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Time Marches On

With every passing moment
lies a chance for us to seize...
a fresh and new atonement
if we ask on bended knees.

For time is marching on and on
to meet the judgment date,
and time won't wait for anyone..
with hours growing late!

And every passing hour here
is precious and so dear,
will hold our faith and power near
to ban the curse of fear.
So, every passing minute now
bar Satan from the way;
with heart and soul in humble bow...
just turn to God and pray.
For, time is marching , marching on,
in fast and timely rate,
but we will never be alone ...
once through the pearly gate!

© William E. Hardison

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Heaven's Quest

The sins of my soul
Were taken that day
With you to the cross
My heart was purified
By the blood of the Lamb
The Savior of the lost

What great love You cared
For the sinner such as I
As Your blood slowly stained
The Cross-where You paid
The ultimate sacrifice
Enabling immortality to be gained

The thief who hung close to You
Asked Your forgiveness that day
You gave him a home in paradise
As You painfully cleared the way
For us to follow your path
Where Your love will aggrandize

As I follow you dear Lord
Each passing of the day
Will be another tribute to t he love
You have shown in life’s frailty
Gathering me close to Your bosom
Shielding me in my quest to heaven above

© Gayle Davis



if they lived
where the Buffalo roam,
the sand would stretch out
to grass and their people
would be free at home;

if their windstorms
would blow up a breeze
the seeded-sand grasslands
could cultivate a trail to humanity
and ruler's cruelty would start to freeze;

if they knew
God, the Savior of the most high,
all hearts would turn to love
halting the strife of war
and no more would have to die.

war will bring true peace this time.

© Carol Dee Meeks

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Statue of Grief

Lady of Sorrows
Clothed in stone ~
Carved in tragic relief
Why do I feel your pain as my own?
Why do I share your grief?

What is the tie that binds me ~
To the figure in mourning white?
Why do watching stars find me
Sharing your vigil tonight?

What is it that hurt you so deeply
You cannot utter a word?
For in the deepest silence
The voice of grief is heard.
Why do you sit in the pouring rain
With your tears trapped within?
Do you know the bleeding pain
Of having lost a friend?

And was his life so like your own ~
You lived and breathed as one
And you have chosen to turn to stone ~
Now that he has gone?

© Pat Sampson Paris


How Great Is His Love

How great is the love of Jesus for us,
With an awe we praise Him,
Upon the Cross He sacrificed for us,
For all, you, me, and them.

He draws us to Him to love and cherish,
His precious blood He shed,
Gives resurrection life ne'er to perish,
His agonies of red.

There is no other Jesus e'er to be,
He came as God's Grace Gift,
He endured on that Cross on Calvary,
To Heaven He did lift.

Bless Jesus, how great is His love for all,
None will e'er love like Him,
He bore our shame, our sins, He took our fall,
Love Him, you, me, and them.

© Sondra McPherson

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I'll Be Looking At You

Trembling hands I held in mine
I could hear the angels sing
A choir rejoicing time is past
For God has done this thing

To bring His own at home to be
That place of rest He made
Prepared for all who would believe
The ransom has been paid.

I felt a tear roll down my face?
As sadness filled my heart
I knew one day this would be
Was pain to see him depart

Then that moment of time arrived
I thought what can I do
Then that nod of assurance came
As he said ," I'll be looking at you."

© Ronnie Leviner

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The Hand of God

May the new day bring you blessings
As the light comes filtering through
May your sunrise be as lovely
As a morning draped in dew

May the wind blow forth a promise
Sending sweet bouquets your way
May life seem a little brighter
As you rise to greet the day

May the daybreak render pleasure
As the birds begin to sing
May the distant roll of thunder
Bring forth a touch of Spring.

May the mist embrace the stillness
Like a fire fly in the night
May an angel walk beside you
To hold you in the light.

May the rain caress your body
And life drops flood your soul
May His Spirit come upon you
To cleanse and make you whole.
May the showers come so softly
Running gently through your hair
May you touch the living water
And know that He is there.

May the freshness bring you new life
Pushing through the tender sod
May you pause to pick a flower
And brush the hand of God.

© Marilyn Ferguson

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The One

Early in the morning,
I lie awake in bed.
Thoughts of our last talk,
dancing in my head.

We talked of love to share,
a future yet to be.
Things get so confusing,
when it comes to you and me.

But together we can make it.
though it may be a little tough.
It really does come easy,
it is us that makes it rough.

We have both been hurt before,
so we hide behind that fear.
But the feelings are too strong,
and are there for us to hear.

So I listen to my heart,
take a chance once again.
For it may be true love,
that is waiting to begin.

Our future is never certain.
and knowing can't be done.
But life is full of chances,
and it's the only way to find "the one".

© Tom Hughes

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Tears for Joan d'Arc" from his Illusions Collection