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You Are Rare

One thing
I've noticed
Is that
You always
Seem to be there
To help
In need.

You have
That special something
Which friendship
Is all about.

You are rare!

Too bad
There aren't
More like you.

© James M. Cannon

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My Loving Lord

Jesus my Lord's love is forever,
Tis one of His promises lovingly abiding,
Always and everlasting He is the same,
My Loving Lord Jesus, do you know Him?
Come to Him as you are, do not be ashamed.

Oh how His Loving Arms will enfold you,
For He is sweet and full of compassion,
Jesus will forgive all that call on Him,
Let my Lord Jesus dwell in your heart and live,
He gave His Life to ransom your soul within.

Oh belong to Jesus, allow Him to belong to you
He so loves you with an everlasting love,
He will never let you go nor forsake you ever,
He loves all who love Him, Oh seek Him now,
Jesus, the only way to life, no power of evil can sever,
For my Loving Lord, Jesus, He is love.

© Sondra McPherson


I Stood Alone

I stood alone -
thought I had strength.
I stood alone -
thought I've found happiness.
I stood alone -
and felt I was complete.

And then I've found you...
your love became my strength
your smile became my happiness
only then I knew
I was complete.

I stood alone -
thought my heart was at peace.
I stood alone -
thought I've found joy
I stood alone -
and felt complete.

And then I've found you...
in your love I've found my heart's peace
in your eyes I found joy
and then I knew
I was complete.

In your love for me,
and loving you forever -
I am complete.

© Ankhs


Just Lean On Me

My dear friend I know
What you're going through
But I want you to know
I'm standing beside you.

The two of us together
Will work things out
My being here for you
Never have any doubt.

Everyone has problems
At one time or another
That's why good friends
Always help each other.

I know you're worried
Like anyone would be
Until we work things out
Just lean on me.

© Ralph L. Clark

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Precious Things

There are some precious things in life,
Some things we often see.
The beauty of a spring sunrise,
The autumn colored tree.

There are so many lovely sights,
We see them every day,
And thanks we give to God above,
With gratitude we pray.

And then we think of all He's done,
The blessings that He gives,
And most of all we're grateful for,
The fact He really lives.

Oh gosh, how wonderful it is,
To feel his warmth and love.
Then know He really cares for me,
And waits for me above.

© James O'Brien

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My Valentine

My heart just leaps, when you're around.
My feet won't even touch the ground.
Call me crazy. I don't mind.
As long as you're my Valentine.

I thank my lucky stars, above.
The Lord chose you for me to love.
Your love is tender, sweet, and kind.
And I'm so glad your love is mine.

You're so patient and loving, too.
Without your love, what would I do?
A more faithful love I'd never find,
Except for yours, My Valentine.

Hearts and roses, kisses, too.
These lovely things, I'll share with you.
Your love has stood the test of time.
My true and loving, Valentine!

© Vickie Lambdin


Fallen Flowers

The flowers from the garden,
Are slowly fading away.
One by one they wilt and die.
In the garden where their roots lay.

The grounds are more barren,
Since so many have fallen prey.
To the ravages of life and fraility of age.
But with God's tender care,
They'll bloom another day.

You won't see these flowers,
Along life's narrow lane.
They bloom in a greater place,
Where the angels sit and sing.

God calls us one by one,
And we shall all again meet,
Somewhere up in heaven,
Where the garden will be complete.

© Gayle Davis


Getting Through Life

We sit here tonight trying to keep warm,
So cold outside from this winter storm.
Wood almost gone with none to be had,
Yet we have each other so isn't too bad.

Blankets we have are not doing too good,
We cuddle together the stove's out of wood.
With our blankets and love we will last till morn,
Then the sun will come out for us to get warm.

Temperature outside about twenty below,
That doesn't matter we've no where to go.
Our children are married all of them gone,
Just my wife and I we are left all alone.

You would think life to be better living in town,
With family and friends still no one comes around.
Think life will be different when you set the stage,
One thing you don't think of my friend is your age.

For when you are old need someone to be near,
That is when it seems they all disappear.
Think of this when you start growing old,
Not much of a life when you're left in the cold.

© Walt Chapman

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Heart Ache-Heart Break" from his Serenity Collection