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Lavished By Jesus

Lavished in God's Brilliance every day now,
Our loved ones who're in Glory,
Envision the Lord's Presence as they bow,
See Jesus' resplendency.

At last embracing their Beloved Savior,
A sweetness beyond compare,
No other will ever open that door,
And carry up Heaven's Stair.

They sensed His Arms unfold His loving touch,
Yes, here is where loves did meet,
Compassionate Jesus, He's loved so much,
Kissing His Face as they greet.

Believe, the Beloved Lord's there all the while,
They are lavished by Jesus,
He gave them His All just so they would smile,
Home's Heaven for them and us.

© Sondra McPherson

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For The Heros

War on this country was not meant to be.
You're overseas fighting so we can stay free.
We say a prayer every night for you before we go to bed.
Our hearts are saddened for the families of the dead.
We hope you come home safely and out of harms way.
You are all heroes in our hearts every day.
To our soldiers we love you as you can see.
And we can't wait until you come home back to the land of the free.
Just know my family thinks of you each and everyday.
And that we love you all this is what we have to say.
We think of you each day and pray for you each night.
We believe in you so do what you think is right.
Just know that there are people who still care.
And that we are with you with every prayer.

© Miranda Frantz

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Children's Wings

All children need some wings
Some wings to fly high
Sometimes we break our childrens wings
And they cannot seem to fly

Be real careful what you say and do
For broken wings are hard to use
Protect your children with all your love
Than they'll soar way up high above

God only gave us children for a little while
So we could give them wings to fly
So give them gentle loving care
Then they'll have wings to soar on high

© Donna Jean Kramer

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The Couple

He is warm and witty.
She is quiet and small.
They never have problems,
they are the couple after all.

What do they do different?
Is theirs a love from a Heavenly host?
To see into their hearts
is what we really need the most.

Did they cross on over,
step on over the boundary line?
To have a love like this,
is what we all dream to find.

What did they do different?
Did they find the very limit,
of what all us yearn and seek?
If only into their thoughts,
we could take a peek.

They crossed on over the threshold,
from where true love seems to fall.
We all seem to know them,
They are the couple after all!

© S. Matheson

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Within Me

This fire that burns within my heart,
Rekindles daily anew.
After the passing of these many years,
I'm still in love with you.

This light that glows within me,
Whenever you enter a room,
Is still as bright as the day,
You asked to be my groom.

This joy that sustains is within me,
It's because of the life we share.
Our goals, Our dreams, our family,
Your devotion, love and care.

This hope that thrives within me,
Comes from my being aware.
Whatever comes, we'll face it,
You are always there.

© Shirley Lange

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Lost Dreams

I saw the young soldier
lying along side the road
His proud uniform was tattered
and covered with an ashen, grayish dust
I knelt down beside him and looked into his eyes
Lifeless orbs whose last vision was etched upon his face
reflecting the shock and the absolute horror of death
He never fully realized that he could be wounded,
and he couldn't believe that he was going to die
until that final lonely, tragic moment of truth
when he saw all of his dreams lost in a fog,
with no one there to hold him tightly
and tell him that it would be okay
Just him and the cold darkness,
with nothing at all left to see

© dennis j hopkins

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Our Prayer for You

Dedicated to the men and women of our military

Dear Lord, we earnestly pray,
For those in our armed forces today,
Whether they be in the air, on land or on sea.
Oh God, please bare Your mighty arm,
And keep our men and women from harm.
May they feel very close to Thee!

We pray for those in captivity now.
Oh Lord somehow,
Convince their captors to set them free.
May You give them the grace,
For the problems they will face!
Oh, dear Lord please let it be.

We pray for those who will die.
God reach down from the sky,
And draw their souls to Your breast.
Then, with Your loving hand,
Take them to a better land,
Where no wars can come,
And there's perfect peace and rest!

© Robert F. Dotson

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I Surrender All

I bowed on my knees and was washed clean by the Lamb's blood.
My tears ran down my cheeks, like a fast moving flood.

I cried out, "FATHER GOD, You are Holy in every way.
I give you my heart. Please take my burdens and sins, today.

All the emptiness and anger, I held inside, was replaced
By Jesus Christ and His saving grace.

You are my Refuge and my Guiding Light.
The Lamb of God leads me with all of His might.

You're beside me, with every step that I take.
I shall turn to You for every decision I make.

With arms wide open, You welcomed me in.
You freed me from doubt and my head started to spin.

My Creator changed me from head to toe.
He gave me direction and showed me ~ to Him I must always go.

Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is the King of Holiness.

Let every nation cry, to the Lord, for Mercy and Grace.
Let the Master be in charge of the human race.

In the Book of Life, let every name be written.
Melt the hardened heart and make it as soft as a kitten.

I've been touched by a Higher Authority.
The Lamb of God is my number one priority.

There will be no room for evil to come and destroy.
For, the Father gave to us all His Baby Boy.

Let every knee bow and exalt His holy name.
The answer to the cross is not fortune or fame.

Run to God. Receive His peace. Receive His comfort.
Receive His strength. Receive His joy.
For, I surrendered all and received His Baby Boy.

© Nancy Hoback

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Their Spirits Cry" from his Illusions Collection