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As I Pray

As morning comes to bring the day,
This new day just for me.
I pray today I'll do my best
To be all I can be.

With knees that bend in humble prayer,
I thank Him for His love.
And ask Him in my needful way,
For blessings from above.

Then armed I am to meet the day
I have his loving shield.
Protected from the Devil's darts,
The sword of truth I wield.

I know I'll likely make mistakes,
While traveling on my way.
That's why repentance will conclude,
the ending of each day.

© James O'Brien

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I'll Try

I have no fancy words, Lord,
No streaming violins;
Only heartfelt love and gratitude,
From somewhere deep within.

You know that I'm not perfect, Lord.
I get discouraged and afraid.
But I'll try hard to do your will,
For the sacrifice you've made.

I'll try hard each day, to let someone know
That you can save their broken soul.
I'll say the words as best I can
And try to touch the hearts of man.

If I should fall while at this task,
Lord, pick me up. That's all I ask.
Guide me through another day.
Help some lost soul to find their way.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Congradulation Ministers

The gospel is the Word of God,
that's placed in a minister's heart,
In every message that he preaches,
there is a soul he needs to reach.

When he stands and does his best,
someone will put him through a test.
After all, it is the truth that keeps us
conscious of the wrong we do.

Hold on strong, when things seem wrong.
The strength in you keeps members strong.
You're not in this fight alone.
God in heaven, sits on His throne.

Feed His sheep until they get home.
When we finish this old race
and we cross the golden gate,
There we'll see our Saviour's face.

© Betty Bolton


Wherever I roam...

Thoughts of you always,
No matter where I roam,
I always think of you,
Whenever away from home.

Though many things bewilder me,
Whenever I am gone,
I know you still love me,
We have that forever bond.

I have never strayed,
Not once in my life,
I'm a dedicated husband,
Married only to my wife.

I am surrounded by beauty,
Wherever I may roam,
Not only on the outside,
But especially at home...

Dedicated to my wife......

© Bob Macchia

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It Might Take
A Bucket Of Tears

You think your tears are hidden
But your Guardian Angel is near
Sent straight down from Heaven
To collect each and every tear

Your Angel will watch over you
No matter how long it takes
And will always be there
When you're sleeping or awake.

It might take a bucket of tears
To wash your heartbreak away
But your Angel will catch them all
Because your Angel is here to stay.

One day when you can smile again
Your angel will be smiling too
Knowing God is watching and happy
One of his Angels was there beside you.

© Ralph L. Clark

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When You Have Tears

When you have tears
burning deep in your soul
you must let them out
so you can heal and be whole.
You must simply allow yourself to cry
just don't be scared , you can do it, try!
You have to let go,
yes I know that it's scary
but I am here to help you carry.
You won't get better unless you let go
of all the sorrow that tortures you so.
Unlock your inner doors, feel the relief
when someone steps in to share your grief.

© Marianne


The Fire Place

A warmer place I'd never found
In all my days of life
No matter where I would find myself
It carved peace as a knife.

To give its goodness piece by piece
Just when I would need
A slice of peace within my heart
The fireplace my soul would feed.

It never seemed to fade away
It's flame burning always bright
The warmth I felt within my heart
The darkest of the night.

I thank my God who sent the flame
That lit the old fireplace
And bring such a warmth to man
A warmth we can embrace.

The flame will glow for times untold
With words easily understood
To know that the flame of life
Was brought by Jesus' blood.

© Ronnie Leviner


You're Precious
In His Eyes

Trust God today he's still in charge,
Your life is safe with him.
To him your path ahead is bright,
Although to you it's dim.

Just place your trust in him each day,
Each second and each hour.
Though you are weak and have no strength,
He is a God of power

He'll lead you and he'll strengthen you,
And he'll stay by your side.
Let him be your everything
And in his peace abide.

There's nothing in your life, my friend,
That takes God by surprise.
He's in control and he loves you--
You're precious in his eyes.

© Bob Hefner



Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Beyond the Veil" from his Serenity Collection



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