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The Closing Of The Day

As I look up into the night heavens,
The stars are the only light I see.
They twinkle and shine, like sequins,
Against a piece of black velvet.
When I look to my left, the moon
is there, like a big white melon.
The shapes of the dark mountains
Stand out against the night sky.
The whisper of pine trees
Blows softly in my ears.
The sound of water, lapping
On the lake shore, and the
Reflections of the moon on the lake,
Give pause to my thoughts of the day.
There are many campfires along the lakes edge.
You can hear the soft whispering of voices.
Someone is singing a song of praise
To the Maker of all things seen and heard.
It is the closing of my day.
I thank you, God.

© Myra Wood



When I was a young girl
I had glorious dreams
Of castles in England
Strawberries and Cream.

But as I grew older
My dreams were replaced
With day to day living
Reality faced.

My life has been good
With some ups, some downs
Over the years
I've had smiles and frowns.

But happiness has come
Through my husband,my girls
They've added the glitter
Of diamonds and pearls.

© Shirley Lange


And She Will Always Love You

Sometimes a man doesn't take time to say
Those three special words, I love you
Three little words women love to hear
Today, tomorrow all their lives through.

Some things money cannot possibly buy
Can be had for free, all you need to do
Is say to the woman you love, I love you
Those words tell her you will always be true.

No one is perfect, but you can strive to be
From now until the last day of your life
Start each day by saying those words, I love you
First thing in the morning to your wife.

And she will always love you....

© Ralph L. Clark

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An Answer

The evening is subtly quiet
but filled with great joy
For I have found an answer
to an important question
Which I have labored over
for considerable time now
And it really doesn't matter
what the actual question was
Nor does it really matter what
the method of revelation was
For I had faith that the answer
would come when it was time
And, it has indeed come to me
as I knew it would eventually
Such a wondrous feeling to know
that there are such honest answers
For those with the patience and faith
in the unique justice of the other side.

© dennis j hopkins

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My Feelings From Inside

Such strong feelings,
my feelings from inside.
Knowing I can't have you,
that is why I cried.

Holding feelings inside,
so very hard to do.
Makes me hurt so bad,
knowing I can't have you.

Knowing you want me,
but we'll go our separate ways.
It's tough on both of us,
getting through each day.

It seems there's nothing,
we can really do.
You belong to another,
you can't have me and I can't have you....

© Bob Macchia

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My Wish

I wish that I could cause the sun
To warm the world with love
Remove the clouds a moment
To reveal the stars above

I wish that I could wipe that tear
From the corner of your eye
Bring happiness for your sorrow
Bring a smile for your sigh.

I wish that I could better things
Put hope within your heart
Make today the best you've had
Right from it's very start

I wish that I were able
To make your dreams come true
I wish I could - I wish I could
Do all these things for you.

© Mr. Doug

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Keep Us Safe

The sky is dark the moon is high
God keep us safe tonight.
Let peace befall us once again
Lead us to the light.

Justice must be done
We know that this is right.
But as we go to sleep,
God keep us safe tonight.

We know His tears are falling
On each and every land.
God keep us safe tonight
Hold us by the hand.

So many praying hard
To hope that peace will reign.
God keep us safe tonight
Heal all the world of pain.

© Marian Jones

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All The Way

As sunrise comes to each this day
I hope with humbled hearts we say,
Come let us be of one accord,
And may we bow before the Lord.

While we're renewed through fervent prayer
Our love and substance we will share.
We'll lift and supplement all those
That struggle in a life of woes.

And as we implement God's plan
To love and serve our fellow man,
We'll gain a spot in heavens place,
But knowing that it's through his grace.

Then one day when our time has come,
To go home to the risen Son,
Who sacrificed all that he was
To make a place for all of us.

I pray we have served him well.
And saved we'll be from times we fell.
Enfolded in His arms He'll say,
I stood beside you all the way

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Distant Dreams" from his Serenity Collection