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The Gift

I heard the door slowly open.
I looked across the room.
He stood, his small hands overflowing
with purple and white blooms.

He was so quiet and solemn
as he tiptoed across the floor,
"These flowers, they are for you," he said
then turned and hurried to the door.

My eyes gazed down at the flowers,
and then back to the door.
I had been given more than those blossoms,
this sweet child left me so much more.

© Cheri Lee Funk

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Building For Heaven

Working hard now day's, doing it alone,
a mansion in heaven all brick and stone.
Building a beautiful home for all to see,
trying to get it finished for all my family.

Already have my lot, Christ gave to me,
When he died upon the cross at Calvary.
Jesus blood was shed for us on that hill,
no money involved his blood paid the bill.

It's a very high price for a lot to build on,
will last till eternity, and always be home.
Lot comes with everything wait and see,
such green grass and many shade trees.

No cutting the grass any more in the Sun,
time with Jesus and family having some fun.
Flowers in the garden, with a wonderful scent,
hard to believe, only Christ blood was spent.

All we have to do, believe He died for our sin,
that he died on the Cross, so we'll live again,
no worries now when we go to our grave,
he paid with his blood for us to be saved.

© Walt Chapman

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The Blessing Quilt

The blessing that this quilt contains
Is from a grandmother's heart.
Each stitch is placed with love and hope
That comfort fills each part.

May it cover you with warmth and love,
When evenings start to cool.
May you spread it out for picnics,
Underneath a sky of blue.

May you wrap your dolly or your cat,
Play hide and seek, cover your head.
If ever you're ill, may healing fill
The room where the Blessing Quilt's laid.

May it last forever, like Grandma's love,
Until at last you'll understand...
This quilt is full of blessings and prayers
From Grandma's heart and hands.

© Joan Clifton Coster


The Father's
Directing Hand

In this life there is nothing as grand
As having the leading of the Heavenly Father's Hand
When the Father leads us wherever we may go
We never lose our way as long as he has control.

The Heavenly Father will let us if we let Him be our guide
He will always be right by our side
When we are burdened down with a heavy load
God will lift our burdens and put us on the right road.

When we are lost in sin and need correction
The Heavenly Father will guide us in the right direction
As we go through this land
All we need is the Father's directing Hand.

© Mattie Faye "Morton" Hall


I'm One Of His Sheep

I'm on my way to Heaven,
And Jesus walks with me.
With him as my companion,
I'm joyful and carefree.

Sometimes I'm on a mountain high,
Sometimes in a valley low,
But there isn't any place at all
Where Jesus doesn't go.

He's with me and he gives me strength,
He comforts me each day,
He leads me and he guides me,
And encourages me all the way.

He is my gentle shepherd
And I'm one of his sheep.
It's wonderful to know that through eternity
He will me safely keep.

© Bob Hefner


It's Only a Storm

Lightning strikes,
Thunder roars,
The child shivers,
Still awake in her bed...
The rain falls,
On the window sill,
Beating like a drum,
Ill feelings in her head...
Wind blows,
Whistling loudly,
Bending the tree branches,
Whispering names of the dead...
Hailstones fall,
Larger than golf balls,
Shattering on the ground,
Making sounds she dreads...
Tree branches fall,
Gardens overflow,
Saturating the ground,
Like the tears she sheds...

© Bob Macchia

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It's the spirit.
It's the sparkle.
It's the love that's in the air.

It's the hopes.
It's the dreams.
It's the soul that longs to care.

It's the God
We share, together,
Making Love that will endure.

It's the heart
Of God within us,
Making friendship so secure.

© Joan Clifton Costner & Joyce C. Lock


This Butterfly

So softly setting on a rose,
Just where it came from no one knows.
On colored wings it comes and goes,
This butterfly I've found.

It dances freely in the air,
Then settling softly here and there.
It's nature's beauty, here to share,
This butterfly I've found.

And so I've seen them come and go,
Their gaily-colored wings they show.
Yet special is this one, I know
This butterfly I've found.

This special one, it's gifts are true,
In everything I've seen it do.
It's gifts are lovely thoughts of you,
This butterfly I've found.

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Reflections" from his Serenity Collection