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Winter's Garden

Looking up toward the mountain there,
And in the valley deep down below,
Sheaths of Diamonds glimmering everywhere,
From the night of freezing, sleet and snow.

T"was truly a winter wonderland,
As the sun shone upon the scene,
The beauty held me captive, as a prisoner in hand,
For such a wondrous sight I'd never seen.

It warmed the heart inside of me,
Even after the sunlight, slowly began to fall,
For in the brightness of the moonlight, I could see,
The glimmering, winter garden, wasn't gone at all.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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A Wind Of Love

I laughed once again in remembering the time
Of better days and joy that was mine
The breeze had brought softly a sweet memory
When happiness belonged to just you and me.

Your youth had carried me on in my years
Your smile had lifted me out of my tears
In words are not the meaning I say
So hard to find what I think of that day.

And as the flower of my age starts to pass
The wind of memory forever will last
These days I know were so good to me
And in these winds I will always see.

If nothing in life can bring me a smile
I can feel the breeze of this wind for awhile
It comes at even times I don't choose
Bound softly in my heart I can't loose.

So now I thank the Lord up above
He blessed me with the touch of your love
I knew what no one else now can't know
A wind of love that forever will blow.

© Ronnie Leviner

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A Friend

I am trying to write this poem today,
and it's very hard.
Brothers and friends of mine,
have gone to meet the Lord.
They always enjoyed life, and never
wore a frown.
The families that loved them, say
they were fun to be around.

Today the Gates of Heaven opened.
for them to go inside.
Knowing they was standing there,
with hearts full of pride.
They left us in the Early Fall,
now in Heaven they abide.
But someday there in Heaven,
We'll be standing at their side.

We cried so hard the day they left.
Our hearts were full of hate.
But God asked us to please forgive,
"He" will avenge their fate.
God bless us all!

© Walt Chapman

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I thank you, Lord
For the blessings in my life

New mercies every morning
Peace to sleep at night.

My husband, so special
My children, "that's right"

Deer in the meadow
Birds in their flight.

Clouds and rainbows
Oh what a sight

Thank you for the blessings
You give to me each day

Precious things to behold.
To enjoy on my way.

© Geraldine Rose


Love Divine

The path we choose sometimes seem dark,
And hard to stay on track.
But Father lights the way
With love to help us back.

We all are human, this is true,
We all have strayed off line.
But as we follow His sweet light,
We feel His Love Divine.

© James O'Brien

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If I Could Have A Dream

If I could have a dream of choice
To guide it's every move
And nothing there could walk or talk
Without 'les approve.

I'd have you sit upon a throne
Your beauty I'd behold
I'd look upon your smiling face
Your hand I'd always hold.

We'd laugh and talk for aye aye
We 'd sing a happy song
We'd share our moments forever
And nothing would go wrong.

But alas, it's only a dream I see
But this I know is true.
If I dream my dream of choice
My dream would be of you.

© Ronnie Leviner

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Fall and Her Beauty

As I walk along with her,
the beauty is so great,
Her color so lovely,
It's hard to contemplate.

As she sways to the wind,
my heart jumps with joy.
She was even beautiful,
when I saw her as a boy.

Soon she will be leaving,
once more to return,
Then another year,
for her beauty I will yearn.

Oh this Beautiful lady,
her beauty is surpassed
I am spending time with her today,
knowing it won't last.

Soon striped of all her loveliness,
and lying on the ground.
She will stay in our hearts forever,
for her beauty is profound.

Yes, she will lose her beauty,
and her all I only have a few days left,
till Winter takes
away my Fall.

© Walt Chapman

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Our Flag

Our flag is the symbol of this favored land
Its colors are red white and blue
It represents courage of those who would stand
And would die to protect me and you.

The bars of the flag that are beautifully white
Stands for innocence and purity.
While red is for valor against those we fight
And the blue is for Justice we see.

The stars are assembled on background of blue
They represent stars in the sky
Together these symbols remind me and you
That divine goals are why we should try.

When counted these stars number fifty you know
They represent states in our land
And "In God we Trust" is our motto we show
While together we always will stand.

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Moonlight on the Snow" from his Serenity Collection