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Long Ago

It was so long ago on bended knee,
I asked God to bring you to me.

Then one day all my dreams came true;
I knew I was going to marry you.

Had one girl and one boy,
Oh my! our life was such a joy.

Later our family became four more;
Our grandchildren were here for us to adore.

You've done so much for me through the years,
Loved me through all my smiles and tears.

Now that our golden years are here,
I want you to know that I still love you my dear.

© Eve Kirschbaum


A Rose

A rose is the loveliest flower to see,
It faces the heavens to grow,
Beautiful long stems expose veiled buds to be,
A blossomed rose grown upward so.

Unfolded is the sweetest fragrance we know,
Gathering in all who are near,
And humbly we speak forth the Lord did bestow,
Jesus' aroma we revere.

And in life we can yield as the rose does sow,
Giving the sweet is e'er favored,
It will grow a blessing to all which will flow,
Jesus' sweet fragrance so savored.

The sweet perfume of Jesus' Loving Presence,
Surrounds those facing Him to know,
Just as a rose unfolds it's sweetest essence,
Life's nourished by Jesus to grow.

© Sondra McPherson


A Little Lamb

If I could be a little lamb,
I'd stay right by your side.
I'd never wander far at all,
With you I would abide.

Within your flock, I'd gladly live.
For with them I'd be strong.
And with you as my Shepherd, Lord,
I know I would belong.

I'd see the love there in your eyes,
As you look down at me.
And as I learn to be like you,
Through loving eyes I'd see.

Oh, if I could just be with you,
Your lamb I'd gladly be,
And ever would I follow you,
My Lord, I do love thee.

© James O'Brien

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Throughout The Years

My first love came suddenly,
When I never expected her to be found,
She finally appeared in my life,
And she has turned my life around!

We dated while she was in high school,
And I took her to her prom and graduation,
I feel in love with her quite quickly,
It's been a lifelong love and infatuation.

We were engaged a year later,
One of the happiest days of my life,
Because I knew that my lifelong love,
Would soon become my wife!

The years have aged us,
And they have taken their toll,
But there is one certain thing,
She has made my life whole!

I can now see the lines on my face,
But she still looks seventeen to me.
Although I have aged and she is still young,
She has fulfilled my lifelong dreams...

dedicated to my wife Dee...

© Bob Macchia

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I'll Gladly Serve

Hold tight He said we're crossing o'er
Death's dark and chilling tide
Come go with me without fear
To the place where I abide

Oh Crystal River I can see
By faith I'm going through
He promised always to walk
With me that's what He'll do

There is no power that can withstand
The Blood He freely gave
For all who would but believe
Their soul He'll glady save

I stand now to sing His praise
To tell what He has done
The God who created all
Then gave His Only Son

And for this I must give thanks
Much more than I deserve
So the blessings that He gives
For Him I'll gladly serve

© Ronnie Leviner

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Did I ever?

(Dedicated to all the people I can no longer thank...
You who read this:
Please remember to give thanks before it's too late!)

Did I ever thank you enough
for that big beautiful flower bouquet
and the loving words you sent with it
which made that day complete?

Did I ever thank you enough
for that helping hand you lent?
And did I ever thank you enough
for the times I to you could vent?

Did I ever thank you enough
for notes and tokens of love?
Did I ever repay you in full
or am I still in debt somehow?

© Marianne

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My Prayer

As I prepare to leave
This world one day
There is something
I need to pray.

Kneeling down
As I begin
I bow my head
And go deep within.

Closing my eyes
In fervent prayer
I focus my thoughts
On my Lord so fair.

I ask my Father
Up above
To please look down
On those I love.

Especially my children
And their children too
Since they were
My gifts from You.

I ask that You hold them
Close in Your arms
Always keeping them
Safe from harm.

Open their eyes
So that they can see
The love affair
Between You and me.

One by one
Let them come, please do
And invite You in
And live for You.

© Susan Bromen



Oh how wonderful the scene,
so vivid and serene,
when I view my rendezvous
with God on high.
And how powerful I find
this dream upon my mind,
and this yearning in my bosom will not die!

Yes, the meeting will be great
when I reach the pearly gate,
leaving worldly trophies far behind;
where my Savior's arms will hold
my trusting, loving soul,
and the paradise of heaven will be mine.

So in the very end
I'll meet my dearest friend,
Jesus Christ who led me through the years.
He always held me up,
He always "filled my cup,"
and always brought me joy
and calmed my fears.

I passed not every test,
but held Him to my breast,
'til the vicious winds of turmoil would subside.
And after all is said and done,
I've relied on God's true Son,
Jesus Christ, the Savior
is my guide!

Tho' this world I'll be so leaving,
show no weeping or no grieving,
a simple "adios" will give suffice.
For I gave it all I had
in good times and in bad,
and rewards pay much greater
in God's own paradise!

© William E. Hardison

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"My Heart Sings" from his Illusions Collection