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Joy In Jesus

Constant praises and admiration
Holiness and Love
Pureness and joy unquestionable
When sent by God above.

Keep your eyes upon Jesus,
The Son of the Living God.
Shed no tears of sorrow,
As He rules with a golden rod.

The children of the world are blind,
They see through eyes that are scaled,
But his Chosen children can see all things,
Through eyes that are dear and unveiled.

The glory of heaven is ever so near,
Streets paved with gold and beauty so pure.
Jesus is returning to gather His Bride,
And only those born-again, are going for sure.

Have faith in the Father and in His Son,
There is no other way to the Heavenly Throne.
Be prepared, be patient, sober and waiting.
Our precious King is coming to take us Home.

© Betty Young


Someone Watches

Someone watches over me;
Someone sweet and dear.
Sometimes He seems so far away,
And yet so very near.

When my soul is weary
From the beaten paths I've trod,
He whispers (oh, so gently),
"Be still. For, I Am God."

© Vickie Lambdin

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An Angel

An angel came to me last night,
all shining in her glorious light.
She came to help me in my plight,
so lovely and so fair.

My troubles seem to be so bad,
I need some help, I am so sad.
I know I'm like a helpless lad,
I need someone to care.

And here she is, she's from above,
she showers me with Father's love.
Her soul fits mine, like hand to glove,
their love she brings to share.

So if your woes do get you down,
and brings across your face a frown.
Remember Angels loving sound,
there's nothing to compare.

And this, I testify to you,
that when you're down and feeling blue,
An Angel will descend to you,
with Father's love to share.

© James O'Brien

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Contentment comes from God,
It is his gracious gift,
It takes away my tension
And gives my spirit a lift.

I no longer want what others have,
I'm happy with what I own-
It's better than hitting the jackpot
Or getting a low interest loan.

I see so many blessings
That before I'd failed to see.
Other than salvation,
It's God's greatest gift to me.

Daily trips to stores have ended
And shopping sprees have ceased.
Life's more affordable with contentment-
It's as if my income's increased.

I thank you, Dear God, for contentment,
I thank you for salvation too,
I thank you for peace and tranquility,
And I thank you, Dear God, for you.

©Bob Hefner



I am your neighbor,
From down the road.
I'll lend a hand,
With your heavy load.

I'm kind of shy,
And thought you might be, too
But as you neighbor,
I'll do all that I can do.

Then, when your load is lifted,
And we're both a little tired,
We'll sit a spell and chat a while,
For only your friendship is desired.

Now if by chance I need a hand.
Will you help me as I did you,
And be a friend and neighbor?
Oh, Lord, I hope you do.

Lonely is a man without a friend
And a neighbor at his side.
Then, when trudging down the road of life,
Our worlds may be different,
But never will they collide.

© Leslie M. Wilson, Sr.


A Cross To Bear

Everyone has a cross to bear,
But God why hast Thou forsaken me?
I am begging that You send no more,
Please remove this cross,
I am asking Thee.

I see another cross faces me,
Every time I turn around.
I always bounce back and keep the faith,
When will my peace be finally found.

We must keep our faith in God,
Crosses we bear can change our lives.
He expects us to stay close to Him,
He will test our faith all the time.

He sends little problems to those who are weak.
He sends big problems to those who are strong.
He is making sure that we don't break down,
Never say He has done you wrong.

When He was carrying His crucifix,
When climbing the hills at Calvary,
He fell three times and died for us,
In reality God has never forsaken me.

"Jesus went to hell for us,
so He could be in heaven with us".

©Bob Macchia

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A Man Grows Old

The foundation laid
The boards straight and tall
The windows carefully placed
The carpenter sows it all.

Through rain and hail it lasts
It seems though not so long
The times quickly pass
You hardly know it's gone.

And then the time comes
When he starts shedding his gold
Valiantly he did live
As now as man grows old.

© Ronnie Leviner


Tell Him So

If you hear a kind word spoken
Of some worthy soul you know,
It may fill his heart with sunshine
If you only tell him so.

If a deed, however humble,
Helps you on your way to go,
Seek the one whose hand has helped you,
Seek him out and tell him so!

If your heart is touched and tender
Toward a sinner, lost and low,
It might help him to do better
If you'd only tell him so!

Oh, my sisters, and my brothers,
As o'er life's path you go,
If God's love has saved and kept you,
Do not fail to tell men so!

© Stephen Thurman



Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"If I Were Free" from his Serenity Collection