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To My Friends

Mozart plays softly,
thoughts run through my mind.
A moment of blissful peace,
something that's hard to find.

Although life can seem unfair,
and at times a little rough.
Friends will keep you going,
when your heart has had enough.

Standing there beside you,
when you really need them to be.
Holding your hand tightly,
showing paths yet to be.

Wiping away a tear,
a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Holding onto you tightly,
when your soul is feeling weak.

So my friends I'll keep close,
and pray our friendship never to part.
When you reached to take my hand,
you took a piece of my heart.

© Tom Hughes


A Better Man

While perched here on the thirty-first,
This last day of the year,
I see the past so vividly,
Each Memory so clear.

Yes, I recall the year gone by:
The things I've seen and done.
Some things were tough and hard to do,
And some were really fun.

And now as I look forward to,
The year that lies ahead,
I need to set some goals in life,
To keep my spirit fed.

I need to read the scriptures more,
To learn what's written there.
I need to spend more family time,
And give more time to prayer.

I pray that as the year goes by,
Improvements God will see.
And as I stretch to meet my goals,
A better man I'll be.

© James O'Brien

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The unforeseen

Time distance,
And continents
Between two
Close friends;
But, amidst
Deep thoughts
Still persist
Of the two.

Oh yes,
The real test
Of true,
Intimate friendship
Are attitudes
And emotions
As both realize
And accept

The unforeseen
Of each other.

© James M. Cannon

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My Bedtime Prayer
(A child's prayer)

Dear Lord, I thank you for today,
It was so much fun to run and play,
The chores are done and the animals are fed,
And once again it's time for bed.

Bless Mommy and Daddy and Brother too,
And help me now to trust in you.
Mommy says you watch me while I sleep,
Like a shepherd watches over his sheep.

I know that Mommy does not lie,
And I believe her now or at least I try.
So dear Lord, keep me through the night,
Help me to know everything's all right.

When I'm alone in bed and it's dark outside,
Let me in your peace abide.
I know I need to sleep and rest,
So that tomorrow I can do my best. Amen

© Bob Hefner


The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd, he supplies every need!
In lush green pastures my soul He does feed!
Beside the still waters where no sea billows roll,
He gently leadeth me and restoreth my soul!

Then when life's winds are howling around me,
And so many things happen that I just don't understand,
I do not fear for clearly I can see,
Jesus standing close by with an outstretched hand!

I feel so unworthy to kneel in God's presence,
So at His dear feet humbly I bow.
And yes, I may just be the least in His kingdom,
But, I feel God's loving hand touching me right now!

Though I may walk in the midst of hard trials,
Foot sore and weary with my head hanging low,
To the end of my journey I know He will help me,
Guiding my footsteps as Homeward we go!

© Robert F. Dotson

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My Love

If you'll listen close to your heart...
You'll find my heart is beating there, too.
And no matter how far, from each other we are,
Just remember, my love follows you.

And down through the years,
we've shared laughter and tears,
As our love turns the pages of time...
Please remember I'll stay, just a heartbeat away...
We'll still be walking with your hand in mine.

And when my hair turns silver, replacing the gold,
We'll still need each other, to have, and to hold.
Then when this life has ended, and our time is through,
Just remember my love follows you.

And when the death angel comes;
From out of the blue...
Please remember,
My love follows you.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Just Try Being Yourself

I have dreams and aspirations.
I wanted to make something of myself.
But, if you want to be someone,
Just try being yourself.

I always wanted to be someone
And hold my head up proud.
I'd like to know I've touched someone.
I want to stand out in a crowd.

I want people to remember me
And say, "Oh, she's so nice."
I want them to remember my name,
Like they do Helen Steiner Rice.

I don't want to be forgotten,
Swept away like dust on a shelf.
But, if you want to be someone,
Just try being yourself.

© Claytia Doran


Special Angel

I think we each have special times
When things just don't go right,
And at those times we sometimes pray,
To drive away the fright.

Those scary times when things go wrong,
Can be so hard to bear
And often make us feel alone,
Like no one seems to care.

But I believe we each are blessed
With Angels on our side.
They sooth and comfort each of us
And dry the tears we've cried.

These special Angels give us hope,
And fill our hearts with love,
And help us deal with trying times,
These Angels from above.

I pray my Angel's always near
And one day I will see.
My special Angel, sent from God,
That loves and comforts me.

© James O'Brien

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Touched by a Rose" from his Serenity Collection