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Walk we will along the shore,
Hand in hand we'll go.
Show and tell me everything,
The things that I should know.

Tell me memories from the past,
The things occuring today.
Tell me what the future holds,
What things are coming this way.

I need your loving guidance,
I need your candle light.
I need the very things you know,
I need to view your sight.

I'll follow in your footsteps,
I'll sing your every song.
For I'll trod a path unknown,
Unfamiliar, strange and long.

I need the words you utter,
As I look at you above.
I need the strength within your heart,
I need your parental love.

© Mr. Doug

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A Hero's Daughter
Is Born

Dedicated to Morgan Beamer born Jan9, 2002
and whose Daddy, Todd, died 9-11-01 aboard
American Airlines Flight 93.....................


She sits and holds her newborn baby girl,
And looks deeply into her eyes.
Holding her close and so very tightly,
She cannot help but cry.

Tear drops fall onto this tiny, little face,
As she wishes her husband was by her side.
He will not be joining her today,
And she sits there wondering why.

Why is it that this beautiful little girl,
Who looks so much like her daddy dear,
Now has to grow up never getting to know him,
Never getting to have him near.

They dreamed so many wonderful dreams,
So many plans and wishes for them.
But in one quick and dark moment,
It all came to a tragic end.

Here sits a mother and her newborn child,
Whose future begins today,
And with the help of family and friends,
They will see a brighter day.

As she rocks her precious daughter in her arms,
Repeating over the words of love,
"Daddy won't be here with us anymore", she says,
"But he is watching us from heaven above."

"I want you to know daddy is watching down on us
and even though I shed tears of sorrow
I am proud of that brave man that was your daddy,
for he died as he lived, a Hero".

© Cheri Lee Funk

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Bible Reading

As if the years had not come and gone,
I can still see our happy home.
It's evening now; the days work done,
To read the Bible and pray, the time had come.

We gather 'round Daddy, a child on his knee,
Open Bible in hand, we all try to see.
From where we would read in the Bible tonight,
But it did not matter; anywhere's alright.

We would be taught and taught very well,
Look toward Heaven, shun things of Hell.
After reading the Bible, we'd fall on our knees,
Pray to God above and ask him to Please

Keep us all safe from harm through the night,
And again as we wake with the morning light.
Before breakfast, we're on our knees to pray,
And thank God for giving us another day.

Oh! How I long for times such as these,
To hear my daddy pray, as I sat on his knee.
But even though these times I cannot regain,
Deep in my heart his teachings remain.

Thank you Dear Daddy for teaching me as you did.

© Miriam S. Price


One night as I gazed at the heavens
the moon rose over my head
There, its bright rays lengthened
And it's bright light over the waters spread.

I sat there thinking and dreaming;
Dreaming, dear heart, of you.
I wondered if you were lonely
And thinking of me too.

A nightingale flew past me
And perched on a tree near by
It raised it's tiny, throbbing voice
to the cloudless summer sky.

It's song was tenderly sweet
Soft, kind, loving and true;
It seemed to me as if it sang
Of sunshine, flowers and you.

© Ralph L Clark

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While walking down my path of life,
I stop and turn to look.
I need to check my course to see,
I've traveled by the book.

The book of scriptures guide my way,
If I'll just read what's there.
And carefully apply the words,
With diligence and prayer.

It's easier to see mistakes,
That I've made in the past.
And hopefully I'll see to make,
The changes that will last.

So, now I know from where I've come,
And with corrections made,
I'll hold my loving Father's hand,
And go forth unafraid.

© James O'Brien

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I walk among these weathered stones,
That cast their shadow o'er whited bones,
And wonder what if it should be,
That I were them and they were me.

Then, they should live and love and toil,
And I should lie beneath the soil:
No more to feel the morning sun,
Or cooling breeze, when day is done.

But lie at rest 'til heavens call,
To judgment day for one and all;
To answer for your deeds on earth,
And weigh the scales of heavenly worth.

I know some dead would dearly crave,
A second chance, their soul to save.
But, once they end their earthy strife,
Too late to change their score in life.

So, e'er I hear from heavens throne,
I want my choices to be known.
While on this earth I daily trod,
I want to walk in the ways of God.

© Robert Winters


Be Still

Be still and quietly listen
To a voice that's always there,
God promised not to leave us.
So draw close to Him in prayer.

Let go of fleeting thoughts
That clutter up our mind,
For in His loving presence,
True wisdom you will find.

Be still and lean on Him,
Your worries all will cease,
For His everlasting love,
Will bring eternal peace.

© Marian Jones

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Colored Eggs

As bunnies hide the colored eggs,
And chocolate hearts abound.
We teach our children, life is good,
When Easter eggs are found.

We also teach the young at heart,
How Christ rose on that day,
And how that resurrection gave,
Us hope for all we pray.

So join with me this Easter time
And celebrate the day,
And give thanks in the prayer we give,
And teach our kids to say.

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"In the Garden" from his Serenity Collection