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I still...
send my love to you...

For all the times we had a fight...
I still send my love to you.
For all the times we didn't kiss goodnight...
I still send my love to you.
For all the times I had my doubts..
I still send my love to you.
For all the times I did without...
I still send my love to you.
For all the times you shopped "til you dropped"
I still send my love to you.
For all the times you yelled and didn't stop..
I still send my love to you...
For all the times I put you through misery...
I still send my love to you.
Will you still send your love to me..

Dedicated to my wife Dee, the only woman I ever loved.

© Bob Macchia

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Young Love

I met you back in '54,
who knew what life would have in store.
We were so young yet both of us knew,
you loved me and I loved you.
But it was not to be just yet, although,
neither of us us would ever forget.
As we went down life's long highway,
we connected again one sunny June day.
It was great to be together again, but soon
realized it would have to end.
The time was not right, too many things in the way,
But maybe in time we will be together someday.

© Eve Kirschbaum


Silent Cry

Sweet, sensuous lady,
Please hear me.
Hear my heart's
Silent Cry.
Escape with me
This afternoon.

Reach out
And touch me
Young creature of beauty.

Look deep
Into my eyes.
Tell me
That you also care.

Embrace me now
Ohh angel of beauty,
Make my loneliness
Go away!

© James M. Cannon

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My Mansion

I have not wisdom. I have not gold.
But, I have a mansion, in Heaven, I'm told.
Jesus has gone to prepare a place for me,
Nothing like these earthly houses I see.

No storm or fire can take it away.
My home is not made of stubble and hay.
My home is built on a solid rock.
I won't even need to install a lock.

Jesus is the Corner Stone.
There'll be no need to install a phone.
Nothing can destroy this home of mine.
I'll never need to install a water line.

There's Living Water, not to thirst again
Because to Christ, I've already been.
Not having riches, here, doesn't bother me,
Because my mansion is very near.

© V. Oranell Cupp


Jesus, Be The Daddy
In Our House

I'd wake her up, each morning,
With a kiss and a song.
I'd tell her, "Thanks to Jesus,
Nothing, today, could go wrong."

Breakfast and a daily devotion,
Would get us on our way.
I was fighting to be strong.
A single mother greets the day;

School and work and volleyball,
Homework, burgers, and a hug.
The only thing missing was a daddy
And my heartstrings felt the tug.

Then, as we knelt by her bedside,
My daughter made me realize
I was not so alone, after all,
(Because I had seen through her eyes).

"Jesus, be the daddy in our house,"
Was the innocent prayer she said.
And, He was the daddy in our house,
As we both tucked her into bed.

© Claytia Doran


I Am With You

Good Lord show me the way-
Though I know these paths you show me-
I need your guidance- direction-
warmth and salvation.
Live in me, dear Christ. I trust you
and only you, for my life is in need of
you- always and forever.
These people you bring into my
life and these children you raise-
God bless them all- show us
the way dear Jesus, I am with you.

© Christopher Fabbri

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Love Thoughts

What a beautiful spring evening!
Colorful canoes breeze smoothly
Along Tennessee's Little River
Above, red sun, moon, stars glitter.

Orange breasted robins flit playfully
On a luscious blue green grass carpet
Flavored with sweet clover and mint.
Children run about playing hide and seek.

Relaxing at a gray picnic table
A beautiful young Georgia belle
Pens poetic love thoughts
As she recalls her youth in the Rockies.

Ohh, if only to be young again.

© James M. Cannon

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Seasons Change

When we become older, we find that
the important things are not the
same as when we are young.

In the autumn of my life when
all seemed to be going down hill,
there came into my life someone
that has become more to me than
she may ever know.

When we met we just knew that
our life was to be connected in
such a wonderful way. There are
no words to say just what it
really is.

But, as the "Seasons Change"
we learn the value of
Thanks sis for being my friend.

© Jimmy Carden aka JCShrimp

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"The Prism (Colors of Love)" from his Serenity Collection