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Mighty Loss

You have had access to my heart
And have crushed it
You have found the entrance to my soul
And have stolen from it life
You have shattered any hope
Of my ever being whole

With the wings of an eagle
You have scooped down
And stolen my dignity
Something I treasured
Leaving me defenseless

Yet would I do it again
for the sake of knowing your touch
Is a question
I dare not allow myself

© Anne M Ferland

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The Christ Child

I stood on a corner in Jerusalem.
Begging for a crust of bread.
I was somewhere about eleven or twelve,
Or that was what someone had said.

I did this all my life I think,
For mother or father I had none you see,
But there in my grief as I was standing,
Two men were discussing a prophecy.

They heard of a Prophet who had proclaimed.
That a Savior would be born this day.
Then salvation to this world He'd bring,
And all our sins He would take away.

My sins were many so I had to find,
This Savior of which these men were speaking.
They said that the place was called Bethlehem,
And there I could find Whom I was seeking.

I traveled a many a mile that day,
But found no solace in my complaining,
For I was intent on finding our Savior Child,
So to Bethlehem I was determined on gaining.

I missed the birth of our Savior Child,
But His star was still shining bright.
The shepherds were already tending their sheep,
But the crowds were everywhere in sight.

I saw three men all decked in royal robes.
I asked them where they were going.
Their answer was quite strange to me,
For they said "to where the cattle are lowing".

They had gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Their countenance was radiant and bright,
So I followed them as close as I could,
Never letting them out of my sight.

I came to a stable behind the inn,
And I was amazed to see them kneeling,
Beside a manger with a light so bright,
That it set my mind and heart a reeling.

I approached this scene with caution,
For little did I know.
That our Lord and Savior was still within,
That my wonder and anxiety started to show.

I stood in the doorway afraid to go in,
When I heard a soft voice over the din.
The Mother of our Lord beckoned come,
For there is room for all who have sin.

I knelt beside the manger,
And my eyes did open wide,
For what I saw was Christ our Savior,
And none of my sins from Him could I hide.

Now thirty some years have passed away,
But none of my life have ever I changed.
A thief I was and a thief I'd be,
So I hung from a cross a little deranged.

There to my side hung a man so devout.
I knew it was the Christ Child without even a doubt.
I asked Him to remember me in His Kingdom above,
And my soul went to Heaven on the wings of a dove.

For He said unto me.
"This Day You Will Be With Me In Paradise"

© L. M. Wilson

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Try It This Afternoon

It's fun taking an afternoon stroll
Listening to birds chirping their songs
Waving at neighbors in their yards
Passing by a church as the bell gongs.

Afternoon walks are special to me
Sometimes a cool breeze floats by
And takes my tension away with it
To some place high above the sky.

If tension is building inside you too
Why don't you do the same as I do
Take a walk on a beautiful afternoon
Doing this helps me maybe it will you.

Try it this afternoon....

© Ralph E. Clark

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Grandma's Garden

I remember Grandma's garden
Where clematis climbed the wall,
Sunflowers grew in profusion,
Standing so proud and tall.

Lilies and roses were neighbours,
Colours of pink, white and blue,
And somewhere in between them
A stray poppy came into view.

In careless and gay abandon
The flowers had grown and spread,
It was such a picture of beauty
Created in each flower bed.

Now, when I glimpse a garden,
With borders all tidy and neat,
I smile as I think of Grandma's
Where nothing was ever complete.

© Marian Jones

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Peaceful Gentle Sleep

A peaceful gentle sleep
Is a sleep that is blessed by God
Your head on a gentle soft pillow
Given great peace by your Holy Father

Like a small angel with her head lying
On a flower petal
A gentle petal with a sweet aromatic smell
Of sweet honeysuckle

Sleeping in a peaceful gentle sleep
With her beautiful face filled
With God's glory
Her tiny little wings
Lying on her beautiful back

With the protecton of everything
That surrounds her
This is the same peaceful gentle sleep
God promised us

For he loves us just like he loves
His beautiful little Angel
Who is sleeping in a Peaceful Gentle Sleep

© Donna Jeanne Kramer

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I Know My Savior's Risen

I know my Saviorís risen,
Heís no longer in the grave.
I know that He is living,
Heís in my heart to stay.

No one can tell me different,
He whispers words of love.
I sense His ever presence,
As I look to heaven above.

I see His glory shinning,
In a world filled with His grace.
In raindrops gently falling;
And on a childís bright smiling face.

Iíve smelled His sweet perfume,
In every rose Iíve picked.
Iíve seen His great compassion;
Watched, as He healed the sick,

Yes, I know my Saviorís risen,
Death couldnít keep Him in the ground.
Rejoice my soul forever.
I know Iím Heaven bound.

© Marie Williams

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Just A Prayer Away

It's not too far to Heaven.
It's just a prayer away.
Intently, God will listen,
As you bow your head each day.

So, close your eyes and vision.
You can see those streets of gold,
With beauty beyond measure;
So breathtaking to behold.

You can even see the angels
Gather 'round God on His throne
While you listen to the praises
Of our Savior in their songs.

No, Heaven's not too far away.
When you close your eyes in prayer,
You can see exquisite beauty.
Just let God's spirit take you there.

© Vickie Lambdin

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Thank God for the Rain

Not as simple as I supposed
This thing I'm going through
But life each day brings hope again
As His Lovingkindnesses are new

Cast down as a shadow on the ground
As moved only at another's command
And walked across without regard
My shadow lays without demand

And then it came when needed most
Starting softly when at first
A well from deep within my soul
Sprang forth to quench my thirst

I can't control; this flowing tide
That came in time of need
Never shall I rise from here
Till this wondrous flow recede

Yes my tears can wash my soul
With His Love time and again
His Comfort shall overtake when
I thank God for the rain

© Ronnie Leviner

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Illusions" from his Illusions Collection