each so beautiful,
And each a pure delight.

©James OíBrien



My Mother, My Gem

My Mother, my gem, what beauty she holds.
Her worth is far greater than rubies or gold.
She was created by God and sent from above,
And the first gem she gives me is the gemstone of LOVE.

A love unconditional; she loves at all times.
Her love never fails me; For, you see, it's sublime.
The second gem she gives me is GUIDANCE each day,
As she follows the Lord and shows me the way.

He gave her the knowledge, through His Holy Birth,
To pass on to me ~ for survival on earth.
But, the ultimate goal, at the end of her miles,
Is to hear her God say, ''Well done, my child.''

Then came the third gem, God gave with no price.
And, with His great wisdom came the gem of SACRIFICE.
A Mother who's true to God's Holy Word
Will lay down her life and not a sigh will be heard.

She will give all she owns and never ask why,
To keep safe those God loaned her from heaven on high.
Next comes the fourth gem and she will walk through the fire
To give all that is needed to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE.

Whatever my task or the choices I make,
She'll help me get through with fewer mistakes.
She fears the Lord and, for this, she is praised
And her faith will be rewarded at the end of her days.

Then comes the fifth gem of COURAGE, not fear.
She teaches me to listen, just so I may hear.
I have Satan to battle, every minute of each day.
But, God is the answer, if I'll follow His way.

She is always there, be it day or night,
To build up my courage and teach me what's right.
Many women do noble things. But, she surpasses them all
When, as a Mother, she listens and responds to God's call.

Last, but not least, is the gemstone of PRAYER.
She spends hours on her knees to keep me safe in His care.
She teaches me, daily, that life's trials can be long.
But, if I'll have faith, God will help me be strong.

She can be soft and tender, but tough when it's time.
For, she loves me, unselfishly, and her love is entwined
Around the heart of God, and then back to me.
For, she gives me her love, unconditionally.

She is my Mother, my Gemstone,
so precious and rare
And I'm so Thankful
God placed me safe in her care.

© 2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey



Who can find a virtuous woman?
For her worth is far above Rubies.
The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
so she will have no lack of gain.
Proverbs 31:10

Her Children rise up and call her Blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her:
''Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.''
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman
who fears the Lord, shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:28-30

Written and dedicated to the Mothers and Daughters Bethel Baptist Church.
Our Theme for the Luncheon was 'My Mother, My Gem'.

My Mothers Love.

My Mothers Love is Special
I knew it from the start,
From the moment I was born,
She gave to Me her heart.

My Mothers Love is different.
For no other could compare,
To the love that lives within us,
Fond memories we now share.

My Mothers love is giving.
It seldom ever takes.
Knowing exactly what I need,
And how to mend my mistakes.

My Mothers love is kind.
It does all that it can
Ensuring that I find my way,
And praying I'll understand.

My Mothers love is strong.
It carries more than it share.
Wiping tears and easing the pain,
No burden it can't bare.

My Mothers love is never ending
With me where ever I may roam.
It's made a place I love to go,
She made for me a home.

My Mothers love is a treasure.
Very dear unto my heart.
Her love's the brightest Jewel,
From which I'll never part.

My Mothers Love Is an Honor.
Most respected here today.
Thank you for all you are,
Have a Happy Mothers Day!

©Angee Morales


Victorian Lace on Motherís Day

Letís take a journey back in time
To centuries long ago
When everything was beautiful
And gentle streams did flow.

Where happy children graced the halls
In mansions on a hill
Where charm and grace did set the pace
In memories, lingering still.

A time when ladies met for tea
At tables set for two
Southern Belles with things to tell
In misty morning hue.

Corsets here and bustles there
Such lovely flowing dresses
A touch of eloquence was found
Beneath those lovely tresses.

All dressed up in fringe and lace
With gowns of flowing white
They held their children close to them
And tucked them in at night.

With locks of hair pulled up in buns
And topped with pretty bonnet
The legend that was left behind
Sounds nearly like a sonnet.

The century now has turned the tide
They since have gone away
And other mothers fill the earth
To brighten Motherís Day.

Through the passing years in time
One thing will stay the same
The precious name of mother
Her love will always remain.

For all the ladies gone before
I pray for heavenís grace
To all the mothers here today
I wish you frills and lace.

©2003 Marilyn Ferguson


Mother's Day Blessings

Mother's are special;
With their own brand of love,
Filled with warmth and compassion,
From our Father above.

They can tell when you're happy;
They can sense when you're sad.
But they're always there for us,
Through the good times and bad.

Their lips fill with praise;
Because you've made them so proud.
When your report says all A's,
And you stand out from the crowd.

Mother's are nurses, and teachers, and such;
They'll do anything for you, because they love you so much.
And you'll never find a more loyal friend,
Than your mother or mine, because, "They're a God send."

We know Mother's are special;
So we'd all like to say,
"This love wish brings blessings,
On your Special Day."

Happy Mother's Day!
To all mother's everywhere!

© 2005 by Vickie Lambdin

Poetry by Vickie Lambdin Treasured Thoughts
Vickie is a Heavenly Inspirations Author
This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

Mama, I Love You

Mama, I love you, no matter the day
If only I could see you
I care for you in so many ways
Your love gave me birthdays
Do you remember when I was born
Your loving heart cried all day long

Mama, can I sit on your knee
I know I am too far, but you I still see
I love my brothers and sisters too
You gave me life, I will love you always
I am sorry, together we could not stay
Mama I would like to sing you a song
Because no matter what happened
Life goes on

I say a prayer for Jesus' Mother
She saw the nails in Jesus hands
She took Him down from the cross
I know she understands

Mama, Mary was a mother, just like you
She gave birth in a manger, that much is true
She gave her son to God
She felt sadness and cried as you
Mama, I do not want you to be blue

I kiss your face from far away
Someday we will meet
I will know where you are
My birthdays are your gift to me
You chose to give me life, so I can be

©Linda Ann Henry



A Thought for Mother's Day

Who do you carry in your heart
whether your far or near
Who do you love so deeply
Who is precious and so dear

Who wipes away the teardrops
Who changes a frown to a smile
Who holds your hand when needed
and always goes that mile

Thereís someone so devoted
To all you achieve and do
Someone forever watchful
Whoíll see that you get through

Nowís the time to honor her
With heartfelt words - we say
''Our love is yours forever

©Mr. Doug


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