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Always on my mind...

My Valentine's wish,
For me it came true,
I can remember since,
It was the day I met you...

I knew your heart,
Was meant to be mine,
Thoughts of you are with me,
You're always on my mind...

I will stop to think of you,
Especially when we are apart,
You're always on my mind,
And always in my heart...

Dedicated to my wife Dee...
we have been married since September 18, 1971...
and she has always been my valentine...

© Bob Macchia

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Tiny Stone

There is a story in a book,
That took place long ago.
It is a story ‘bout a boy,
And of a stone to throw.

It seems there were two armies and,
Their leaders squared to fight.
But one guy was so big and strong,
The others filled with fright.

The big guy was so big and fierce,
He taunted all the rest,
But then there came a boy with faith,
To meet this mighty test.

This faithful boy stepped forth alone,
And with his meager groan,
He whirled his slingshot over head,
Then loosed the tiny stone.

The boy had faith that God would help,
And with the stone he threw,
The giant’s day was ended and
His army beaten too.

There are so many things we learn,
From David and his stone.
From Him we learn that we can win,
Although we seem alone.

And when we’re on the side of right,
The Lord will see us through,
So when we fight for freedom’s cause,
He’ll help in what we do.

© James O'Brien

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Heard Jesus Crying Today

Heard Jesus crying once again today,
as they spoke, of declaring a war.
Then asked his father up in the Heaven.
Oh! father what was my dying for.

Thought dying for them upon the cross,
was so they could be with you an I.
And the suffering I went through for them,
not for war and so many have to die.

I died for peace and love upon the earth,
that they might love and yes, forgive.
As you forgave when I died on the cross,
so that many lost souls could live.

Father give them that oversee our country
the wisdom to make things right.
Please stop the fighting before it's to late.
let our people come home tonight.

© Walt Chapman

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An Angel's Tear

Angel tears within her Heart
How awful news tore her apart.
Tears Flowing down her cheeks
Looks like she'd been crying for weeks!

Wishing I could wipe away her tears
And put aside her terrible fears.
Oh how I want to put a smile back upon her face
I want to restore her ultimate happiness

And her Point of Grace.

© Karen Sue Magee


He Sees Your Tears

God sees the tears you're crying;
Understands the hurt you feel,
When someone lets you down
And you think your pain won't heal.

He wants to give you comfort
Soothe all your cares away;
Just turn to Him in prayer
And by your side He'll stay.

Ask for strength of will
To see this sadness through,
So the one that let you down,
Can't break your spirit too.

In life we meet unkindness
And find it hard forgiving,
But put your faith in God
He'll make your life worth living

© Marian Jones

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Now comes the time we all must face,
To rest our fate upon God's grace,
And reap the treasures we have won,
By Faith in his begotten Son.

Let all my sins, I humbly pray,
Be washed away this very day,
And carry my soul to Thy Spiritual Rest,
With those gone before who were Heavenly Blest.

I fulfilled my days, now it's time to go,
To that Golden city where the healing waters flow.
Where pain and sorrow are remembered no more,
And the cloud of sadness never darkens your door.

There stand the mansions of my sisters and brothers,
Near the foundations laid for the miriads of others.
I'll greet all my friends in the gold bedecked hall,
Tho' my mind dims with age, I'll remember them all.

So do not be saddened by my passing away.
For all of my life I've awaited this day.
And always remember, whatever you do,
From now 'til forever, I'll be waiting for YOU.

© Robert Winters



If moonbeams were like Melodies
in the symphony of night
The universe would tremble
When the stars reflect their light.
The Heavens would be in Harmony
The birds would dance in flight
Wingtips beating rhythm
Strings of raindrops would ignite
The passion of a ballad
The chant of humble prayer
and music would encompass us
For in the very air,
We breathe
We'd receive
The benediction of God's songs.

© Karen Lech


Seeing In The Heart

Lord help me to see into other hearts,
to see what they are made of.
Have broke many of them in the past,
lost some friends that I truly love.

Some hearts hard like a piece of steel,
nothing that you could break.
These are the ones to leave by the way
as they will make your heart ache.

Others with just a frown on your face,
will break their heart in a minute.
So Lord when I should meet someone,
help me open their heart to see in it.

For Lord we need many friends in life
to help us through all the pain.
Smile and laugh with us in times of joy,
to get life back on track again.

Knowing you will be there for us Lord,
makes life easier along the way.
When life gets more than we can handle,
help us down on our knees to pray.

© Walt Chapman

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Rising from the Sea" from his Illusions Collection