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Most Precious Lord

You are my strength and song.
You sent prophets through the ages
That wrote down the desires of your heart
So we'd know right from wrong.

Now we read and study and pray.
To learn your word and grow each day.
In your image, we strive to grow
So blessings we'll reap by what we sow.

Isaiah and his obedience
Gives me so much hope
For an eternal future
And trials to cope.

And when you come,
If on earth I'm still here.

May I always be a part of your

© Carol D. Meeks

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I know you, my Lord,
We met eons ago,
When I was very young,
And you then venerable and old.
I met you, my Lord,
Beside your eternal sea,
In the majesty of your mountain,
And in the shade of an oak tree,
I've seen you, my Lord,
In the innocent eyes of a child,
In the magic of spring,
In glorious autumn,
And in winter, cleansing and wild.
I've talked to you, my Lord;
Mid the trials of every day;
Times when my hear was aching,
And you helped the pain go away.
I've felt your love my Lord;
Thru a loving family,
And by delivering my soul,
From a dark and troubled sea.
I know your power, my Lord,
Thru howling hurricane winds,
Thru roaring, raging rivers,
And where the quaking earth begins.
When you open your book Almighty;
Temper judgment to foolish mortals.
That those who repent transgressions,
May pass thru your heavenly portals.

© Betty C.Daniels


Springtime Splendor

Easter lilies
Bright and fair
Sprinkled with love
And planted with care.

Green grass, so tender
Like a carpet rolled out
Covers the lawns
And stretches about.

The air smells so fresh
With the fragrance of flowers
Enjoying the splendor
Of spring’s precious hours.

As new life sprouts up
Through the moist earthly sod
Can one see these things
And not think of God!

© Marilyn Ferguson

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Heavenly Gift

You stood upon a silken cloud,
surrounded by an inviting glow.
Hands cupped just out of view,
as if a surprise to show.

I was standing in the shadows,
my life a never ending maze.
I was walking around blindly,
caught in sorrows haze.

I had given up on the simple joys,
a laugh, a chuckle, a sigh.
Life had dealt some terrible blows,
and I lost my reasons to try.

Now this beautiful angel,
stands and calls to me.
You beckoned me before you,
having something for me to see.

Lowering your hands slowly,
a movement so full of style.
There in your heavenly hands,
you had brought back my smile.

© Tom Hughes

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America's Finest Hour

The mighty gun's roar,
On that faraway shore,
Reverberates in hearts,
Across our homeland.
The enemy, of course,
Has underestimated,
Our fighting force,
For in God we trust,
As united we stand!
America's "finest hour,"
Isn't through her military power.
Her strength is gained,
When her people pray!
And when liberty is at stake,
Even on a foreign shore,
She will rise once more,
Proudly to fight another day!

© Robert F. Dotson

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Before You Go

My child I'm proud to see you go,
Although your leaving hurts me so.
My mother's heart is full of pride,
Even though a million teardrops I've cried.

As you go forth answering your country's call,
Your uniform makes you look so tall.
I'm not alone in the way I feel,
Thousands of mothers are facing the same ordeal.

Before you go please hold me tight,
I'll pray for you both day and night.
Give me a smile as you walk away,
Stay safe and come back to me someday.

© Bob Hefner


Within A Heartbeat

With every beat of my heart,
I am thinking about you!
Your name and the image of your face,
Pass through my mind and soul.
No matter Where you live,
Or what you have done to me.
I am a true Friend from heart to soul
Just let me know when you need me to
lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on.
For I will always be within a heart beat!

© Karen Sue Magee


The Master Painter

Some things are so heartwarming
with the perfection that they lend
Like God's pastel painting
of a Fall seasonal blend
Awesome with its beauty
Sun drenched for its view
A masterpiece to behold
God's gift for me and you

© Mr. Doug

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Katilyn" from his Illusions Collection