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Our Freedom Fighters

We're marching in this dust storm,
Across the desert sand,
Defending our Freedom
Against the evils of one man.

We'll search Baghdad, high and low
On the land and on the seas ~
Until we find Saddam Hussein
And set his people free.

Freedom is the reason
We're in Iraq, today.
We're fighting for Our Country;
'The Good Old USA'.

So, let's all say a prayer
For all Red, White, and Blue ~
That the Lord will lead and guide them
And make this His battle, too.

And when this war has ended,
With the threat of terror gone,
We will praise "Our Freedom Fighters"
As they all come marching home.

May God Bless all of our troops
And keep them safe, as they protect us.

© Vickie Lambdin

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I Am America

I am the heartbeat,
The pulse of freedom's life.
Through my veins flows the blood of righteousness,
and Liberty.
I am the hills and valleys,
The rivers and shores,
The wild and the free,
The farms that feed the masses,
The industry
And technology,
Advancing, enhancing the wheels of time.
My arms open wide
With a nation's love and pride,
And I embrace the world.
My skin and heart have been pierced by the blows of terror,
Yet I have no fear.
I send my children off to battle and defend.
My eyes see the horror
they behold and face.
Yet, I know I send them with strength,
And the song of freedom
Ringing in their hearts.
Their sense of duty,
Their bravery is glorious.
My neighbors love and hate me.
Some seek to hold my hand
And send their children to join mine
on missions of justice.
We weep on each other's necks,
And yet,
We hold our heads up proudly
..I am America.
And I stand firm,
Though winds of war blow around me.
I shall not falter.
I shall hold my ground

© Karen A. Lech

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Darwin Was Wrong!

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree,
discussing things as they’re said to be,
said one to the others. "Now listen you two.
There’s a certain rumor that just can't be true,

That Man descended from our noble race,
why the very idea, it’s a dire disgrace!
No monkey ever left his wife,
starved her babies, or ruined her life.

And you’ve never known a mother monk
to leave her babies with others to bunk,
or pass them off from one to another,
‘til they scarcely know who is their mother.

And another thing a monk won’t do,
is go out at night and get in a stew,
or use a gun, or club, or knife,
to take some other monkey’s life.

Another thing you’ll never see,
is a monk build a fence ‘round a coconut tree,
and let the coconuts go to waste,
forbidding all other monks a taste.

Why ---If I put a fence ‘round a coconut tree,
starvation would force you to steal from me!
Yes MAN descended, that ornery cuss,
but, brother, he didn’t descend from us!!

© Robert Craig

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My Angels

I have guardian angels who look after me;
They are all around as near as can be.

They come to help me at just the right times,
although I never see them there are always signs.

They have kept me protected from sun up to sun down,
they are with me always, never making a sound.

I'm not afraid as I go on day by day,
when I need them to help, all I do is pray.

God has given each a job to fill,
I love my angels and always will.

© Eve Kirschbaum

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I Touched the Hand
of Jesus

I touched the hand of Jesus
Things are not the same
I looked into His loving eyes
Heard Him call my name.

I felt the peace of Jesus
In sweetness, I did dwell
Serenity, all around me
Draped just like a veil.

I saw the light of Jesus
It burned upon His face
When storms raged all about me
He sheltered me with grace.

I touched the hand of Jesus
And things are not the same
I looked into His loving eyes
And heard Him call my name.

© Marilyn Ferguson

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Jesus, Lord of Man

Jesus of Nazareth fell to his knees,
Struggling to carry my cross,
Burdened by the load of sin,
Upon his shoulders were the lost.

Nailed through his hands and feet,
Upon the old rugged cross,
His blood dropped to the ground,
Jesus has paid my cost.

Buried in a borrowed grave,
A stone closed the door,
Jesus' persecutors felt sure,
He would preach no more.

Death had no power over Him,
The grave could not hold the Lord,
My Savior emerged from the grave,
As written in the Holy Word.

He lives, He lives, my Jesus lives,
He returned to the Father above,
Jesus took our sins upon the cross,
Our Father replaced them with Love.

© Gayle Davis

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Passing This Way

Tarry not to come this way
My soul for you does need
And stand beside me now I pray
While upon Your Word I feed

Promises of love divine
Beyond what man does know
In all that is said and done
Your Love Your Word will show

Come now quickly I say
To you my heart's desire
The one and only thing I need
That sets my soul on fire

Down the road of life I go
And this one thing I must
No matter what I face in life
On your blessed word to trust

Yes I'll speak my heart to you
For each and everyday
I welcome you with open arms
Each time you pass this way

© Ronnie Leviner

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Let Me Be for Jesus

Some folks starving for Jesus.
Some folks starving for the Word.
Some folks starving for fellowship.
The number is simply absurd.

Let us be for Jesus,
Ones who fills these needs.
Let us be for Jesus,
Ones who sows good seed.

Send more of thy servants,
Lord, to teach folks of you
And forget not your child -
Who needs a good friend, too.

© V. Oranell Cupp

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Dreams of You and Me" from his Illusions Collection