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America, I Love You

America, country that I love

May your flag always fly high

May your freedoms always prevail

To protect you I would die.

I'm thankful I was born here

In this great land of the free

Each day I give thanks to God

For this blessing he gave to me.

All of those who gave their lives

To keep your countrymen free

I honor you each time I see our flag

Proudly waving in a cool breeze.

America_I love you....

© Ralph L. Clark

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The War Against Evil

They sent us, Men and Women away
To fight in a dangerous war
Away from our loved ones
And the feelings of knowing someone cares

The stories we are hearing
Are really making us feel bad
For some in our own country
Are making us feel very sad

We said we will go fight for you
We will always protect your backs
So just stand behind us
Until we can come back

But some in our country
Are marching against the war
And everytime they march
There saying we don't love you
Or our country anymore

So when this sand storm of war ends
We pray the Faith, Love and Strength
Of the United States will still stand

© Donna Jeanne Kramer

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My Child

Each time you come to me in prayer,
I rejoice to hear the sound of your voice.
Whenever you think on my name,
My heart doeth abundantly rejoice.

As oft as your heart bows to worship,
I hear a most wondrous melody.
It's as if all of heaven and earth
Are in a most perfect harmony.

When circumstance disallows
You from the busyness of life,
Come share that time with Me.
It's with you I want to abide.

© Joyce C. Lock

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Another day

Another day--another hour
another sunrise---another flower,
It must be spring for
newly arrived birds are warbling by the hour.

Ah,the joy of greens, new portrait views,
mornings growth kissed by sparkling dew,
Reedy leaves in breezes sway,
Iris beauty blooms now on display.

Temperatures quick salutations
in seasons speed rotation,
Has folks sighing
good-bye,winter,so long, good-bye.

And as I relish the springtime loveliness
while granny surfing through
day`s e-mail delights,
I give thanks for all my blessings
that keeps a spirit bright!

© Sherry Kersey

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First Day of School

This morning, I softly opened your door
Reluctant to rouse you from sleep
Your blonde hair all tousled from a little boy’s dream
And your body curled up in a heap.

For a stolen moment standing there at your door
My mind reached back into time
To a little blue bundle cuddled up in my arms
And gentle hints of a nursery rhyme

Was it not a mere yesterday
That you were learning how to walk
And I know that it was just last week
We were teaching you to talk.

But somehow, I managed to waken you
To your breakfast waiting there
I dressed you in your finest clothes
And I carefully combed your hair.

Oh little boy, I love you so
And I felt like such a fool
To be so hesitant to let go of you
On your very first day of school.

© Marilyn Ferguson

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A Mothers Prayer

We have prayed, had sleepless nights,days
without sunshine, no hope only sorrow and pain

why has this happen to us dear God? we pray
why has our child gone astray?
My sweet little girl where have you gone?
My little girl was full of songs and dance.
The little girl I see now, her face is full of pain and disgrace.
Her hands are shaken, She moves with a slow
pace,Her eyes are glossy and she has a tired
look on her face.
God bring her back to her loving mother.
Dear God let her know that you love her,and
you can take away the pain and misery, and
please God don't let death take her from
me until we help her find her way back to
you and to me.

© Vickie Lynn Howard

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Delighted Spirit

As the sun touches my cheek
With it's gentle rays of warmth
And the cool breeze of summer night
Ruffles my hair in sheer delight,
And as I lift my face to the teasing rain
That it may wash the tears of an earlier time.

So are the thoughts that come
Not demanding.but requesting
Entrance to the cautious spirit.

With the warmth that suggests comfort
As a blanket would the cold.
A gentleness that teases at the senses
With a healing promise.

A sweetness that dare my emotions
To awaken from its' sleep.

To shut this mighty door of fear
Is but a brief reflection of old ideals
The newness of it
Challenges my every instinct.

So I dare to welcome what is unknown
With a soft embrace,
That I may experience
That which I am free to trust.

© Anne M Ferland

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A Mother's Grief

She was just a tiny little girl
Who lived just a few short years.
She has gone to live with angels,
And left a mother to shed her tears.

She questions,"Why not me, Lord?"
"Why this little child of mine?"
"I just don't understand the why,
And wonder if I ever will in time."

She knows each child is a gift on loan.
A precious gift from God above.
Ours to cherish more than anything,
For it is a gift that teaches love.

For now, every single day
Will start and end with tears.
How long before this sadness,
So overwhelming now, disappears?

Will this mother ever find joy
While watching another child at play?
Will another childs carefree laughter
Help to take this pain away?

She knows this grief is normal,
And only time will heal her heart.
When once more she can smile
She knows the healing will start.

She knows that life goes on,
Things she must do everyday.
But God is aware of her pain,
And He will help to take it away.

For the child is now safe in His arms,
Among other angels in Heaven above.
Her spirit once more happy and free,
Remembering a mothers true love

© Kay Brewer

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"The Face in the Mirror" from his Illusions Collection