The Poet's Desk Mother's Edition 2005

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You're The One

You're the one that carried me,
Expanding to give me room to grow,
You're the one that gave birth to me,
A proud mama her little girl did show.

You're the one that sat with me,
When teething and sickness kept me awake,
You're the one that held me close,
Day and night without much of a break.

You're the one that sewed into the darkness,
Making clothes for me to wear,
You're the one that taught me right from wrong,
Stressing that you really did care.

You're the one that worried when I was late,
Arriving home from a date,
You're the one with the watchful eye,
The one that was always in wait.

You're the one that I miss so much,
God has taken you to your heavenly home,
You're the one that instilled in me,
God's love so I won't ever be alone.

You're the one I call Mother,
The one that was so treasured,
You're the one that I think of often,
With a love given in mounds unmeasured.

©Gayle Davis
April 15, 2005



Our Desired Rose

Pure sweetness for her children,
Yes Mother’s our desired rose,
Such beauty is God-given,
For her love ne’er leaves nor goes.

The love of God in her heart,
Is as a lustrous light shone,
Still gently lighting o’er us,
With sweet fragrances our own.

Our lives will ne’er be the same,
Without her touch and bright smile,
Our desired rose so gentle,
Has been with God quite a while.

A Happy Birthday Mother,
It’s that day again for you,
We love and miss you so much,
A Happy Mother’s Day too.

We still see you everywhere,
Your familiar scent is here,
God's roses that seem to glow,
Hold your presence ever near.

We sense you with us Mother,
God’s way of being gracious,
Your love and beauty flows sweet,
Our desired rose so precious.

©Sondra McPherson
April 16, 2005



Grandmother's Home

It was late afternoon when I went there the last time.
I sat in her chair and stared at the room in silence.
With my hands propping my chin up as I looked around,
I stared at my shoes and waited for her to call my name.

Soon the old house would be gone to me forever,
Yet, I had a feeling that I wasn't alone there that day.
I looked at the rose petaled wallpaper in the front room,
Once again, I was a child asking her questions in the kitchen.

I closed my eyes and I could almost smell fried onions,
I could almost hear her rattling pots and pans again.
She always grabbed her apron on the way to stove,
She didn't have time after church to change her clothes.

Her soul lived on in that old silent house that she had loved.
How many times had she ''twigged'' her hair up in that room?
How many babies had been born there to her and her daughters?
How could life go on unchanged without her presence here?

It was late afternoon when I went there the last time.
Sisters were deciding who would get the faded china,
Who would claim the knick-knacks collected through the years.
I wanted to be left alone with her thoughts and my tears.

This was her home, now it stood as an old weathered house,
Where the floorboards ached with eerie silence,
Where familiar smells mingled with the musty scent of emptiness,
Where she was always sitting there with a ready smile for me.

Dianna Doles Petry



Reflection Of Mother

Today I looked in the mirror,
Curious as to what I would see.
I expected to see my reflection,
Staring back at me.

But as I looked, I saw something more,
In the face that was there.
I saw the reflection of my mother,
A woman filled with care.

Each year is another year closer,
To looking like my Mother.
I see her in my reflection,
In one way or another.

May I not only look like her,
But, reflect her heart as well.
For it's full of love and kindness,
God's goodness in a nutshell.

Another year closer to looking like mom.
That only makes me glad.
For I love my beautiful Mother,
She's the best reflection I've had.

© 2005 Claytia Doran


What is a Mother may I ask.??

With genuine simplicity she filled that task.
She gives you hope and guides you in the right direction.
My Mother had four children and with her loving ways we never felt rejection.
Her love and tender touch was given freely and we were never put on hold.
Her life wasn't full of diamonds or her path paved in gold.
Plain and simple some might say.?
Her inner beauty will be something to cherish forever and a day.
A mother is a gift that comes from up above.
Sent by Jesus to give her siblings unconditional love.
A sweet scented flower that blooms in early spring
On her you could rely and always cling.
Her family came first and to her they were number one She treated them all the same.
Although her goal was never to seek fortune and fame.
What is a Mother may I ask.?
With her unconditional love she completed that task.~~

Nancy Hoback 2005


My Mother

Her graciousness and warmth
That come right from the heart
To all she met
This gift she did impart

That morning cuppa
With scones and little chat
For many folks was a haven
To talk over this and that

With all her years of living
Upon the good Lord’s earth
Her experience out
Showed the world her worth

Her cottage door always open
With a heart of love inside
This special lady is like no other

©Joan Carroll








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