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"Under God"

"One nation, under God..."
"Under God!" Oh, safe and sure protection.
"Under God,"My Helper and my King!
"Under God," Protection of the Highest!
"Under God," I all my sorrows bring.

"Under God," When I am feeling prideful.
"Under God," When troubles storm my day.
"Under God," Who cares, Who lifts, Who levels.
"Under God," Will always be my way!

And when I come to Jordan's final crossing,
A hand will reach and guide me safely o'er.
There, I shall find a resting place, eternal,
Under my God, Who reigns forevermore!

© Joan Clifton Costner


Morning Reflections

Sometimes it's hard to see
my luck can wear a disguise.
But sitting on the back porch,
I see it in the sun rise.

In the fresh morning air,
and the soft hint of dew.
I see the blessings I have,
picking me up when I'm blue.

The mountains in the background,
that I played in as a child.
The sounds of birds singing,
making all thoughts turn mild.

The kiss of the morning sun,
falling gently on my face.
Reminds me I am lucky,
to have such a place.

Yes I am a lucky man,
rich with nature and life.
As I sit here alone thinking,
forgetting hardships and strife.

© Tom Hughes


"Two Hearts"

Two hearts, that beat as one,
Two souls, so intertwined,
Are finally joined together.
Sweetheart, they're yours and mine.

A love so sweet and tender
That nothing can compare,
It surpasses every love we've known;
So beautiful and rare.

Our hearts are bound together.
They beat in perfect time,
Like they're sending out a message,
With the sweetest words that rhyme.

I feel so very lucky
To have a heart so true.
And, when I look into your eyes.
I can see the love in you.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Take time to greet the dawn.
Watch the light appear up high,
As an orange sun starts rising
In the Eastern sky.

Listen to the birds sing
Welcoming the morn,
Feel the magic in the air
As a brand new day is born.

Creatures are awakening
As clouds are lit with gold.
Another day to thank our God
For the beauty we behold.

In the world where we abide,
Life spent rushing here and there;
We lack time to stop and ponder
On the beauty everywhere.

So may today be special
As the morning comes in sight;
Living every single moment,
'Til day returns to night.

© Marian Jones

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Dreams, Prayers
and Wishes

When I woke from my dream last night
I could see your sweet smile.
I only wish you were here beside me
If only for awhile.

It would be great
To have you in my life again
As I have loved you since
Heaven knows when.

Sometimes I think I want to cry
As time is going so swiftly by.
I only wish I could be your friend
And someday see you once again.

So for now all I can do
Is pray that God
Will put us together

© Eve Kirschbaum


Secret Thoughts

God's greatest creation
Is not a mountain,
Or an ocean, Or a valley.
It is not the snow,
Or the rain, Or the sunshine,
Not even the universe.

It is an angel,
A special angel,
A romantic angel!

To the perceptive
Is revealed a freshness,
Like that of a brisk Spring.
Or a cool Winter dawn.

Constantly floating
Between shades of blue,
Grey and green
Are angelic moods.

Eyes' depth,
Smiles' width,
Reveal angel heart's
Secret thoughts.

How Beautiful!

Thanks, God,
For adding Life
To my day.

© James M.Cannon

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Summer gives and never takes
Under a sun that holds lovers together.
Moments of memories and glorious times
Memories of moments and times of glory.
Everyone has at least one moment they remember.
Remembering family being together or laughter as well.
Times to make us warm again
In a beach sand castle lives a young child of creation,
Me and

© Christopher Fabbri

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Snuggle Close

I looked into her eyes so bright,
As she looked back at me,
And when she smiled my heart stood still:
I couldn't help but see.

She was an angel, filled with love,
So precious, pure and fair;
So delicate and pure of heart,
A girl beyond compare.

I hugged her close within my arms,
Then kissed her on the cheek.
I felt her snuggle close to me,
And felt my knees go weak.

T'was then I knew I loved this girl;
My heart was filled with pride,
But there was yet another who,
Stood smiling by my side.

His grin was spread from ear to ear,
While he was watching me,
Because I held his daughter, my
Granddaughter, don't you see.

We are so blessed and thankful for
This spirit from above.
This tiny child, my Granddaughter,
That came with Father's Love.

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Born on Angels Wings" from his Serenity Collection