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We Walk With God

Lord as we walk through the valley,
and Deserts of our enemy.
We will try to keep from being afraid,
for know we walk with thee.

Knowing that we will all walk together,
and you will be our shield.today.
Feel whatever is going to happen Lord,
you will watch over us we pray.

As we walk here through this country,
fighting to keep our world free.
That all the children in there countries,
can live without the tyranny.

Have to go back to the fighting Lord.
they need us, out on the line.
But knowing that you'll walk with us.
helps to know that we'll be fine.

Hopefully this will all be over soon,
We can get back to our family.
So keep us safe if you would Lord,
for this we all pray to thee.

© Walt Chapman

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Be not weary of it friend;
about life's woeful bout;
there are things that enter in
that you can do without!

Hard times come and hard times go;
just hold your head up high,
and hang in there and take the blow;
that's where your strength will lie.

In these times of fear and doubt,
when life deals you a spin,
just chew it up and spit it out
and take it on the chin!

But you may say in your dismay:
"there's too much to deny;
the many things that come my way...
. that seem to go awry."

The answer lies in God above,
He'll show you what to see---
the beauty of the things you love,
and let the others be.

Blind or sight He gives you light
to view His wonders true;
The warm sunshine, the feel of night,
the freshness of the dew.

A breath of life, an appetite,
a chance to walk and talk,
a heart to beat for whom you meet,
a choice you must not balk.

And focus on your house and home,
your family and kin,
everything that's good to own
brings happiness within.

And best of all on God you call,
He'll take away your plight,
and Jesus Christ will be your wall
to bar away the strife.

© William E. Hardison

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Spring is Here

Every bud unfolding
Caught in the rays of the sun.
Each green leaf unfurling
Now that Spring's begun.

Daffodils and tulips
Are swaying in the breeze;
A rainbow of coloured crocus
Appear beneath the trees.

Gently, warmly, showers fall
A cloud goes drifting by,
Nourishing nature's offering
Underneath a clear sky.

We welcome every Springtime
When all new life begins,
Thanking God for the season
The joy and beauty it brings.

© Marian Jones

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Another night of sleeplessness
has once again come callin' for me
So many hopes and dreams I have
and I wonder why they don't visit me
while I'm in peaceful slumber
Is it possible that I use them up
because I drift so often while awake
But there's something coming,
and I know not what or whom
And I must confess
that I find it most disconcerting
to wait while it approaches
from who knows when or where
I wonder what it will feel and taste like
when it takes me by surprise
Will its cloak have the texture
of the promises of spring,
or the killing frost of winter
Will it herald a beginning or an end
to something I must learn
Oh, Patience, you are such an elusive virtue,
and one which I have yet to master
Even the shores of forever are silent tonight
and only whisper that which I can't hear
The stars, of course, are still shining
with the ambient glow of past glories,
but they shed no light upon this mystery
of life and death within their wake
I know there'll be a certain tomorrow
which will bring an answer
to this premonition
And I wonder if I'll understand
the lesson as soon as I awaken
on that fateful and revealing day

© dennis j hopkins

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Some Gave All

There was a call to our service people to go . . .
To an evil Countryman, who ruled his people so.
We could not stand and watch a whoremonger
Treat his Country’s people as he did any longer.
So our boys and girls went on a front line . . .
Keeping ever, our Country in their mind.
They are now fighting the enemy abroad
Instead of living in freedom on their own sod.
All are willing to lay down their life . . .
To end this war and all the ugly strife.
Some are still risking life and made the call,
But some of our Countrymen gave their all.
We Pray God took them home to stay,
And may the enemy live to rue this day . .
When they see the wrath of Gods anger
and how they put their souls in danger.
Americans are free to worship the living God,
And that’s the honor of living in this old sod.
But when our leaders feel it’s time to give the call ~
Our soldiers of war go ... some give their all.
God protect them from the harms way
Bring them back to us very soon I Pray.
Wrap Thy arms ‘round about each one,
For the ones who gave all, is someone’s daughter or son.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker

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I Know Jesus

I know Jesus suffered agonies for me,
He still loves so much,
On a Cross He gave His life for me to be,
E'er cleansed by His touch.

He arose bodily for me that third day,
Giving me new life,
Resurrection life forever and a day,
There's no end nor strife.

Who else but Jesus, God in flesh from heaven,
Could fill longing souls,
For you and me His love did bear the leaven,
He gave us life's goals.

I know Jesus satisfies my longing heart,
My Living Hope is He,
Blessed Resurrection Life Jesus did impart,
It's finished to be.

© Sondra McPherson


Just a Privilege

God is the heavenly father of this universe.
True meaning of God is written in bible verses.
Through God's son, Jesus, we have a new birth.
God lives in our daily lives, with His angels on earth.

God is the beginning and the end, made Adam and Eve.
He shows us His greatest love, Jesus, He will never leave.
God taketh, He giveth, in Him we become the receiver.
The true meaning of God will be eternal life for the believer.

We have life at this moment through sadness and sorrow.
God gave us no promises and will we have a tomorrow.
When the labor on earth is done, blessed is everlasting love.
Victory is won, God will call His saints to heaven, above.
Everyone should know in their heart, God holds all things.
God's - Acre, set on the hill, on Sunday, the bell rings.
It's a privilege to be here, hear God's feathered birds sing.
When one season will end, what will the next one bring.

God gave us the creatures, moon, stars, land, and the sea.
Look at the beauty of the sunset and the mountains to see.
The night is dark, the day is light, and God's love is so free.
Why is life so wonderful that God gave it to you and me?

© Johanna Fields

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Spring Love

Like a Victoria garden, you're the season of spring.
Sweetheart, you're a love song in my heart to sing.
Just like an April shower, you sprinkle tender love.
You are as beautiful as May flowers, that I think of.

An angel in my atmosphere, for a heavenly kiss.
A melanochroi in my dream, at early dawn's bliss.
In your arms, a calm feature nestles a lover's moon.
The stillness of a mocking bird, sings out a lovely tune.

A weeping willow cradles us to a secret hide a way.
You are the beautiful rose, that I can hold each day.
In the sunny blue sky, I can feel a cool gentle breeze.
In my heart, you have a smile, that makes me freeze.

In a mountain spring, as we drink, our love flows.
A spring love will spread it's wings as the wind blows.
We float upon a soft cloud as we take a lover's flight.
Pretty spring weather makes everything a lovely sight.

© Namon Sellers

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Carcassonne" from his Illusions Collection