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Mother, I Love You

Mother, I love you
like the fruit grows
on trees and honey in bees.
Dishes and dishware, warm
smiles and happy miles.
Mother, I love you here
even though the end is
near, while we are getting
old. My days are told to grow.
Mother, I love you so-
even though, the wind
pushes snow and the
food is cold and the
money is low-my heart
beats red and I look
to you, for only to
be held in a hold-
Mother, I love you
more than this language
could develop a red rose.

© Christopher Fabbri

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Closer To You

watching the stars
never move
healing the scars
hurt and bruised
missing the life
young and groomed
dancing with light
close to you
feeling you move
I love you
should it so soothe?
music cures
my feeling's blue
sandy shores
crashing waves draw
I, closer to you

© Christopher Fabbri

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There's a Difference
In My Life

There’s a difference in my life these days,
My outlook has been changed,
My concerns and my priorities
Have all been rearranged.

You see I used to be governed by rules,
By do's and don'ts and such.
But when it comes to eternity
Those things don't amount to much.

I used to try to be real good--
I thought I could please God that way.
I was impressed by the way I lived
Until I met Christ one day.

It took a while for me to see
How truly wrong I'd been,
I thought my way of life was pure
But it was actually full of sin.

It was quite a shock for me to learn
That I was a vile, lost sinner.
But Christ came into my life
And his love and grace made me a winner.

I've come to learn that no one is so good
That they don't need Christ as their savior,
And no one is so bad that God won't forgive them
And completely change their behavior.

Thank you, dear God for reaching out to me
In my egotistical, self-righteous state--
For forgiving my sin and welcoming me in
To your family and fellowship great.

© Bob Hefner


Cabin Swing

While sitting on the cabin swing,
I wonder what the day will bring.
As morning sunlight kiss the trees,
And gently warms the morning breeze.

Out on the lake the morning haze,
Is giving way to filtered rays.
The light slips through tallest trees,
Creating sights for memories.

And then through opened door you sway,
And capture all my thoughts away.
No more I see the trees or lake,
As only you, my eyes partake.

You smile and take my breath away,
I hardly know the words to say.
You're lovely and beyond compare,
And I can't help the way I stare.

And then you join me on the swing,
Oh! how you make my heart to sing.
I hope you know these thoughts are true,
And that I'm so in love with you.

© James O'Brien

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Nobody Says Love
Like You

Hearing words so often said
And feel sometimes is true
Though spoken in my life by friends
Nobody says love like you.

When parting from our loved ones here
To do each thing we do
The words we speak so tenderly
Nobody says love like you.

A valentine on a certain day
Given by sweethearts true
But yet in all the words upon
Nobody says love like you.

It's spoken in the wind that blows
As in the morning dew
Kindness shown by those around
Nobody says love like you.

And so to my Lord above
This thing I'll always do
Give thanks and praise in Jesus' name
Nobody says love like you.

© Ronnie Leviner

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Sometimes Dreams
Do Come True

Like yesterday and the day before
It will be the same tomorrow too.
Same thoughts are on my mind
Each and everyone are about you.

You are embedded in my mind
And there you will always remain
Even though my sad heart reminds me
Memories and having are not the same.

Sometimes dreams do come true
Hopefully one day soon mine will too
Because with all my heart and soul
My darling I so very much love you.

© Ralph L. Clark

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Rainbow Of Colors

Rainbow of colors after the storm,
Bright and bold as can be.
Different colors like a kaleidoscope as far
as the eye can see.
The beauty of this amazing thing
after the sun comes out,
And after the rain.
Beauty God has created so breathtaking
beyond compare.
God gives us such gracious gifts,
And some of take for granted.
And little do we care.
Stop and take in the little things
as well as the bigger ones.
God gives the beauty
For all to see.

© Karen Sue Magee

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Distant Fires

The distant fires shine
and cast their light
upon our dreams

Like beacons in the night
they beckon us
to find our way

Calling us like the candles
of our souls
to remember that all is possible

They speak of wisdom
to those who listen
with their hearts, passions, and souls

The wonder of children's eyes
lights the playgrounds
of our lives

And the blessings of love
whisper to the faithful
all through the night

© dennis j hopkins

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Under the Willow" from his Serenity Collection