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Simply Seen

Itís funny how prospective molds,
The way we see a truth.
Some things we see more clearly now,
Were clouded in our youth.

And yet there are some other things,
That fade with aging sight;
When simply seen through childish eyes,
We saw then, what was right.

No matter what our age might be,
Or kind of errors we make,
There is a cleansing thing to do,
To overcome mistake.

Repentance is the soap to use,
To cleanse a troubled heart,
And then refreshment flows within,
When we have done our part.

We owe so much to Jesus Christ,
And to Father above,
For they have given us this soap,
With sacrifice and love.

© James OíBrien

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My Special Friend

I have a special friend
She's as sweet as she could be
She has a beautiful gentle smile
Which always lights up for everyone to see

She has a very gentle heart
Which shines out from deep within
Her sweetness and her kindness
Is always way beyond compare

God filled her heart with love
Which stands out for all of us to see
I'm sure she is an angel
Which was sent down from above

For God wants her to teach us
His greatest gift of all
Just how we're supposed to love

© Donna Jeanne Kramer

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Guardian Angels

To all the Guardian Angels,
Who protect us everywhere,
I am sending a request,
In the form of simple prayer.

I know your jobs are varied
And so busy you must be,
But please just take a minute
To hear this humble plea.

There are many of you right now
Traveling with our troops
You know where all our loved ones are,
Alone, on ships, in groups.

While they are on their missions
And their hearts may have some fear.
Please hug them oh so tightly
And whisper in their ear.

Tell them that we love them
Tell them Thank You for being there.
They have given their best for America
Please let them know we care.

And if they are feeling weary,
Please cuddle them in your arms
Protect them from the enemy
Protect them from all harm.

There are some you and I know
That you will guide to a Heavenly home
Please take their hands and help them
Donít let them be alone.

I would gladly send my guardian angel
To help you in any way.
If it would help our troops
To a victory this very day.

Dear Angels, you do your job so well!
And I thank you for your love.

You are the guardians of Americaís Guardians
Sent from Heaven up above.
Just one more thing, dear Angels
As I send this prayer to you
Please inspire all Americans,
Let us know what we can do.

For maybe itís a human thing
To lend a helping hand
Americans all together
United, we proudly stand.

We stand with hope, Stars in our eyes
We withstand the Stripes of terror
We stand for preservation of Freedom
America, Forever.

© Karen A. Lech

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A Pattern of Love

The heart becomes cradled with love
In arms spread like wings of a dove
A yearning in my body for love to grow
Lift me up when the heart feels low

Love pierces like a dagger into the heart
To link two hearts together, not apart
A chain of love becomes like a vice
When love holds tight, thereís no price

Itís hiding deep inside, to be a part of you
When it is love, we want it only to be true
My heart has took control of what I feel
In my life, this love has become very real

When the pattern of our love will grow
Then in our hearts we will surely know
Love will glow like stars up above
My life will shine when itís true love

© Namon Sellers

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Not Home Yet

There is a place I've heard of
That lies beyond the blue
Where pain and sorrow leave us
And love is always new

Where I won't feel this burden
I've carried for so long
And instead of my depression
I'll always sing a song

Where love and laughter flourish
And peace is all around
Where I may find my real home
Upon God's holy ground

Oh, how I long to be there
Away from tears and strife
Where joy is unceasing
And happy is my life

I hold God's precious promise
Within my heart that I
Will someday be with Him
In that mansion in the sky

But until that day comes
I need to somehow cope
And know that He is with me
Bringing joy and hope

So, in my worldly wandering
Oh, may I not forget
That joy comes in the morning
And I am not home yet
Kathi Wright

© Kathi Wright

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The Lord Will Do To Trust

The howling winds of circumstance,
And storms of dark despair,
May tear into your faith and trust,
Your confidence and prayer.
The devil laughs and mocks,
Until you feel like such a mess.
The light of trusting GOD,
Is clouded over by distress.
But, friend, no matter where you find,
Yourself down here on Earth,
Don't underestimate what truly,
Trusting GOD is worth.
The circumstance that you're now in,
Is just a temporal thing;
Don't let it rob you of your prayer,
It's time for faith to sing.
When all your best and well-layed plans,
Lay shattered in the dust,
You can't look down; you must look up;
The LORD will do to trust!!

© Rick Combs

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United In Prayer

United in prayer, we stand together
facing the days to come.
We wonder why there is so much hatred
and where it all came from.
United in prayer, we stand together
believing in world peace.
We pray for the safety of our troops
during their time in the Middle East.
United in prayer, we stand together
wondering why it has come to war.
Support from our leader and protection
for our nation is all we are asking for.
United in prayer, we stand together
as we all try to do our part.
We ask the Lord to touch the ones that
may have a broken and contrite heart.
United in prayer, we stand together...

© A. Buttigieg

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A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you Lord
For letting us make
It through the night

Thank you Lord
For giving us another
Chance to make things right

Thank you Lord
For allowing us to be
Precious in your sight

And thank you Lord
For living and making

Our future bright

© Carol D. Meeks

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Victoria's Secret" from his Illusions Collection